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Leadpages Reviews & Product Details

Leadpages Overview

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a website and landing page builder that is focused on helping small businesses engage their intended audience, capture leads, and acquire customers. Established in 2013, it’s one of the most recognizable names in the drag-and-drop landing page builder marketplace. It has a full suite of conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive templates and designs, from sales and checkout pages to newsletter signups, webinar registrations, and contest/giveaway mini-sites. As a marketing solution that traces its roots to lead generation, Leadpages differentiates itself with conversion-focused capabilities. One of these key features is the Alert Bar which enables marketers to deliver browsing behavior-based offers and messages across different sections of the website. Another built-in technology that is unique to Leadpages is Leadmeter which delivers real-time and data-driven recommendations during the build process. It analyzes content based on four key conversion categories (page layout, call-to-action, readability, and lead collection) and predicts page performance before publishing.

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Leadpages Pros and Cons


  • The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design a site
  • Multimedia embedding means you can add videos and images by pasting an embed code
  • Leadpages has terrific analytics for landing page monitoring


  • It’s hard to fine-tune some design elements
  • There are no follow-up trigger links for the Standard plan

Leadpages Pricing

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Findstack’s Review

Editors’ Review by the A/B Testing Software Review Team

Leads are the heartbeat of any company.

Without leads, you don’t get conversions, customers, or client loyalty.

Leads may start off as visitors to your website, or people who see your content on social media, but they quickly become the investors at the core of your organization, helping you to grow.

The more you build your leads, the more opportunities you’ll have to encourage conversions through things like email marketing and online offers.

So, how do you find leads?

Well, you can invest in PPC and organic advertising in the hope that companies arrive on your website. However, if they do make it to your content, that won’t necessarily mean that they’ll make the transition from visitor to lead. You’ll need something else.

Leadpages, the leading landing page builder and form creation tool, is a state-of-the-art solution for gathering and nurturing your leads.

Here’s your complete guide to Leadpages.

leadpages review

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a software solution designed to help businesses of all sizes connect with their audience, close sales, and collect leads. Essentially, you can use this service to build a range of pages and online environments which encourage interactions with customers.

Options range from landing pages, where you might offer a free eBook or discount in exchange for an email address, as well as popups, alert bards, and even entire websites.

Leadpages advertises itself as the all-in-one tool you need to get on the web and grow your business. Aside from giving you the tools for building your “lead collection” assets, Leadpages will also help you to optimize your interactions and conversions with things like split-testing, and analytics.

With Leadpages, you don’t need to spend all your budget on expensive graphic designers, coders, and developers. Anyone can build the perfect touchpoint in their customer’s buying cycle, just by dragging and dropping modules into place.

Leadpages Review: Features

Leadpages is quite an immersive solution for lead nurturing.

The service used to focus only on landing pages, but you can now use the same software to create high-converting websites and popups too. We’ll take a closer look at how you can use Leadpages in a moment, but let’s start by listing some of the most valuable features:

Website building

You can instantly design and publish simple websites in a matter of minutes. Leadpages offers conversion-optimized templates that are mobile responsive. You can also customize your templates within the included drag-and-drop builder.

leadpages landing page

Conversion assets

The core of the Leadpages offering conversion assets include alert bars, popups, and opt-in forms that you can embed into your sales and marketing pages. Once again, you get a range of templates and customization options to work with here.

Landing pages and forms

The most obvious way to turn visitors into leads, landing pages and forms allow you to convert potential customers with compelling experiences.


You’ll be able to see which of your campaigns are driving the best results with detailed reports. You can use things like Facebook Pixel and Google analytics in your accounts and even set up A/B tests to see which of your pages perform best.


Integrations from Leadpages include options to add your pages to an existing website, WordPress plugins and integrations for Squarespace too. You can also connect to your email marketing service provider, CRM, payment gateway, and more.

The further you dive into each element of the Leadpages platform, the more features you discover. For instance, the central landing page and website builder comes with 5 free sub accounts, so you can connect with your team as you work, and 99.9% uptime for peace of mind.

leadpages integrations

The Builder

The builder automatically saves changes as you work and allows you to preview content according to device or social media channel. You’ll also get digital file hosting, duplicate and editing features, extra-fast page loading speeds, and a comprehensive image library for visual appeal.

Bonus features include CSV downloads, lead information, drag-and-drop editing and page grouping. You can use your landing page and website builder to take payments or build entire sales funnels with connections to your CRM or email account. There are also a host of awesome widgets available for things like countdown timers, and unique forms.

Conversion tools

The builder is just one component of the entire Leadpages experience. Once you’ve designed the assets intended to bring leads to your organization, you’ll also get a host of conversion tools, including 10 opt-in text campaigns for SMS, and email trigger links.

Unlimited alert bars and popups allow you to capture the attention of your customers any way you choose. There are even plenty of ways to customize the popups you create, through things like button changes, image integration, and privacy policy attachments.

leadpages landing page builder

Designs and templates

One of the most impressive features of Leadpages is all the access you have to amazing designs and templates. You’ll get section templates, (over 100 to choose from), Shutterstock premium images, a built-in icon library, and countdown timers. When you click on the “Create a Page” option within Leadpages, you’ll visit a massive repository of template options, which you can search through by choosing the kind of page you want, or the industry you’re in.

leadpages design templates

If the templates available don’t suit your needs entirely, don’t worry. It’s easy to change various aspects with HTML, CSS, or just the drag-and-drop visual editor. You get the same robust template and editing experience with both landing pages, and websites on Leadpages.

Further education, support and security

Leadpages ensures you can set your entire lead capturing strategy up in a way that suits you. When you purchase your package, you’ll get as 1-on-1 start call, phone, chat, and email support, and a free set of Leadpages virtual workshops to check out.

If you’re comfortable seeking out help yourself, the knowledgebase is a great place to start, but you can also take weekly coaching sessions to develop new skills or connect with the Leadpages community. On top of support and guidance, Leadpages also helps you to improve your overall experience with high-level security, custom Zapier integrations, and GDPR compliance all built in.

How to Use Leadpages?

As you’ve seen above, there are a ton of ways that you can access Leadpages to increase your leads and build stronger relationships with customers. However, the landing pages are still the most attractive feature for most Leadpages customers.

So, how easy are they to use?

To start building a new landing page, simply head over to your Leadpages interface, and click the option for Create new Leadpage.

Once you’ve done that, Leadpages will give you a host of templates to choose from. Remember, you don’t have to love the Leadpage template completely because you can edit various parts of it with the drag-and-drop editor (or the standard editor if you prefer).

leadpages user interface

Leadpages will also give you the option to use a blank page as a canvas – although this might be a little tricky for beginners. We’d recommend using the templates initially, until you feel comfortable using all the unique components of Leadpages.

The drag-and-drop builder on Leadpages is by far the easier way to develop an effective landing page. You’ll get a live preview of what your page is going to look like on the right side of the screen, and a selection of modules to choose from on the left. These modules include:

  • Widgets: You can add buttons, opt-in forms, or even countdown timers here
  • Page layout: Adaptions to the overall format of your landing page
  • Page styles: The fonts, images, and colors that you use in your pages
  • Page tracking: Basic SEO settings and tracking/analytics codes
leadpages user interface edit

Each widget you add will come with dedicated settings for that widget.

Once you’re ready to publish your landing page, you have a range of flexible options to choose from, including:

  • Connecting your own domain
  • Hosting your page for free with a dedicated HTTPS address and SSL encryption
  • Publish through the dedicated WordPress plugin
  • Publish directly to your existing website or domains through Leadpages
  • Create a Leadpages domain for free

If you already have your own website, setting up a landing page with Leadpages should be simple enough. If you don’t, then you might prefer to build a website right there on the Leadpages app. After all, it’s nice to have your landing pages and site in the same space.

Notably, Leadpages integrates naturally with most website building solutions and email marketing services. However, it also has a relatively high-quality website builder of its own. Not so long ago, you could only use the drag-and-drop functionality of Leadpages to create landing pages. Now, you can use the same drag-and-drop system to create entire websites.

Just click “create a site” on your Leadpages account, and choose from the site templates:

leadpages user dashboard

Appearing in 2019, the website builder is similar to competing solutions from Squarespace and Wix. The experience should be pretty similar to using the landing page builder, although you will get more settings, like navigation menus and integrated conversion tools. The site builder comes with:

You can design your site one section at a time, using a range of pre-made sections, for things like “About” pages, or “contact” pages. As you create your site with the drag-and-drop builder, you’ll also be able to access page previews to see what your creation looks like on any device.

leadpages sample project

There’s support for various website settings, like creating global website footers, or embedding CSS. You can also access your popups, landing pages, and alert bars, to embed them into various parts of your site.

leadpages sample project 2

The “Settings” part of the builder also gives you access to various SEO features, like meta descriptions and alt text, so you can boost your chances of better ranking.

Whether you choose to build a single landing page or an entire website, Leadpages makes the process quick and simple with minimal coding (unless you want to use code) and built-in modules, components, and pages to speed things up.

Ease of Use

As we noted in the section above, one of the main selling points of Leadpages is its simplicity. The drag and drop editor that originally delivered landing pages and nothing else is now a component of all the assets you can built on Leadpages. Plus, it helps to know that you only ever have to start from scratch if you want to.

The templates available for your landing pages, forms, and websites are high-quality to begin with, and then you can edit them however you choose with the style settings and editor choices. You even get things like pre-built add-on pages, so setting up an entire site doesn’t take long.

Leadpages can essentially give you all the tools you need for a full online presence in one package, complete with the must-have functionality to collect leads through popups and forms.

leadpages sample project 3

There’s even a dedicated WordPress plugin if you already have a website of your own, so you just log into your Leadpages account through WordPress and start importing content. You can use your lead page as a welcome gate this way, or cache Leadpages to improve page loading speed performance.

In terms of usability, some people may argue that Leadpages is restricted compared to things like the Instapages builder. You drag and drop components into set environments, based on the format you chose for your original page. This means that the design functionality isn’t entirely free form. However, this could be a good thing, as it means you’re less likely to make UX mistakes.

Despite some restrictions, everything feels extremely intuitive and code-free. You can add your own CSS in if you like, but you’re not going to miss out if you’re not a coding expert.

leadpages custom css

Most of the key functionality offered through Leadpages comes within the “widgets” section of your app, where you can add CTA buttons and experiment with different designs. Some of the key features that make Leadpages easy to use include:

  • Easy access to pre-made content: You don’t just get a wide selection of templates for your sites and pages with this service, you get virtually every visual asset you need. You can browse through a built-in icon library and access Shutterstock images. There are pre-built thank-you and confirmation pages, as well as extra pages, like “Team” or “About Us” options. Dragging and dropping your way to a great page is simple.
  • Quick changes and updates: Once you’ve chosen components that you like for your brand, you can apply global style settings to your entire website, or multiple pages at once. Leadpages allows you to copy elements from one page to the next, add custom branding wherever you like, and maintain a consistent website template from one environment to the next. You can even set a universal footer.
  • Convenient publishing and hosting: All websites and pages come with plenty of hosting and publishing options to choose from. You get a free custom domain with an annual purchase, and you can publish pages through things like WordPress in a matter of seconds. SSL encryption is applied automatically, and there’s no limit to the number of pages you can publish.
  • Integrations: Life is always easier when your essential apps and tools work seamlessly together. You get countless standard integrations with Leadpages, including connections to various website builders and email service providers. Plus, you can set up more advanced integrations with Zapier and code.
  • Flexibility: You can add functionality to your site or page one widget at a time, form social sharing buttons, to Calendly integrations, or you can design your components from scratch with custom HTML and CSS, or JavaScript. Leadpages gives you the freedom to access as much versatility as you like.
leadpages domain integration

Customer Support

Leadpages is a very straightforward service, great for people who don’t want to get muddled with code when they’re trying to convert their customers. However, no matter how intuitive a builder might be, there’s always a chance you’ll need some extra help.

Fortunately, Leadpages does make a lot of effort to make accessing support as simple as possible. In the past, the only option was to send an email support ticket and wait for an answer. That’s still the case for the $49 plan. However, you will have access to a few tools that can help you to help yourself in this case. If you’re using the cheapest product, you can search for answers via the Leadpages knowledge base, which is packed full of articles, how-to guidance, and more.

leadpages support panel 1

There’s also the option to check out the free Leadpages virtual workshops. These are online lessons where you can gain insights from professionals on how to do certain things with your campaigns. There are also weekly group coaching sessions available too.

For people on the Pro ($99 per month) plan, support is available through Chat and Email, where you get priority tech support via both platforms and access to phone calls with real human beings.

You’ll also get the bonus 1-on-1 quick start call from Leadpages on the Pro package, which basically walks you through everything you need to know.

leadpages email support

In simple terms, if you’re willing to pay, you’ll have plenty of support.

Leadpages Pricing

As mentioned above, pricing for Leadpages starts at $49/month for the standard plan. If you’re looking to save more, opting for annual billing brings the Standard plan to $37/month while the Pro plan starts at $74/month.

Options include:

  • Standard: $49 per month or $37 per month (advanced annually): 1 site, landing pages, alert bars, and popups. Unlimited leads and traffic, free custom domain (annual), free hosting, mobile responsive templates, lead notifications, and email support. 40+ integrations available.
  • Pro: $99 per month, or $79 per month (advanced annually): All the features of Standard, but with 3 sites, priority tech support via chat, phone, email, online sales and payments, mobile-responsive site templates, and unlimited A/B testing. You also get email trigger links and up to 10 opt-in text (SMS) campaigns.

To help you make your choice, Leadpages offers a free trial for 14 days. You’ll need to enter your payment details, and you’ll be transitioned to a paid plan unless you cancel your free trial within the time provided. You can also upgrade your chosen plan during your trial, or if you decide that you need to get more functionality later, you can switch to a different plan.

Leadpages Review: Verdict

Leadpages stands out as one of the most popular tools for lead nurturing and capturing. It’s easy to use, regardless of whether you’re just making a standard page or building an entire website. Leadpages also has some of the best templates around, so you can jump straight into action without any coding knowledge and create something stunning.

With a drag-and-drop builder and tons of pre-made widgets to make your life easier, there’s no need to brush up on CSS before you start building with Leadpages. Plus, if you need extra functionality, like email-triggered campaigns, you can simply take advantage of the numerous integrations that Leadpages has to offer.

The biggest problem with this product is the price tag. To truly experience all the advantages that Leadpages has to offer, you’re going to need to spend more than you would on the basic plan. You need at least the Pro plan to access things like A/B testing.

It’s also a shame that you miss out on next-level customer service unless you’re willing to spend a significant amount of extra cash. However, there are plenty of self-help resources that assist in evening this out.

Our advice? Go and check out your free trial of Leadpages. You might find that this tool is something you just can’t live without. Earn enough leads, and the tech could pay for itself.

Review updated on March 22, 2023

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