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101 Best Small Business Ideas to Make Money on the Side 2022

101 Best Small Business Ideas to Make Money on the Side

Happiness is doing what you love and getting paid for it” – Anonymous

If you are wondering what business to start, whether it is worth opening your own business or simply looking for a business idea – you are in the right place.

There are two most important principles by which people have achieved success in business:

  • Firstly, you need to have an interesting business idea.
  • Secondly, you need to be determined to succeed.

You are probably wondering now how to find that single, brilliant idea…

This article is the answer to that question. In the subsequent sections of the article, you will find proven and profitable business ideas across various niches that already work for many millions of people around the world.

However, before we get down to that, let’s see what three main mistakes not to make when thinking about starting your own business …

The most common mistakes when starting a business.

Most people are afraid to start their own business due to the risk of losing financial liquidity. There were many instances when even the best ideas for business did not really allow entrepreneurs to build a stable source of income from the get-go.

However, you’re probably not here for that. Therefore we’ve identified the three most common mistakes when setting up your own business so that you can avoid sudden surprises.

Very often, people are not properly prepared to run their own business. The most common mistakes among entrepreneurs are:

  • They do not check the demand for a given service or product in the region.
  • They quit their full-time jobs before they reach financial liquidity.
  • They invest all their money at the beginning of the company’s operation.

The ready-made business ideas listed in this article will allow you to combine your full-time job with starting your own business. Over time, when customers and orders start to grow, you will be able to move to 1/2 time, and after some time you will be able to focus only on running your own business.

Alright. We already know the key mistakes to avoid. Let’s now take a look at…

How to start a business without capital?

Oftentimes you don’t really need a lot of start-up capital to make your business idea come true. You can literally start blogging for $2.50 / month or launch your graphic design business with the only cost being the Adobe Photoshop subscription.

But let’s assume that you really need some initial injection of capital and don’t know where to get the financing.

The good news, however, is that there are many ways to get your seed money, and below we’ve outlined a couple of the most popular routes.

1. Ask yourself what you can do and get for free.

That’s right. Reevaluate if you really need to spend that money in the first place. Being strategic about your costs in the first stages of the business might be crucial to your venture’s survival.

2. Build up to six months’ worth of savings for expenses.

Plain and simple. Knowing that you want to start a business down the line, start putting aside a set amount each month to kick start your venture.

3. Ask your friends and family for extra funds.

Friends and family still remain the best shot that many entrepreneurs have to raise outside money to launch their business.

4. Apply for a small business loan when you need extra cash.

Small-business loans can help you start or maintain your business. And though lending standards have tightened since the last financial crisis, learning how to navigate the process ahead of time will help you be successful.

5. Find out about—and woo—potential angel investors.

If you think that you are really good at what you do, you can try to find an investor who will help you start your dream business.

Knowing what mistakes not to make and where to get money to develop your own business, we can move onto exploring the list of business ideas.

Let’s get started!

What Are the Best Business Ideas?

Here is a list of the 101 best small business ideas to start in 2022.

And the first category is …

Internet Business Ideas

1. Start a (Profitable) Blog


Difficulty level: Easy

It has long been known that an interesting blog can bring you a lot of money. This is one of the best ways to get paid for your passion. If you feel you’re a specialist in some field or simply eager to search for news on a given topic, then running a blog is the perfect business idea for you.

There are many ways to make money blogging. You can place ads on your blog or recommend certain products using review-style articles. Companies will be more than willing to pay if your blog is visited by a large number of highly targeted readers.

It is worth noting that running a blog is also a great form of marketing, especially when you run a different business and want to reach as many users as possible.

To find out more read our article: How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

2. Create an Online Course

working remotely

Difficulty level: Medium

Online learning is recently gaining more and more momentum. It is cheaper than traditional courses and can reach more people regardless of where you live. In addition, the instructor devotes only his time to create the course, which means that if the training is really unique, it can bring incomparably greater income.

It’s best to combine creating your own course with blogging. Having your own website will enable you to let people about the existence of your course and also act as a fantastic distribution channel.

As with most internet businesses, the cost of such business is minimal and mainly comes down to how much time you’re willing to devote to create the course. So if you feel that you are good at something and you could share the knowledge with a wider audience, try to monetize it.

Depending on the field, you can sell such a course for hunders up to a few thousand dollars per single course.

3. Start an Online Store

online store

Difficulty level: Medium

Currently, a large proportion of purchases are made on the Internet. That is why an increasing number of stores are giving up their stationary premises in order to move their entire business online.

You can start selling on portals such as Allegro or Olx.

Many people base their business on buying cheaper products, e.g. in China, and selling them for a small commission. You can also start selling items you create, such as furniture or paintings.

It is also a very good idea to go to fairs, where for little money you can sometimes buy really valuable things that will allow us to earn good money.

Prosperous online stores are able to generate income in the range of several thousand per month.

4. Start a Podcast


Podcasting is witnessing a meteoric rise. Back in 2006, only 22% of adults in the U.S. listened to podcasts. Now that number is over 75%.

You can make big money too. Just take Joe Rogan for example, who was paid $100 million to move his podcast exclusively to Spotify.

So how do you get started?

The first step is to plan your podcast episodes and get your software and equipment.

Next, you need to sign up for podcast hosting. A podcast host is a service that stores your audio files and distributes them to the major podcast networks like iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, etc.

You can read about all of the equipment you need to get started and the best podcast hosts in my guide to podcast hosting.

To get started, you can sign up with Buzzsprout and get a free $20 Amazon gift card.

5. Graphic Design


Difficulty level: Medium

Designing a poster, leaflet, company logo or website graphics – this is what a computer graphic artist does. If you have an aesthetic sense and you want to learn design, this business is open to you. There are many courses on the internet that teach you how to design well. At the beginning, you can use free courses, but over time it is worth expanding your range of skills with additional, paid training.

It is similar to the idea above, a business that you can do from anywhere ( Freelancer ).

The initial financial outlay is small, but the earning opportunities are really encouraging. You can get about PLN 50 for simple logo designs, while for larger designs you can get even several hundred zlotys. So, despite the high competition, if you feel that you could find your way in computer graphics, don’t hesitate any longer.

Feel like starting straight away? Check out Adobe Photoshop – the most popular graphic design software and start designing some amazing graphics!

6. Completing surveys

women typing on a laptop

Difficulty level: Easy

Although it is not a business in itself, it is a great way to earn extra money with little effort. Additionally, if you are involved in market research, you can set up a web portal yourself that will offer to fill out surveys and you will earn money as an intermediary.

Alternatively, check out our list of money making apps to find other ways of earning an extra income straight from your laptop or smartphone.

7. Copywriter


Difficulty level: Easy

The next freelance item on our list is also an interesting option. The demand for advertising, information and articles is high and will remain so for a long time to come.

To start writing custom texts, you only need time and access to a computer with the Internet. It is good to start copywriting by registering with one of the portals that offer orders. After gaining experience, it is worth investing in books or courses in this field over time.

Additionally, if you are a specialist in a given field, e.g. car mechanics, you can start writing high-quality texts for companies.

Copywriting, although initially to be treated as an additional source of income, allows you to obtain financial liquidity over time. Prices for texts range from 2 zlotys for 1000 characters to even several hundred zlotys for a specialized article.

8. YouTube channel


Difficulty level: Easy

Advertising and marketing specialists predict that in a few years, traditional advertising spots will be replaced by videos reminiscent of today’s Youtubers.

By running a valuable and eagerly watched YouTube channel, you will be able to create videos promoting a given service, product or simply containing the company’s logo.

Depending on the number of subscribers, you will be able to negotiate higher and higher rates with companies.

The possibilities of Youtube can be proved by the fact that many creators have left their full-time jobs a long time ago and only deal with recording. The most popular Youtubers can count on revenues of up to several million dollars a year.

9. Write your Ebook


Difficulty level: Easy

Another great addition to your blog is your own e-book. It can take the form of a professional guide, a cookbook or a story about various thoughts.

Before publishing a paid copy, it is worth offering your blog readers a free text sample or a smaller e-book on another topic. If the content is interesting and valuable, it will convince users to invest in your creation.

Creating a valuable e-book takes time, but the fact that you do not incur any costs and that once written content can be sold an infinite number of times, it is a great form of income.

Depending on the field you deal with, you can get from several to several dozen zlotys for an ebook.

10. Running a website on social networks

social media

Difficulty level: Easy

Many companies are willing to pay for running their pages on social networks. The marketing potential of such portals is very large, so a well-run funpage guarantees more visits, which can increase sales.

It’s a good idea to start a thriving funpage that will serve as our portfolio.

In this industry, creativity and original thinking are what counts.

This business idea does not require any financial investment. However, it is difficult to precisely define the earning potential, as it depends on the scope of the order.

# 11 – Travel planning

travel planning

Difficulty level: Easy

If you have visited many places in the world, you love reading guidebooks and travel is your passion, then you can help other people by arranging their dream holidays for them. For inexperienced people, making an interesting vacation plan is a really time-consuming task. That is why they willingly pay people like you to find the cheapest airline tickets, hotels and a detailed travel plan for them.

You can combine this business with creating a youtube channel or running a travel blog.

If your plans are interesting and contain valuable information not available in guides, you can get from several dozen zlotys to over a hundred for your work.

# 12 – Monetize Instagram

instagram app

Difficulty level: Easy

If you want to increase your earnings, it is a good idea to set up an Instagram account from your own business. This seemingly trivial step can bring huge profits. An interesting Instagram account with lots of followers is worth quite a lot. So if you are a popular blogger or youtuber, external companies will pay you for your Instagram posts. If you advertise their product, you can get up to several hundred zlotys for the post. Prices depend on the number of followers.

# 13 – Creating a presentation

presentation graphic

Difficulty level: Easy

Even on such an inconspicuous program as PowerPiont, you can earn extra money. It’s hard to imagine company training without a standard presentation. Large corporations, however, wanting to increase the quality of their training, are looking for a way to create interesting but also valuable presentations.

Here you can step in with a business idea. If you have a talent for graphics and creating interesting content, you can earn a lot from it.

You can also create a presentation for a private person, such as students, doctoral students or teachers.

Depending on the number of slides and the quality of the content, you can get from 20 to 100 PLN for a presentation. However, if you create really interesting content, you will be able to dictate conditions to companies.

# 14 – Ghostwriting


Difficulty level: Easy

Under this mysterious name is the writing of texts, articles and even entire books for other people. So if you do not need to put your name under your work and you like to write, you have imagination and you are creative, it is worth taking up ghostwriting seriously. There is no shortage of people willing to use this type of service, and for writing an interesting novel, you can get even several thousand zlotys.

The same is the case with writing specialist books. Some will gladly pay for the opportunity to publish valuable work under their own name.

# 15 – Mail-order sale of original stickers


Difficulty level: Easy

It is an idea very similar to computer graphics, but with the difference that you don’t have to be completely familiar with design here. If you have interesting ideas and you know how to create fun stickers that can be put on a car, fridge or mug, you can outsource the project to an external company.

Stickers are currently very popular. You can also start creating stickers with a theme of sports teams, very popular with fans.

The cost of materials and the implementation of the project is small. So although you will get about a few zlotys for stickers, you can earn a considerable sum by selling more of them.

# 16 – Dubbing


Difficulty level: Easy

Do you have an interesting voice and good diction? It is worth starting to make money on it. There are many offers on the Internet where you can earn money for lending your voice to games and animated films. Over time, as you gain experience and your voice becomes more famous, you can start earning money by creating audiobooks or even as a voiceover for documentaries or fictional films. You can earn quite well on this business, because for a single job you can get even several hundred zlotys.

# 17 – Website development


Difficulty level: Medium

Nowadays, virtually every company must have a website to survive on the market. Thus, the demand for specialists designing websites will increase.

It is one of many business ideas that allows you to work remotely anywhere in the world and at any time of the day ( Freelancer ). The borders are also not the limit. On foreign servers, you can find open orders for which you will be paid in Euro, Pounds, or Dollars.

Contrary to appearances, creating websites is not a difficult occupation, but it requires experience and skill. Basic information can be found on the internet and during online courses. Remember, however, that the competition is tough and in order to be noticed among others, your projects must be really good.

At the beginning, it is worth looking for freelance jobs on popular internet portals. As you gain experience and your projects are appreciated, assignments will come by themselves.

For creating one website, you can get about PLN 200 at the beginning. However, with your experience, this amount will increase. Considering the low costs of running a business, it is a very good idea to start a business.

# 18 – SEO services

white hat seo

Difficulty level: Medium

Search engine optimization is the key to increasing the turnover of any business. The higher the page is in Google’s ranking, the more customers will find it.

To start your adventure with positioning, you only need to invest in books and courses. The cost should not be more than a few hundred zlotys.

Before starting your business, it is worth positioning your own website to show potential customers that the techniques you use are effective.

For professional SEO services, you can get from PLN 100 per month to even several hundred PLN. However, positioning is a long process and if you are effective in it, companies will be willing to pay for the next months to maintain a high position of their website in the Google ranking.

# 19 – Online accounting

business accounting

Difficulty level: Medium

Not everyone knows about taxes and the law. Therefore, people who like numbers and have no problems with legal regulations can offer their services via the Internet.

Many companies are looking for professional accounting services. Also, you can often earn money by filling out regular PITs online for clients, or by helping to obtain a tax refund from abroad.

For accounting services, you can get from PLN 50 for filling in simple PITs to even several hundred PLN for the company’s settlement with the tax office.

# 20 – Online language teaching

english words

Difficulty level: Medium

Currently, programs such as Skype allow you to conduct foreign language lessons without leaving your home. As opposed to exact sciences, learning a language consists mainly of speaking and listening, which is why the online form works so well here.

If you know a foreign language well, you can start offering your lessons not only to private individuals, but also to large corporations. They are very eager to use this form of teaching.

For a single lesson, you can get from 20 to even 100 zlotys for a group session.

# 21 – Translation of scriptures

translate button

Difficulty level: Medium

Knowing a foreign language can also help you earn money by translating texts online. It is true that there are many people who know English on the web, but such languages ​​as: Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese can provide a large number of orders.

Knowing a foreign language, the initial costs are practically zero. On the other hand, when it comes to earning potential, it is the lowest in the case of popular languages ​​such as German or English. When you know an unpopular language, you can dictate any conditions many times.

# 22 – Create your own mobile application

iphone apps

Difficulty level: Medium

It is not as difficult as it may seem. You don’t have to be a programming master to create a good application. Many of them were first created in the minds of its creators, and professional programmers were responsible for its implementation.

You can also help improve existing programs.

It’s hard to say exactly how much you earn, but the apps that turned out to be a hit now bring in millions of dollars a year. Even if you don’t achieve such success, if you have a good idea it’s worth investing in it.

# 23 – Editing text

fragment of the book

Difficulty level: Medium

It is not only professional offices that deal with correcting texts. Many philology graduates offer such services in front of their laptop screen. Therefore, if Polish has always been your passion and you pay special attention to the correctness of the content, this is an idea for you.

Many novice authors will gladly use this type of service to reduce the cost of publishing a book.

Running this business does not burden your wallet. Income depends on the length of the edited texts. However, it is possible to earn several hundred zlotys a month to start with.

# 24 – Create learning portals for pupils and students

nervous woman

Difficulty level: Medium

If you feel good in some area, it is worth using it to help others. Many parents will be happy to provide a full package of additional education for their children, especially before the upcoming final exams.

It is not only about a paid preparation course for the secondary school-leaving examination. There should be a forum on the portal where you can provide information on bothering questions. Additionally, you can offer homework assistance via Skype or private tutoring.

You can provide access to such a portal for a fee. You have to pay about PLN 100 per month for full packages on this type of website. However, keep in mind that the earnings will increase with the number of students logged in.

# 25 – Virtual assistant

virtual assistant

Difficulty level: Medium

If you are a young mom or are looking for a remote job to do at home, it is a good idea to become a virtual assistant. Your tasks would be to receive and send e-mails. Manage the schedule and reminders of upcoming appointments.

It is a young business, but with time it will start to gain in importance. You can already find several ads on the web offering jobs for virtual assistants.

# 26 – Investing on the Internet

investing graphs

Difficulty level: Medium

A lot of portals offer investing money. The most popular forms of cryptocurrencies are currently very fashionable. You can start investing yourself or set up a company that will advise you and show you the best direction to invest your money for a fee.

So if money is your element, this is business for you. The earning potential of this idea is huge, but a lot depends on your knowledge and preparation.

Gastronomy Business Ideas

# 27 – Food Truckfood trucks

Difficulty level : Medium

Gold food trucks are very popular. Apart from typical fast food, such as burgers, fries, pizza, you can find many interesting and sometimes even exotic dishes. The purchase and modification of a food truck is not the cheapest, but at the beginning you can start in a small car by selling products prepared at home. It is a very good idea to combine a culinary blog with mail-order sales of products, which over time will attract a large group of recipients and will allow you to earn a dream food truck. The earning potential is large because there are lots of rallies throughout the year. For one dish, we can get an average of PLN 20-30. However, when our food is really good, we will not be able to chase away from those willing.

# 28 – Healthy food sales / vending business (vending machines)

fresh fruits

Difficulty level: Medium

People are increasingly willing to pay more for high-quality products. Selling your own bread, butter, milk, eggs or cold cuts ensures high income. To start your business you may need a garden where you can grow vegetables and fruits. When this is not possible, you can buy products such as milk, eggs, flour from a local farmer and either make your own products from it or sell it on a commission in the city.

A very good idea is the so-called mlekomata. These are vending machines, where, after paying, everyone has the opportunity to pour themselves fresh milk from the village – It can be another idea for a vending business .

To begin with, the cost of a stand at the market should not exceed several hundred zlotys per month. Over time, it is possible to expand your business by supplying catering establishments or establishing your own health food store.

# 29 – Diet catering

diet catering

Difficulty level: Medium

The box diet is a complete hit in recent years. More and more people are aware of the importance of a proper diet for health. That is why they are happy to use companies that offer healthy meals delivered to a given address. Many large corporations also willingly use catering from external companies.

So if you like to cook, you know a few original, tasty recipes, this is an idea for you. At the beginning, you only need to invest in ingredients and sets of containers for carrying food and transport. With time, when your food turns out to be tasty, more and more companies will be more willing to use your offer. You can earn a lot on it. On average, you can get from PLN 20 for one dinner dish, while meals for the whole day bring an income of about PLN 50 per person.

You can start your business by delivering inexpensive snacks to companies or government institutions. Catering for hospital staff is also very popular.

# 30 – Cooking Classes

cooking classes

Difficulty level: Medium

You can also earn money from cooking by teaching others how to prepare tasty and healthy meals. Cooking classes for vegetarian and vegan dishes have been a hit in recent years. More and more people are choosing this type of diet, but they do not know exactly how to balance meals and what meat substitutes to use.

However, you can also earn by teaching how to tastyly prepare meat dishes, bake cakes or decorate meals so that they look good on the table.

This idea is inextricably linked with running a blog or YouTube channel. It is from there that you will get the most students.

You can actually start training in your own apartment. Running a blog and channel is free.

Despite the lack of the need for large start-up capital, high income can be achieved from this activity. A good cooking course costs an average of PLN 300-500.

# 31 – Dietary advice

dietary advice

Difficulty level: Medium

If you have an education in the field of human nutrition or a diet, you can start earning money on it. Although knowledge about nutrition is readily available on the internet, there is so much knowledge about it that people prefer to get ready-made solutions for a small fee.

The great success of Anna Lewandowska clearly shows that diet is now a very popular topic and many people willingly use the services of a dietitian.

For starters, it’s a good idea to run a blog and conduct paid consultations via Skype. Thanks to this, the costs will be very small. Over time, when you gain a reputation, you will be able to conduct lectures, symposia or even set up your own office.

The costs of professional dietary advice start from PLN 50 on average and last about an hour.

# 32 – Ice cream sales

ice cream

Difficulty level: Medium

Homemade ice cream made of natural ingredients is a perfect proposition for young and old people. The unique taste means that there is always a queue of people at the stalls with such delicacies.

At the beginning, however, you need to invest in an ice cream maker and a restaurant. While you can buy the machine for a few hundred zlotys, renting the premises can be a bigger problem. Bicycles or scooters with a built-in ice cream refrigerator at the front are a good idea to start with. The costs of the premises are then significantly reduced.

On the internet you will find many recipes for making good ice cream. When it comes to flavors, your imagination is the only limit. The more varied the types of ice cream, the more willingly people will come for it. In the summer season, you can earn up to PLN 1,000 a day.

During the winter, you can sell ice cream to cafes or restaurants.

# 33 – Selling your own beer (Microbrewery)


Difficulty level: Difficult

Home beer production has gained a lot of popularity recently. The golden drink is very popular in our country, so it is not surprising that people are eager to try newer and newer types of beer. At the beginning of your business, you can give your home-made beer to taste. Over time, you can start going to beer rallies and festivals, where it will turn out if your drink is really special. Perhaps with the growing crowd of fans of your beer, there will be an opportunity to sell it to stores and open your own brewery. Despite the fact that it is a difficult idea and requires a lot of patience and commitment, it offers great opportunities to earn. By gradually increasing the scale of production, you can be sure of maintaining financial liquidity. Finally, it is worth noting

# 34 – Baking cakes to order

baking goods

Difficulty level: Easy

It is a popular, especially among women, business that is very successful. Increasingly, people do not have time to cook and prepare cakes for parties, birthdays and holidays. Everyone knows, however, that no confectionery can provide the taste of home baking.

To implement the idea, you only need access to a kitchen and little culinary skills. You can find proven and interesting recipes on the Internet. Additionally, you can use English-speaking websites to surprise you with original regulations.

Initially, you will receive an average of PLN 20-30 for baking one cake + reimbursement of ingredients. Over time, however, when your baked goods turn out to be really tasty, you will be able to expand your business to support weddings, communions, proms, etc., which will significantly increase your income.

# 35 – Growing organic herbsorganic herbs

Difficulty level: Easy

It is a very good idea not only for a basic business, but also an addition to a cafe or restaurant. To start growing herbs, you only need a scrap of land. At the beginning, a large balcony with space for pots may also be enough. Fresh herbs are sure to be in demand among restaurateurs or eateries. You can also earn a lot by selling them at fairs. The price depends on the type of herb, but the fact that it grows quite quickly and does not require special conditions make the cultivation cost low. For a bunch of fresh basil, you can get from 3-4 zlotys. If you don’t sell all the herbs, you can dry them and sell them in paper bags.

# 36 – Own Apiary (Sale of honey)bees and honey

Difficulty level : Medium

The awareness of the society on healthy eating is growing more and more. People are willing to pay more than in store to get the best quality product. Honey has always been popular, but is now experiencing its renaissance.

To set up your own apiary, you must have knowledge of bee breeding. You can find it on the Internet or by going to a course organized by experienced beekeepers. Although this business requires a large initial financial outlay (about PLN 3,000), it is not associated with high risk. The apiary is scarce and the demand is growing more and more. You can get 20-40 zlotys for 1 kg of honey. During the season, the bee family can provide up to 40 kg of honey, but the apiary always contains more colonies. An additional advantage of the business is the fact that you can carry out mail order sales via the Internet and, apart from honey, also offer pollen (currently very fashionable superfood).

Health & Beauty Business Ideas

# 37 – Own Fitness Club / Sports Section

fitness exercises

Difficulty level: Medium

It is a business that will enjoy more and more interest. The growing fashion for spending time actively and keeping the body in the best condition make fitness a multi-billion industry. If you are an active person, you like contact with other people and are interested in various forms of exercise, this is the business for you. There are trainings for fitness instructors on the market, but if you are passionate with a lot of knowledge, you will definitely find yourself on the market without having to obtain a certificate.

Over time, you can offer private workouts or open your own fitness club or sports section. Original ideas count in this industry. The last hit turned out to be anti-gravity exercises on suspended tapes. A fitness instructor can earn up to PLN 100 for an hour of training.

# 38 – Massage / physiotherapy room


Difficulty level: Medium

An aging society is a well-known phrase. However, there is a lot of potential behind it. Over time, more and more people in society will have problems with back pain, joint pain and muscle pain. Long lines in the healthcare system mean that people increasingly use the help of private medical companies.

While to become a physiotherapist you must complete 5-year studies, massage can be started after completing the course or post-secondary school. The prices of the courses range from several hundred zlotys to even several thousand. However, you can try to get them financed from the employment office.

In order to build a reputation and gain clients, it is worth to work part-time in a nearby SPA, comes or a rehabilitation center. Over time, it will turn out that, thanks to the recommendations, customers will ask you to do a massage at their home. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, it’s worth thinking about your own office.

Initially, the income may be small, but a good masseur can earn up to PLN 5,000 a month.

# 39 – Cosmetology office


Difficulty level: Medium

To start a business as a beautician, it is worth completing the course. However, there are cases of passionate women who have learned how to do professional makeup by practicing on models at home. At the beginning, it is worth investing in equipment for cosmetic treatments and good cosmetics. However, the cost should not exceed PLN 2,000.

A good idea in the first months of operation is to offer cosmetic services for free or at a very low price to be able to build a portfolio and gather a group of clients. Plus, it will be a great way to practice without paying for expensive courses.

Initially, clients can be received at home. With time, however, it is worth considering renting a room for the living room.

Despite the large number of beauty salons on the market, it is very difficult to find a free date overnight. Additionally, you can increase your earnings by commuting to your clients’ home.

# 40 – Hairdressing salon

hairdressing salon

Difficulty level: Medium

Although it is a well-known and well-known way to do business, I would like to highlight a niche into which you can shoot. There are very few hairdressers offering access to a client’s home. Additionally, it is possible to expand your business with professional beard modeling and cutting. For animal lovers, it would be a good idea to open a dog salon.

Setting up this type of business involves initial costs for tools, cosmetics and hair dyes, and the need to have appropriate qualifications. Initially, there is no need to rent the premises as it is possible to offer access to the client’s house. If you are serious about taking up hairdressing, you must take into account the initial expenditure of PLN 2,000-3,000. However, it is still a business that enjoys great demand and the ever-increasing fashion for hairstyles will make hairdressing salons generate high income.

# 41 – Yoga instructor

outdoor yoga

Difficulty level: Medium

Did you know that Yoga, just like fitness, is already a multi-million dollar business. Although its original version puts a lot of emphasis on spiritual development, the Western world has mainly adopted the method of exercise, which is great for relieving stress or improving the health of the body.

Yoga is very popular and the constantly emerging scientific research on its effectiveness means that yoga instructors more and more often find work in large corporations.

Managers of companies are aware of how yoga can improve the efficiency of employees, so if you practice yoga, it is worth starting to earn money on it, while helping others.

Very often, instructors also conduct private yoga lessons and schools. For a month of training, you should pay an average of PLN 300 in such a place. However, a private lesson costs PLN 100.

Despite the high prices, Yoga attracts more and more people willing to practice it.

# 42 – Learning to meditate


Difficulty level: Medium

If such concepts as: meditation, conscious breathing or learning to concentrate are not alien to you, maybe it is worth considering whether to base your business on it. Meditation has become extremely popular recently. Scientific research has shown that it significantly improves the efficiency of employees. They become more attentive, focused and relaxed, which translates into better results in the company. It’s no surprise then that large corporations are looking for independent meditation instructors.

This business does not require a large own contribution at the beginning. Especially since you can start your business by giving meditation lessons at home or in a rented room.

Meditation is currently most fashionable in Western Europe and the United States. However, it slowly begins to enter our country. This is the perfect time to open this type of business.

Although you do not have to meet any formal requirements to start working as a meditation instructor, it is good to complete the course or have been dealing with this issue for several years.

Due to the fact that there are more and more people willing to meditate, and corporations aware of the positive aspects of meditation are willing to pay instructors, the earning potential of this business is really huge.

# 43 – Production of own cosmetics

natural cosmetics

Difficulty level: Medium

Natural cosmetics of good quality are very popular. You will find many portals on the web that offer the purchase of materials for production. You don’t really need special skills and knowledge to start producing your own cosmetics. You can start with a small production at home, offering products to your friends. Over time, you can open an online sale.

The price of homemade cosmetics significantly exceeds the price of cosmetics from the store shelf. However, the natural ingredients for quality assurance make customers willing to buy such products.

# 44 – Modeling agency

beautiful model

Difficulty level: Medium

Advertising cannot exist today without modeling. Billboards, posters, banners and TV spots are full of beautiful faces and bodies. You can be part of this by engaging in recruiting new models.

Although it is not a popular business idea, it can be started by anyone. By acting locally, it is possible to collect orders from nearby advertising agencies. Of course, it is possible to extend the range over time.

Agencies mediate between companies and people who want to become models. The main tasks are recruiting models, looking for orders and handling all formal matters.

It will be much easier for people who have had contact with modeling to find their way in this business, but if you are contact and determined to achieve the goal of a modeling agency, it can be a hit.

Especially since advertising agencies are able to pay really high sums if your agency employs a model that meets their requirements.

# 45 – Organization of sports events

playing soccer

Difficulty level: Medium

Very often city offices or commune centers, wanting to organize a charity match or sports competition, need a person who would rent a hall or pitch, ensure security or hire judges. For organizing such a sports event and its supervision, you can receive from several hundred zlotys.

Before starting a business, it’s a good idea to get an idea of ​​what the case is like in your area. It will be easier for people who previously had contact with local sports events, e.g. a former footballer or coach.

The business idea does not require large financial outlays. People who love sports and who like contact with other people will find themselves in it best.

# 46 – Medical transport

medical transport

Difficulty level: Difficult

Did you know that in most poviat towns there are not enough ambulances? That is why private medical transport is so popular. The offer is aimed at disabled or sick people who need transport from the hospital to their home or between health care facilities.

The level of business difficulty was rated as difficult due to the high initial costs to be incurred. A properly prepared car with medical equipment can cost even tens of thousands of zlotys.

However, if you are a paramedic or have a similar medical education, it is worth considering this business idea.

There are not many companies of this type on the market in relation to the needs and there is a good chance for a quick return on investment.

# 47 – Medical services at the patient’s home

medical services

Difficulty level: Difficult

The condition of the Polish health care system is not the best and it will be many years before any noticeable improvement occurs. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are opting for private healthcare. Specialists are also very often sought to take care of the elderly and sick in their homes.

Due to the progressive aging of the society, there will be more and more people willing to use this type of service. To start offering medical services, it is good to have a specific education – nursing, medical guardian, emergency services, etc. However, there is also no need to do so, because you can hire a specialist to perform medical services, and you will be responsible for customer acquisition and company management.

You can also set up an agency for people working with elderly or disabled people.

The earning potential in this industry is very large and will keep growing. However, this business involves high risk due to the significant competition in the market. However, creative people who have an idea how to expand their business and what medical services to offer in order to stand out from the competition will definitely enjoy considerable profits.

Tourism Business Ideas

# 48 – Bicycle rental

bicycle rental

Difficulty level: Easy

By purchasing a few used bikes and bringing them to working order, you have the opportunity to open a really profitable business. The initial cost will not be more than PLN 2,000. In every major tourist town there is no shortage of people willing to go cycling, so in the summer you can expect the highest earnings. The cost of renting one bike is about PLN 30 for the whole day.

# 49 – Renting car racks

renting car parks

Difficulty level: Easy

A very interesting business idea is renting roof racks to tourists going on vacation. This little-known business is in great demand, especially in the UK.

A single roof rack should not cost more than a few hundred zlotys. Considering that you can get up to PLN 20 per day for borrowing it, the investment will pay off during the holidays.

# 50 – Water equipment rental

water equipment rental

Difficulty level: Medium

If there is a lake or river in your area, you can start making money by renting kayaks, pedal boats, and even fins and air mattresses. In the summer season, there are many people willing to take advantage of this type of service. Although the initial costs are high, the investment should pay off in the first season. You can also try to buy used equipment and restore it properly, which will significantly reduce your expenses.

You can also increase your income by organizing kayaking trips. It is a very popular form of spending time in summer today. In this case, however, you have to invest in a suitable trailer for transporting kayaks.

# 51 – Campsite, camping


Difficulty level: Medium

Do you live in a tourist destination or your plot is located near a frequently used road? If so, you can think about setting up a campground or campground. Tourists are increasingly looking for a way to save money on accommodation. In Poland, the law prohibits setting up tents in places not intended for this. Therefore, there is considerable earning potential in this idea.

At the campsite, access to toilets and showers should be provided. It is a cost of several thousand zlotys. For setting up the tent for 24 hours, you can receive from PLN 10 upwards. It depends on the number of tourists and prices in the area.

# 52 – Travel guide or travel blog

travel guide

Difficulty level: Medium

If you love traveling and travel guides are your favorite reading, then you can start making money by showing people around the world.

The wealth of the society increases and more and more people decide to go abroad. As a result, the demand for companies providing guided tours of tourist sites is constantly increasing.

No large own contribution is required to start a business, and the opportunity to explore the world and meet people is a very encouraging form of earning.

# 53 – Sightseeing tours / guide

sightseeing tours

Difficulty level: Medium

Living in tourist and seaside towns, you can earn money by driving people around the greatest attractions in the area. Tourists are very eager to use this type of attractions, and if you talk about local customs and traditions, you are guaranteed a high income in the season.

The costs at the beginning of the activity are considerable, because you need to buy an appropriate means of transport – such as melex. However, if you are in good shape and you are not afraid of effort, you can start with a simple rickshaw and over time expand your business with new vehicles.

# 54 – Agritourism


Difficulty level: Difficult

If you have a house or a plot of land in the countryside, you can earn very well. People are increasingly fleeing the hustle and bustle of a big city, looking for an opportunity to spend time in a quiet and peaceful place.

By offering guest rooms, regional dishes made of healthy ingredients will be an additional attraction. It is also worth creating a mini-zoo that will be a magnet attracting tourists.

To create an agritourism center that brings income all year round, you need a large start-up capital.

# 55 – Hunting tourism


Difficulty level: Difficult

A remarkable business idea is to offer hunting weekends for tourists. If hunting is your passion and you would like to share it with others, it is a very good business idea for you. Existing companies enjoy great interest. Tourists are extremely eager to take part in real hunting.

Initially, you should invest in equipment and all permits. Despite the high cost in the beginning, however, you can quickly start making money on this business. For a weekend with this type of attractions you have to pay about a few hundred zlotys.

Franchise Business Ideas

It is one of the safest and most frequently chosen forms of doing business. It consists in opening the premises under a well-known brand. The entrepreneur does not need a large own contribution, but undertakes to comply with the company’s rules contained in the contract. Simply put, a franchise allows people with a small initial capital to open a business. The entrepreneur receives the necessary materials, equipment and products, and undertakes to pay a fee or share part of the profits. The list of available companies in Poland is long, but let’s mention a few of them.

# 56 – 7-Eleven

Difficulty level: Medium

This popular chain of stores is available in virtually every city. However, there are still many places where this idea could generate considerable income. To open a store, you need tens of thousands of your own contribution.

# 57 – Subway

Difficulty level: Medium

Another famous restaurant that offers fast food. The value of the investment is initially up to PLN 600,000. On the other hand, about 13% of the income is taken from the turnover of the premises monthly. The cost of the license for two years is PLN 7.5 thousand. Euro.

# 58 – Pizza Hut

Difficulty level: Medium

This popular pizzeria is described as the largest franchise chain in Poland. The condition for opening your own business is the payment of an initial fee of 12 thousand. zlotys. The monthly cost of the license is about 1.5 thousand. PLN, while the very opening of the premises should not exceed 350 thousand. zlotys

# 59 – McDonalnd

Difficulty level: Difficult

The most popular form of franchise in the world. A well-known brand and simple rules mean that even people who do not have experience in gastronomy decide to run a restaurant. One of the drawbacks of the contract, however, is the minimum initial capital of PLN 1.2 million. This capital, however, may be in the form of real estate intended for sale, owned by the entrepreneur.

House & Garden Business Ideas

# 60 – Cleaning company


Difficulty level: Easy

This occupation does not require any special skills or equipment. However, it is very popular. By setting up a cleaning company, you can earn up to several thousand a month. Many institutions, companies or private persons do not have time to clean the house by outsourcing them to an external company.

# 61 – Garden maintenance

lawn trimming

Difficulty level: Medium

A lot of people are now buying houses in the countryside and setting up gardens there. However, work and other duties make such people willing to use the services of companies dealing with garden care.

You don’t need special skills to start a business. Only own contribution is required for the purchase of equipment, such as a mower, secateurs, or plant protection preparations.

The activity of the form is based on cleaning works and taking care of the aesthetic appearance of the garden.

You can get from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys for such services. It depends on the price list and the area of ​​the garden.

# 62 – Housekeeping

american house

Difficulty level: Easy

Massive emigration of people to work abroad left many houses unsupervised. In order to avoid their destruction, people before their departure willingly paid private people to look after their property. It is also a very common practice during the summer season, when most go on vacation.

Your tasks include such activities as: watering flowers, receiving mail, heating during winter or keeping order.

Although such services do not require a lot of effort, they can be a very good way to supplement your basic salary.

# 63 – Carpet washing

oldschool carpet

Difficulty level: Medium

Even though carpets are not as popular as they used to be, there are still many homes where carpets are an important part of the decoration. The owners of such houses will gladly take advantage of the carpet renewal option.

Starting a business should start with the purchase of a carpet washing machine. On average, it costs up to PLN 5,000. For a single service you can get from 50 to 100 zlotys for a carpet. This amount depends on the area. It is also worth investing in a means of transport. Then you will reach more customers.

# 64 – Renovation of wooden floors

wooden panels

Difficulty level: Medium

Old wooden floors are becoming more and more fashionable. In many houses, however, it is dilapidated and requires renovation. You can benefit from it, because by investing a few thousand zlotys in machines such as a sander and a polisher, you can get about PLN 30 for each square meter of flooring.

# 65 – The renovation company

painting equipment

Difficulty level: Medium

It’s no surprise that it’s really hard to find good professionals. So if you know how to paint, wallpaper, sand or finish a bathroom, you will definitely not have problems with orders. The cost of purchasing equipment in the case of minor renovation works is not high, while the profits from business can reach the amount of several thousand a month.

# 66 – Apartment rental service agency

house keys

Difficulty level: Medium

Many businessmen invest their capital in housing. In order to recover the money spent, they rent premises for companies or private persons. However, hardly anyone has time to look after them all and respond to every problem of the residents. That’s why you can make money on it. When setting up an agency, you are responsible for signing contracts with tenants, arranging all formalities and responding to residents’ problems. In the case of experienced agencies, the earnings can reach several thousand zlotys a month

# 67 – Real Estate Trade

house for sale

Difficulty level: Medium

If you have a marketing sense and know how to establish good relations with the client, you should consider whether to start mediating in selling apartments. Your tasks will include property valuation, showing interested clients and arranging all formalities.

# 68 – Interior decorator

warm interior

Difficulty level: Medium

If you have an innate aesthetic sense, this is the business for you. In the age of the Internet, you can offer online apartment design projects. This will significantly reduce costs and allow you to reach a larger audience.

You can get even several hundred zlotys for a single project. Initially, however, you need to invest in a professional design program and learn about the latest trends on the market.

# 69 – Garage rental

american garage

Difficulty level: Medium

Many people, when looking for a place for a car, bicycle or want to keep their belongings, decide to rent a garage. The monthly cost is about PLN 300.

So if you have land on which you could build several garages, it is worth considering this idea. You can also try to buy out existing garages in the city.

Repair Business Ideas

# 70 – Computers, laptops, tablets, phones – service

computer repair

Difficulty level: Medium

Everyone currently has several electronic devices. So if your area does not have a repair shop for electronic equipment, it is the perfect place to open your own repair shop. By combining them with a commission sale, you can significantly increase your income.

# 71 – Bicycle service

rusty bicycle

Difficulty level: Medium

Like any vehicle, bicycles require maintenance and repair. If two wheels are your passion and you know how to replace the chain or tire, then consider setting up your own bicycle repair shop. The popularity of this two-wheeler will increase every year, which will translate into the financial stability of your company.

# 72 – Restoring old furniture

old chairs

Difficulty level: Medium

If you know how to operate a grinder and you like to restore a new shine with an old thing, it is worth turning it into an interesting business. You do not need a lot of equipment to start your business, but the popularity of old furniture can bring quite a lot of income. This type of service is time-consuming, but customers will be happy to pay for high quality.

# 73 – Tailoring services


Difficulty level: Medium

Despite the high availability and variety of clothing stores, there are still many people willing to buy small tailoring services. Sewing the zipper or shortening the trousers is one of them.

Even though this business won’t bring you thousands of profits, the low start-up costs make it worth your attention. You can start by buying a sewing machine and offering your services on the Internet. For simple tailoring modifications you can get from 20 zlotys. However, if sewing is your passion, then you can start making money by sewing dresses or suits to order. In this case, the profits for a single order may amount to even several hundred zlotys.

# 74 – Delete and recover data from your computer


Difficulty level: Medium

Companies dealing with permanent deletion of data from the disk find more and more customers. It is a good idea to offer this type of service while running a computer service.

The costs of running a business are low, but for a single service you can earn from 50 PLN.

Automotive Business Ideas

# 75 – Buying / Selling cars

mercedes SUV

Difficulty level: Easy

The car trade continues unabated by the liquid. You can base this activity on importing used cars to Poland from abroad and selling them. However, in many cases it is enough to carefully browse the offers available on the Internet. If you know a lot about cars, you can easily see which offers are worth your attention and which are not.

In some cases, by buying a car and selling it more expensive, you can earn up to several hundred zlotys on a single transaction.

You can start by browsing popular car sale websites.

# 76 – Car mechanic

car repair

Difficulty level: Medium

Due to the continuous increase in the number of cars, the need for good mechanics has increased significantly. If cars are your passion and you know how to do minor repair work, it is worth offering your services to others. You can receive several dozen zlotys for minor repairs, while in the event of a larger failure, your account may receive several hundred zlotys.

# 77 – Car wash

car wash

Difficulty level: Medium

You can find a car wash at virtually every gas station. There were also many self-service car washes. However, there are still no places where they will comprehensively clean the vehicle. A car wash offering, in addition to washing and waxing, also washing upholstery, or cleaning windows from the inside could become a real hit.

For the comprehensive washing service, you could order from 50 to 100 PLN per car. However, the costs of setting up a business are not small. You have to pay even several thousand zlotys for washing equipment and funds.

# 78 – Car / bus rental

car rental

Difficulty level: Medium

Vans, passenger cars and even scooters. The demand for rented vehicles is seemingly very high. Therefore, a very good business idea is to set up a company that offers rental cars.

The downside to this idea is the high initial cost. However, you can apply for a loan or financing. Companies of this type are usually very successful and the money invested pays off very quickly. The cost of a one-day passenger car rental starts from PLN 100 depending on the type of car. However, the customer will have to pay even several hundred zlotys for the day of using the delivery bus.

# 79 – Parking lots

parking lot

Difficulty level: Medium

Do you live in a large city or a small tourist destination? Maybe it’s time to think about setting up your own parking lot. Even in large cities, you can often find land for rent not far from the center.

The highest income can be achieved during the summer season. However, year-round car parks are also very popular in cities.

Despite the large initial costs for the purchase or lease of land, the monthly expenses for business are not large. You have to pay as much as PLN 50 for a night of parking in a large city.

Pet Business Ideas

# 80 – Caring for animals

dog walking

Difficulty level: Easy

This popular business idea is still an interesting way to earn extra money. With no initial costs and little effort, virtually anyone can start this type of business.

You can get from several dozen zlotys for a whole day of care for a pet. It is also a good idea for a business to set up a cat or dog hotel. In the summer season it will be very popular and will allow you to significantly increase your profits.

# 81 – Animal husbandry


Difficulty level: Medium

Many young people decide to buy a pet for a home. From hamsters to geckos to dogs and cats. If you love animals, it’s worth considering starting your own breeding farm.

For example, by taking care of geckos, you can earn up to several hundred zlotys on one young. Prices, however, increase significantly for purebred dogs and cats. You should pay even several thousand zlotys for a pet with a certificate.

Although the costs of running a business are not small, if you love animals, this is a great solution for you.

# 82 – Animal training

stone dog

Difficulty level: Medium

Animal training services are becoming more and more popular. It mainly concerns dogs, but there are plenty of volunteers looking for ways to deal with, for example, an unruly cat. Animal psychology is a young field of science, but it allows you to understand animal behavior and skillfully influence it.

The necessary knowledge can be acquired during studies or on available courses. However, if you love working with animals, it is worth educating yourself. You can receive from 100 PLN for a single lesson.

Other Business Ideas

# 83 – Tutoring


Difficulty level: Easy

This well-known business idea can be implemented even by high school students and students. However, did you know that it is possible to open your own tutoring agency? They are becoming more and more popular because they provide very good quality and can offer competitive prices.

Such an agency recruits teachers and students who pay you a commission for the lessons you have conducted. Your tasks include arranging lessons, advertising and taking care of formal matters. The earning potential in this business is considerable, especially extending the activity to online tutoring. For a single lesson, you can receive an average commission of several dozen zlotys.

# 84 – Hand-made items

hand made items

Difficulty level: Easy

This business idea, which is mainly associated with folding pens, has a very high earning potential. Many people have created their businesses, starting with creating individual orders in the privacy of their homes. In this business, your creativity and ingenuity count. Original mascots, unique Christmas tree bubbles, or creating wood carvings. If the products you create are interesting, they will find a group of recipients who will buy them. Do you remember the example of a graduate from the beginning of the text? This is how you can profit from this idea.

The big advantage of this business is low expenses. You can work from home and only pay for materials.

# 85 – Babysitter agency


Difficulty level: Easy

Young mothers more and more often want to combine a career with parental responsibilities. Hence, they very often decide to employ a babysitter.

It is a very well-known business idea that serves as a form of extra earning in most cases. You can receive an average of PLN 15 per hour per hour of care. If you want to expand your business, you can think about setting up your own babysitter agency. Then the earning potential increases significantly.

# 86 – Greeting cards

greeting card

Difficulty level: Easy

Although you can buy greeting cards in every major store, people will be happy to pay more for original and interesting ideas. You can sell previously prepared designs via the Internet or deal by mail-order sales of paper cards. The originality of your cards can be additionally given by original poems and wishes.

Also in this case, there are no high operating costs. An interesting, single card can cost even several dozen zlotys. However, remember that these are usually mass orders.

# 87 – Courier checkpoint


Difficulty level: Easy

It is an interesting business idea as an additional form of income. Anyone can open a post office in their city and offer shipping services. It should be remembered that mail order sales will become more and more popular, so postal agencies will be needed in virtually every city.

It is difficult to determine the exact earning potential, but the fact that you can decide on the agency’s opening hours makes it a great idea for additional earnings.

# 88 – Original T-shirts

original tshirts

Difficulty level: Easy

Unique prints on T-shirts are very popular. If you run your own blog or YouTube channel, or you just think that you have a good idea for printing, try your hand at this business.

For starters, you don’t need to invest in a professional printing machine. All you need to do is commission an external company to print your project. They will find a wide range of buyers from your T-shirts, it is worth investing in an printing machine.

On the Internet, you have to pay up to PLN 100 for original T-shirts.

# 89 – Insurance agency

car insurance stock photo

Difficulty level: Easy

People are more and more willing to use life, vacation or car insurance. Although all insurance offers are available online, most people prefer to go to a professional agency. Due to the number of contracts signed, they can often offer much better prices.

The big advantage of this business is that you can run it at home at first. By offering your services over the Internet and through word of mouth you can gather a large group of customers.

# 90 – The antiques trade


Difficulty level: Easy

If you can see value in old items and sell them properly, this is the business for you. Very often there are items in the basement that other people would pay a lot of money for.

You can start searching for antiques on the Internet or ask your friends about old clutter in the basement. It is also a good idea to look for valuable items in a nearby village. Residents are very happy to get rid of unused items for a small fee.

You can start selling by mail order. The fashion for restoring and remaking antiques makes people very eager to buy old items.

# 91 – Photography

camera and laptop

Difficulty level: Medium

Despite the huge fashion for taking photos, it is a business where you can earn money all the time. Weddings, parties, proms, pregnancy sessions and even kayaking or Painball trips. People willingly pay for taking professional photos that can be posted on social networks or hung on the wall in the apartment.

In this business, creativity and professionalism are important. Original but interesting photo ideas will make customers return more willingly. The earning potential in this business is huge. From a few zlotys for evidence photos to several hundred zlotys for wedding sessions or commemorating the parachute jump.

To start with, you should invest in a good camera and equipment. It should cost several thousand zlotys. However, it is worth developing the business, which is associated with higher profits, but also costs for training and equipment. Recently, 360-degree cameras have become very popular.

# 92 – Wedding consulting

wedding dress

Difficulty level: Medium

A wedding is a special day in everyone’s life, so people will be happy to pay for it to be unforgettable. That is why companies offering professional wedding advice are very popular. For a fee of even several hundred zlotys, they help in choosing the right decorations, dishes, an orchestra, and even a cake.

However, if you want to enter this industry, you must know the local market very well. However, the low costs of running a business and considerable earning potential make it an interesting business idea.

# 93 – Learning to play an instrument


Difficulty level: Medium

Everyone knows how hard and time consuming it is to learn to play an instrument. It is very hard or practically impossible without a good teacher.

Initially, you can offer private lessons at the client’s home and eventually open your own music school. Instrument lessons aren’t the cheapest. Private tuition costs about 40 zlotys, while the cost of a monthly pass to a music school can be up to several hundred zlotys.

# 94 – Party and leisure time animator

children's party

Difficulty level: Medium

If you can make people laugh or you have extraordinary ideas for starting the fun, think about opening this business. Orders can come from hotels, resorts, festival organizers, or even private individuals. There is a gamma of different possibilities in this idea. Introducing clowns, karaoke at dance evenings, or having a group of kids around are just some of the ideas.

A very good option in this business is running a professional agency. Hotels and large centers are more willing to use the services of such a company.

At the beginning, you can earn from PLN 100 for a few hours of work. However, by setting up agencies, profits increase significantly.

# 95 – Hot-Spot launch

internet cables

Difficulty level: Medium

This seemingly trivial idea can bring you a very substantial income. Setting up your own hot spot is not the cheapest, but at the beginning it is enough about PLN 1000. With the development of the company and the number of new customers, the investment costs increase significantly. Despite the great availability of various internet offers, companies are willing to pay for the use of a private hotspot.

There are already several businesses of this type in Poland, mainly in large cities, and they bring their owners really big profits.

# 96 – Own laundry room


Difficulty level: Medium

Self-service laundries, known from American films, are also popular in Poland. However, it is a good business idea to offer shirts ironing immediately after washing and drying. Many men are always willing to provide this type of service.

The cost of setting up your own laundry is even tens of thousands of zlotys. On average, a customer has to pay PLN 15 for a single wash.

# 97 – Graffiti removal services


Difficulty level: Medium

Graffiti or spray-made signatures are the bane of every housing association. Removing such paintings from the wall is not easy and requires special equipment and cleaning agents. Therefore, cooperatives willingly use the services of external companies.

By investing a few hundred zlotys in equipment, you can get quite a substantial monthly income. You can charge up to PLN 70 for one square meter of cleaning. There are few companies offering this type of service, so it’s worth considering this idea.

# 98 -Sale of workwear

road works

Difficulty level: Medium

Selling medical aprons, safety shoes or construction helmets is a simple and proven way to make a profitable business. High earning potential and low operating costs make this idea worth considering.

At the beginning you need to find a cheap supplier from which you will get the goods. It is a good idea to look for such a company in Asian countries. Low production and transportation costs will make your price competitive in the market, but high enough to make the business profitable.

# 99 – Floristic works


Difficulty level: Medium

Your own flower room is still a very good business idea. By expanding it with services such as decorated wedding halls or flower mail order, you can significantly increase your income.

When setting up your own studio, it is worth investing in florist courses and looking for a cheap supplier. It is a good idea to combine a florist’s with growing flowers if you have your own garden.

# 100 – Employment agency

find job button

Difficulty level: Medium

A large number of companies suffer from staff shortages and are looking for a way to fill them. They then direct their steps to a professional employment agency.

Your tasks include recruiting employees and arranging all formalities. So, knowing the basic legal provisions, you can set up an employment agency.

Profits from this activity depend on competition and the number of employees, but good employment agencies are able to earn up to several thousand zlotys a month from commission. It should also be remembered that there is no shortage of people willing to receive this type of service.

# 101 – A career advisor

meeting stock photo

Difficulty level: Medium

If you feel that looking for a job has no more secrets for you, start helping others. The tasks of the consulting company include determining the professional profile and assistance in finding offers and preparing for an interview.

Professional consulting companies charge from several dozen to several hundred zlotys for their services.

Initially, there are no large costs, but to be able to help others, it is worth demonstrating your professional success yourself or knowing the current realities of the labor market very well.

Summary – Now It’s Your Turn

All of the small business ideas mentioned above can help you earn a decent income even with a low startup cost.

Ultimately, we recommend you start something online like a blog, eCommerce business, or consulting firm, as these are less susceptible to market shifters like Covid-19.

If you’re trying to figure out ways you can fund your new business idea, consider these options:

  • Start slow on a tight budget and self-fund your business if you can (lowest cost and you retain full ownership)
  • Find a strategic business partner who’s willing to take a financial stake and partial ownership by funding the business alongside you
  • Consider an SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) backed small business loan to get your initial capital
  • Pitch your idea to an angel investor that makes investments in your sector (if your business needs substantial funding)
  • Carefully weigh your options with using credit cards to fund your early growth (if your interest rates aren’t too high)

Each of the above options has its pros and cons. Bootstrapping your idea will allow you to retain ownership however your growth will be likely slower than if you’d take outside capital.

Did you like any of the business ideas? What did we miss?

Maybe you know friends who recently started something exciting or want to show off your original business idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

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