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What is Wrike?

Harping on its versatility, Wrike is a project management software that features highly customizable dashboards and workflows and team-specific automation to give businesses a project platform that adapts to their current ways of working and not the other way around. Wrike’s functionalities involving over 400 tools revolve around giving a 360-degree view of projects, true interdepartmental collaboration, approvals acceleration, smarter data use, efficient workload management, and enterprise-grade security. Wrike has more than 30 well-documented use cases involving more than 15 departments and teams. Wrike also has a proprietary AI-powered capability called Work Intelligence that catalyzes results through smart automation and project risk prediction.

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Wrike Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use Gantt charts
  • Customizable dashboard and schedule
  • Comprehensive reports and insights
  • Time-tracking tools included
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extensive project management templates to choose from
  • Customizable dashboards for better progress tracking
  • Capability to share calendars across every team member in real time


  • A little pricey
  • Can be difficult to get used to at first
  • Frequent reports of unresponsive support
  • Recorded incidents of unreliable software functionality

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Findstack’s Review

Editors’ Review by the Bug Tracking Software Review Team

Wrike Review: Is It the Right Project Management Tool for Your Business?

Wrike has been empowering professionals and teams to better manage their work since its launch in 2006. It’s a comprehensive solution for professional service providers, marketing teams, and agencies. But all this versatility comes with a high price tag.

Is it worth it? In this Findstack review, we’re going to find out.

What is Wrike: A Quick Overview

Wrike is an all-in-one work management platform that helps teams collaborate, plan projects, delegate tasks, and track progress. The platform offers a range of plans designed to meet the needs of almost any kind of business. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a department head at a Fortune 500 company, Wrike has a plan for you.

Wrike Dashboard

Wrike’s power lies in its ability to support both project management and collaborative work, which explains its appeal to a wide range of industries. The tool boasts a user-friendly dashboard that’s pretty simple to set up. It’s also very easy to create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, and track their progress.

Getting Started With Wrike

Wrike is one of the more intuitive project management tools for a new user to get started with—especially compared to competitors like ClickUp.

Wrike is available to users via web browser, desktop application, and mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

To get started with Wrike, new users have the option to register for a free account using their business email. Once the email address is verified, users will be redirected to Wrike’s homepage to complete the initial registration process—which involves a guided walkthrough.

How Wrike Works: Key Features


If you’ve ever used a project management tool, Wrike’s Dashboards will feel very familiar.

Wrike Redesign Page

For every project you create in Wrike, you can create Dashboards to display, manipulate, and analyze the project data that you’ve collected within it. They essentially give you an overview of project KPIs, metrics, due dates, and progress at a glance—saving you the hassle of seeking out each piece of data at the source.

When you create a Dashboard, you can start with a template or build one from scratch. If you go the latter route, you have quite a bit of flexibility thanks to a modular design and a wide selection of interactive widgets, including:

  • Assigned tasks
  • Overdue tasks assigned to you
  • Overdue tasks that you assigned
  • Tasks you’re following
Wrike Project management Page

Wrike is unlike a lot of project management tools because everything you need is right at your fingertips. You don’t need to navigate to another window to see it all.


Like most modern project management tools, Wrike features an automation engine that works in the background to synch related tasks, assign workloads, and ensure tasks are completed on time with botted @mentions and comments.

Wrike Inbox Page

Wrike’s automation engine may not be the most complex or versatile on the market, but it’s intuitive and practical. There’s no feature bloat here—every feature is sure to get some use.


On a related note, Wrike’s automation capabilities are supported by 400+ integrations with third-party tools. Pretty much every tool category is covered, including:

  • CRM
  • Communication
  • BI
  • Calendar
  • CMS
  • Storage
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
Wrike Tools

Integrating Wrike with other tools in your stack is a great way to cut out some busy work from daily workstreams and improve productivity. It’s also a surefire way to minimize human error.

Live Analytics

Wrike automatically updates every report, chart, and dashboard every 15 minutes, so you never miss a thing. Wrike Social Media Performance Page

That’s a huge benefit—it means project managers don’t need to manually collect and input data from multiple sources to draw meaningful insight. Less time on busy work means more time analyzing the data for patterns, trends, and inefficiencies.

This feature is also great for project managers who are juggling multiple projects. They get a real-time overview of project statuses, team workloads, pending approvals, and tasks waiting to be assigned, so they can easily prioritize work and make meaningful progress.

Customizable Forms

Wrike has a custom form builder that you can use to create almost any kind of form—from simple team surveys to content request forms.

Wrike Forms

Wrike’s forms are fully customizable, and you can take advantage of role-based access controls to grant or deny access to certain pages or sections. Plus, when you create a new form, it can automatically assign tasks, set due dates based on the submission date, and populate subtasks.

Enterprise-level project management tools

Wrike offers advanced project management tools that you can access on your Home workspace to help you measure key performance indicators.

These tools include time tracking to assist in managing billable hours, visualizing cost and budget calculations, and business intelligence to assess project risk. While these tools are particularly useful for large enterprises with complex needs and a variety of teams, they can also be beneficial for small businesses that plan to scale.

In addition, the platform allows you to share files and publish assets with enterprise-grade security. The sheer number of features may be overwhelming for teams new to project managers, but Wrike provides great walkthroughs and tutorials. You may even discover features by accident that end up accelerating your workflows.

Wrike Revenue Page

Wrike offers pre-built templates based on team roles to simplify task creation. Some of these templates include:

Wrike Tamplates
  • Project performance templates
  • OKR templates
  • Weekly to-do list templates
  • Kanban board project templates
  • Agile and IT templates
  • Content operations templates
  • Quarterly business review templates
  • Ticketing and help desk templates

Collaboration Tools

Wrike—like most project management tools—is designed to make it easier to collaborate with your teams.

All team members have access to a global or project-based live stream of task activity, so nobody is left behind. Team members can easily communicate on specific tasks via comments and notes so that conversations are kept organized. Shared team calendars can be added to the dashboard to help with awareness of progress and submission dates. Wrike Collaboration page

You can also invite third parties such as clients, vendors, or contractors, at no extra cost, to view the status of their projects and provide input that goes towards successful project completion.

Wrike Use Cases

Wrike’s use cases are quite impressive. Over 20,000 companies in over 140 countries have relied on Wrike to streamline their planning processes. These are companies that span a range of industries, including:

  • SaaS
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • financial services
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

What makes Wrike stand out from other project management platforms?

Wrike’s easy-to-create (and even easier-to-understand) Gantt chart view sets it apart from many other popular project management platforms. Plus, Wrike offers a range of other views, such as List, Board, Table, File, and Timelog. While this isn’t unique to Wrike, it isn’t super common to have that much flexibility,

Wrike Campaign Page

Overall, Wrike’s differentiating factor is the ease with which you can use it to manipulate project data to gain new perspectives and insights.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike offers a total of five plans, starting from a basic Free option, all the way up to an advanced Pinnacle option for large enterprises with complex needs. Paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month, making Wrike’s pricing a bit more expensive than most other project management tools.

Here’s a breakdown of the plans: Wrike Pricing page

  • Free: Wrike’s free plan is suitable for small teams that are just starting with project management software. However, it has limited feature options, including 2 GB of storage space, and excludes Gantt charts, time-tracking, and many customization tools. The number of active tasks for a free plan is also limited to 200, which can be limiting even for small teams.
  • Team: This plan starts at $9.80 per user per month and is tailored for small teams that want to plan and collaborate on projects. Fortunately, this plan does include the Gantt chart view, 2 GB of storage per person, and the option to integrate with a wide range of services.
  • Business: Priced at $24.80 per user per month, this plan provides access to advanced project management tools. The Business plan has everything you may need for project management for a large team (up to 200 people), with 5 GB of storage per person.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan does not have a stipulated price because Wrike will draw up a plan depending on your business needs. It is a plan to consider for large businesses that require more security controls.
  • Pinnacle: This plan is for large businesses with complex work needs, including billable hours tools, job roles, and tools for planning and tracking effort put into different projects. It comes with 15 GB of storage per person.

Pros and Cons of Wrike


  • Wrike offers plans for everyone, from small teams to large corporations.
  • Real-time analytics are updated every 15 minutes.
  • Wrike offers department-specific solutions which help different departments across your business align and communicate projects on one platform.
  • Special customization is available for professional services and marketing and creative teams.
  • Wrike offers training resources to help you get started on the platform.
  • The free plan offers up to 2 GB of storage.
  • It supports eight languages.


  • Although the project dashboards are user-friendly, those new to project management software may find Wrike overwhelming due to the wide array of features.
  • Wrike’s costs can be a burden for mid-sized teams – there are cheaper project management tools with roughly equivalent features.
  • Many of Wrike’s useful advanced features are offered as add-ons that can effectively double the price of the tool.
  • The mobile app is not as user-friendly as other project management apps (e.g., Click Up). Managing tasks from the mobile app is not as smooth as using a desktop, and you may find that you’re unable to move and edit tasks.
  • The interactive Gantt chart view is only available in the paid plans.
  • The time-tracking in-app timer is only available on the Business plan and higher, and even small collaborative teams should be able to benefit from this feature.

Is Wrike right for your business?

Wrike is a comprehensive project management platform that also functions as a collaborative work management tool, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. If you offer professional services or are part of a marketing or creative team, you can certainly benefit from Wrike’s highly customizable features.

It’s important to note that Wrike can be a bit pricey—especially with add-ons. Plus, it may be a bit overpowered for small teams who are looking for simple project management capabilities. That said, it’s a solid tool for managing multiple departments and complex projects.

If you want more insight and information into other project management software, Findstack has more helpful reviews you can take a look at.

Review updated on September 21, 2023

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