Contribute to Findstack

Contribute to Findstack

Findstack is read by +50,000 software buyers every month. We help small business owners, startup founders, digital nomads and everyone in between to find the best software tools to take their business to the next level.

Contribute to Findstack and share your software workflows, tips and showcase the stack of your favorite tools you’ve used to build, run, and grow your business.

Why should I contribute?

Here’s what we offer. When you get published on Findstack, you’ll get:

Brand awareness

You’ll get your name, social profiles, and business in front of thousands of online business owners and startups.

New customers

Our readers are actively looking for new tools so your business will likely get new leads and potential customers.

SEO Boost

Findstack has a pretty high domain authority. You’ll be getting some powerful backlinks.

What topics can I write about?

We’re mostly looking for actionable content about leveraging software and no-code / low-code tools. Here are some examples:

  • Take a deep dive into how you get things done with the help of software at your company. Share your workflows and tips to help others be more efficient.
  • Have you built a neat product using a no-code/low-code platform? Tell the world how you did it.
  • Showcase the stack of your favorite tools. Let people know why you chose them and how you make the most out of them in your role.
  • Do you have some interesting data? Statistics, surveys, reports, and other research-driven subjects would be a perfect fit.

We’re open to other ideas too. Please send us an email if you have an interesting article that doesn’t necessarily fit into one of the above categories.

Can I republish my content?

We do not accept republished content. While want to be the best place to discover insights about business software, we only accept original, not yet published content that we deem valuable to our audience.

How often can I submit my articles?

It’s up to you. Let us know if you already create content and you would like to publish it on Findstack regularly. We’re interested in long-term collaborations, and we’d be happy to make it super easy for you to share your expertise and learnings.

Do you pay Contributors?

No, we do not offer payments for articles submitted by Contributors.

Become a Contributor.

Whether you want to share your workflow, stack, or a helpful set of software tips, we’d love to hear from you.

* Please note that by completing your submission, you give Findstack the right to edit, publish, and distribute your article. Our Contributor Program is selective, and a submission doesn’t guarantee a publication.

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Guest Posts

Currently, we are not accepting guest posts, but we appreciate your interest. 

We are neither accepting sponsored posts or links. If you want to get your brand in front of Findstack’s audience consider our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Why should I contribute?

Here’s what we offer. When you get published on SoftwareLens, you’ll:

  1. Become an official SoftwareLens Contributor. An author profile including your bio and links will be displayed under all your articles.
  2. Receive editing support. We’re eager to help you make your content look great.
  3. Get your articles in front of our audience (we want to be transparent here – it’s still very early, and we can’t boast about these numbers yet).