The Ultimate List of Pinterest Statistics for 2024

Christopher Benitez

Updated February 18, 2023

The visual search engine Pinterest was founded in 2010 and can attract 442 million active users. 2020 in particular has been a very successful year for Pinterest, which can not only be derived from the development of user numbers.

This means that Pinterest has grown by an impressive 26 million users in the last three months: Inside. In the last twelve months, there has been a user growth for Pinterest of 110 million users: Inside.

Pinterest differs from social networks like Facebook or Instagram. There is inspiration and content discovery. In the past, Pinterest established itself primarily as a traffic provider. This is partly due to the close connection to websites.

After the official start of Pinterest ads, Pinterest is also offering new approaches for brands and companies. The advertising platform is being expanded consistently and offers companies more and more diverse options such as shoppable pins.

Pinterest Statistics Highlights

  • More than 442 million people use Pinterest worldwide
  • Female users make up 69% of total Pinterest visitor base
  • 77% of active Pinterest users have discovered new products or brands on Pinterest

Now that you’ve gone through a few teasers, let’s dive in a bit more and look at more of Pinterest facts and statistics in more detail.

General Pinterest Statistics

More than 442 million people use Pinterest worldwide

The official Pinterest user numbers of 442 million people come from the third quarterly report from 2020 .

Thus, Pinterest was able to grow another 37% within a year.

The number of Pinterest users has increased by 37% year-on-year

The growth from 322 million to 442 million active users: Inside represents a growth of 37% compared to the previous year. If you exclude the USA, Pinterest grew by 46% internationally. If that’s not a positive development.

69% female Pinterest users

According to Pinterest Audience Insights , 69% of all users are female, 25 & male, and 6% have given no gender information.

74% of Pinterest users are between 18 and 44 years of age

The majority of active Pinterest users are between 18-24 years old (31%). After all, 26% are older than 45 years.

Pinterest generated $ 443 million from ads in Q3 2020

As Pinterest ads were rolled out in more and more countries, ad sales increased initially and reached their peak at the end of 2019. In the second quarter of 2020, sales were at the same level as the previous quarter. The corona pandemic also bothered Pinterest. It’s that impressive how Pinterest recovered in the third quarter. Or rather, has a new record in sales of $ 443 million. Similar to Snapchat, Pinterest may also be a winner from the Facebook ad boycott. In addition, Pinterest has gradually expanded and improved its advertising platform. The increasing number of users and diverse ad options noticeably increase the interest of advertising customers.

Year-on-year sales increased by 58%.

Pinterest shopping with 144 million product uploads

Pinterest lives from the amount of available content and products. In order to expand Pinterest shopping, for example, a partnership has been entered into with Shopify and the uploads of product catalogs are at a record level.

Interactions with organic Pinterest Shopping Pins increase by 44%

The organic visibility of shoppable pins is a great strength of Pinterest. Products are recommended over the long term via search and recommendations. The interactions increased by 44% year-on-year.

2 billion searches are performed on Pinterest every month

Pinterest search is a core element of Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t call itself a social network.

77% of active Pinterest users have discovered new products or brands on Pinterest.

Discovering new content and providing inspiration are the focus of Pinterest. Furthermore, Pinterest is used for the decision-making phase when it comes to buying a product.

In total, over 240 billion pieces of content were stored on Pinterest

In December 2018 there were 175 billion pieces of content. Another 65 billion pieces of content were stored on Pinterest in two and a half years.

5 billion Pinterest boards were created

The 240 billion stored content is thus distributed over 5 billion Pinterest boards. Since 2018, an additional 1 billion Pinterest boards have been created.

Video views increased 200% on Pinterest

Video Pins are playing an increasingly important role on Pinterest, and video views have increased 200% year over year.

74% of active Pinterest users use the mobile Pinterest app

Mobile use also dominates at Pinterest and desktop use is consistently transitioning to mobile use. With the mobile website, there are 9 out of 10 Pinterest users.

Nevertheless, the desktop usage of Pinterest is relatively high at 27% compared to other networks.

Over 50% of active Pinterest users live outside the US

Pinterest’s international base is now growing faster than its U.S. base. Last year the number of international users increased by 35% to reach more than 247 million MAUs. The platform expects international user growth to continue to outpace the U.S. in the near term. In 2018, more than 80% of Pinterest’s new sign-ups were from outside the U.S.

97% of the 1,000 most popular searches are not branded

General and broader search queries dominate Pinterest, offering brands and companies a variety of options.

85% of active users discovered a brand or product on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only used to store content, but also for everything to discover new content. The product offensive is paying off, as the value has now increased from 68% (2018) to 85%.

Over 25% of Pinterest usage is related to finding and buying products

The targeted use for the purchase of products is higher on Pinterest than on any other social network.

Pinterest users are 80% more likely to go to retail

If people are active on Pinterest, this also affects their shopping behavior and significantly increases the number of visits to retailers.

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