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Compare best B2B SaaS software and find out which suits your needs.

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Find out how to build your website, start a blog or launch an eCommerce site.

Learn about new software products and tech trends to scale your business.

Here at Findstack, we’re focused on always growing demand for B2B software. We help an audience of aspiring founders, solopreneurs, and side hustlers compare software platforms and find the best tech tools to start and grow your business.

Whether you are a freelancer looking for intuitive accounting software, or a freshly-minted CEO trying to find the most suitable CRM for your new startup, you will find a review on just about any tool you’ll ever need on Findstack*.

Over time, our goal is to be a go-to-place for fledgling entrepreneurs who are in search of business insights, B2B software reviews, and best practices focusing on SaaS, tech trends, and growth.

*At some point – we’re just getting started!

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How do you make money?

To be able to publish our test results for free, fund future testing, and remain independent, we earn a portion of the amount spent by consumers.

We make money through an affiliate business model. That means that when a consumer makes a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we receive a portion of the amount spent in the form of a commission.

How do you test software products?

We use trial versions or buy products online and test them thoroughly on functionality, performance, support, and ease of use. The exact parameters used differ per software category.

How often do you test products?

We update each product category at least once every 12 months. Whenever major changes in the industry occur, we also re-analyze our results and update them.

How do you decide what products to test?

We select our products based on extensive market research. We aim to test as many products as we reasonably can, preferably the entire industry, and show the top 5 in our comparisons along with some runner-ups.

Can I list my product on your website?

We’d love to add you to our database. Software vendors, click here!

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