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Starting at $4
/ Per Month

XSplit is a live-streaming application that helps capture live-streaming gameplay, recordings, and more. XSplit ensures users can start sharing gaming skills with the world easily and features extensive ways for users to build a relationship with watchers through live chat, recent event alerts, and…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Stream and record in 4K with no lag
  • Excellent connections to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube chat
  • Custom transitions and branded stream components
  • Live illustrations and annotations

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Starting at $50
/ per month

BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that was built to facilitate communication and empower users to collaborate seamlessly on a digital workspace. The app was recently acquired by Verizon, which led to the software offering more advanced features and tools including webinar and vi…  Learn more


Starting at Contact Sales
/ per month

BigMarker is a browser-based platform designed for seamless learning and sharing through webinars and conferences. It can provide webinar hosting for up to 1,000 attendees and doesn’t require any downloads to use. The platform is a fully customizable virtual and hybrid event software that offers an…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Provides custom live video experiences perfect for online events
  • Support integrations with popular apps such as Hubspot, Zapier, and Salesforce
  • Offers industry standard SSL and HTTPS encryption
  • Webinar funnel pages feature various layouts
  • Extensive audience interaction tools are available
  • Robust webinar replay editing and customization options

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Starting at $149
/ Per Month

Uscreen is an all-in-one membership platform built for video creators to launch paid memberships that include an on-demand video library, live streaming capabilities, and their own community space, all in their own branded site and OTT apps.
By using Uscreen, creators can build a stronger brand, cre…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Launch TV and mobile apps with no coding
  • Dedicated video business school to get tips and advice
  • Built-in security, SLAs and protection for videos on demand (VOD)
  • Five monetisation choices: subscription, pay-per-view, rentals, bundles, and lifetime
  • Excellent community building and engagement features
  • Easy access to a range of monetization options, including subscriptions
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use environment
  • Good analytics and customer insights

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Starting at $9
/ Per Month

Vimeo lets users produce lead-generating virtual events and webinars that grow their business. With Vimeo, users can turn any video, webinar, or virtual event into evergreen content for their website and marketing campaigns. You can also measure the results of your campaigns on your website, social,…  Learn more


Starting at $12
/ Per Month

Vimeo is best known for creating high-quality video content online. As a live streaming solution, Vimeo offers extensive tools and features for businesses and content creators who want to create great quality videos. Users can produce live events with integrated tools like Q&A, chat, and surveys…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Customer support provides live assistance and live stream production services
  • Integrated analytics lets you track engagement accurately
  • Extensive marketing tools available including custom webinar registration forms

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Starting at $500
/ per month is an online presentation software fully hosted in the cloud that allows users to reach massive audiences. Also known for their competitive pricing structure, lets users host events without worrying about maxing out their capacity. The platform also simplifies the event hosti…  Learn more

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