​​Not Every Business is Using Video Marketing, but Almost

Editorial Staff, May 08, 2022
​​Not Every Business is Using Video Marketing, but Almost

If you’ve been around for the past 20 years, you’ve watched the internet evolve from a world of sluggish websites and static material to the fast-paced, social-driven, and live-streaming world it is today. The internet and technology are evolving at such a breakneck rate that it’s difficult to imagine what will develop next in just a few years.

The exponential rise of video and how it is used today is one area that has absolutely transformed everything. When YouTube initially launched, there was a lot of discussion about how such a video site could exist (legally) and have the bandwidth and economical strategy to make it function. When Google bought YouTube for a billion dollars, video on the internet became more legitimate than it had ever been.

It’s difficult to envision the internet today without the usage of video if you fast forward a few years. Everything from live streaming events, webinars, podcasts, and the billions of video impressions delivered daily through Facebook and YouTube has become routine.

If there was a winner in 2020, it would almost certainly be video. Because everyone is always online, video has become more important than ever for marketing and communication.

This notion isn’t new: companies need a video marketing plan. What has changed is the prominence of video on all platforms and channels.

Video is no longer only a component of your total marketing strategy. It plays a crucial role in your outreach and campaign activities, particularly your social media strategy. So, if you’re still on the fence about whether you should invest in video marketing or not, we’ve listed the top benefits of video marketing, along with trends that you could follow to make the best out of this activity.

6 Paramount Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

There are many reasons why businesses should consider adding video marketing to their marketing plans; however, we’ve covered some of the most prominent reasons for using video marketing.

video marketing popularity growth
Source: Wyzowl

Reason #1 – Consumers Prefer Content In This Format

If you’re not sure that video marketing is useful or worthwhile, consider the following statistic: Video content accounts for 11% of all Facebook content and receives 8 billion daily views – and that’s before we consider Facebook Live and its Story features.

According to recent case studies, YouTube is not only the second-largest search engine after Google, but it is also the second-most popular website on the planet, with an estimated daily time spent watching video material of 1 billion hours.

People enjoy watching videos, plain and easy. They’re easy to find, amusing, and frequently informative. Consider the enormous audience eager to learn more about your products and services, which is the first perk on our list of video marketing advantages.

Marketers who do not use video content marketing risk missing out on a large audience and perhaps losing money.

Reason #2 – You Can Increase Conversion Rates With Video Marketing

According to a recent study, adding videos to your product or service website can boost sales by 144 percent.

An ‘explainer video’ is a fantastic way to integrate video material on a product or service landing page. This is an opportunity for a consumer to view a short film that explains everything about your product or service, generally in an appealing or amusing manner.

It’s beneficial to have your finger on the pulse in this situation. The content of videos is always changing. A product video (a live demonstration of your product or service) and product reviews and online reviews are two current trends to explore.

Customers enjoy this material, and by putting it on product and service sites, you may increase conversions and revenues in ways you never imagined.

Reason #3 – Video Can Help Harness Your Relation With Your Customers

We already know that consumers enjoy viewing videos and that video content influences sales, but there’s more.

Content that is well-tailored may increase audience engagement and communication and give your brand a sense of dependability, trust, and honesty – all of which are key characteristics for customers wanting to connect with a company.

For example, marketers should think about using external reviews as a tool. Not only are you projecting honesty and establishing trust with viewers by partnering with a prominent influencer to evaluate your product or service, but you’re also disseminating information about your brand through popular influencers.

Reason #4 – Google Is A Fan On Video Content As Well

Aside from the fact that videos are fantastic components in many marketing efforts and a terrific tool for delivering information, another amazing benefit that marketers adore is the ranking of your search engine results page.

Videos may generate a lot of organic traffic to your site, boosting your position and garnering views if you take the time to ensure that your video content is SEO optimized, with a fantastic and relevant thumbnail, eye-catching title, and excellent quality content.

As you can see, Google favors videos (particularly those from YouTube) on page 1 for a variety of high-intent keywords.

smart watch review google results
Source: Google

You may include links to important areas of your website, such as landing pages, on Youtube, bringing in external customers, and driving organic development at the same time (which search engines love).

The trick, though, is to maintain a sense of equilibrium.

When you add too many links or CTAs, the customer may feel pressured. We’ve all seen similar videos. They soon become useless, unpleasant and can even turn viewers off from considering you in the future.

Reason #5 – Your Competition Is Most Likely Already Doing It

According to a recent study, 93 percent of marketers who use video consider it a key element of their marketing strategy, up from 92 percent in 2020. This number is only expected to rise as more professionals see the plethora of benefits videos can bring to a campaign.

Nothing is more frustrating than making a fantastic video that adheres to best practices and processes only for it to suffocate because of the many videos currently available.

That is why it is critical to move quickly and stand out from the crowd, establishing a distinct brand.

That said, it’s critical not to keep churning out substandard material video after video. A smaller amount of high-quality content with a large number of views is significantly superior to a large number of low-quality videos with few views.

Creating video content needs planning since consistent, high-quality material will increase your exposure and help you establish a reputation as a trustworthy source before viewers turn to your competitors.

Reason #6 – The Future of Video is Bright

The way we utilize technology is shifting and evolving as well. For video content, this involves using more formats than ever before to engage and receptive audiences.

It’s vital to think about how videos may be used to have the most effect, from one-to-one marketing videos to live streaming. With the future of VR, AR, and streaming services at your fingertips, now is the ideal moment to get started with video content and keep current on the latest ways to reach out to people.

One of the most effective methods to engage with modern clients in the digital environment is through video marketing. On nearly all internet platforms, videos have become the most popular and desired sort of content. Every successful business and organization in 2021 will need to use video marketing. We prefer to watch videos everywhere, from news feeds to social media to publications, since they transmit information more quickly and efficiently.

Brands may utilize video marketing to boost conversions and drive audience engagement in 2021. The six most interesting and significant video marketing trends that you should absolutely follow are discussed here.

1. Explainer Animated Videos

explainer animated video
Source: Mango Animate University

With the ever-increasing popularity of video social media giants like YouTube and TikTok, we can’t afford to overlook animated video trends.

We anticipate an increase in the popularity of animated explainer videos as one of the major video marketing trends in 2021. Animated videos are still used by many organizations across the world to artistically promote their products and services, teach customers about how to use them, onboard new workers, and a variety of other corporate and marketing reasons. We expect to see animated explainer films benefiting firms in a variety of sectors even more.

2. Live Video Streaming Will Gain More Prominence

Even though live video streaming has been popular in the past, it is expected to keep growing this year as well. We can’t overlook Twitch TV’s huge influence, which promotes live video streaming as the most entertaining method to engage with viewers. It all started with game broadcasting on Twitch. However, it has evolved into a new content genre that is gaining traction among musicians, podcasters, and even yoga instructors!

People enjoy interacting with influencers in near-real-time, and it has emerged as one of the most popular video trends for 2021. During the coronavirus lockdown, it became much more real when we were all forced to stay at home. Influencers are chasing the new video content trends of 2021, and companies may be able to benefit from them as well.

3. 360-Degree Video Experiences Are The Next Big Thing

Various video trends come and go quickly, and 360-degree videos will become more popular in the following year. Many businesses find that films are an excellent way to showcase their products and services. On the other hand, modern technology provides us with an even more immersive approach to present things. 360-degree video experiences are available.

They provide the impression that buyers may test a product before buying it. Consumers will have a unique visual experience with 360-degree videos, which will help companies gain their loyalty. When compared to other video formats, 98% of customers think 360-degree videos are more interesting.

A 360-degree video advertising created by Hong Kong Airlines is an excellent example. Without a doubt, one of the best instances of futuristic clips matched with video advertising trends for 2021 can be seen here.

4. Shoppable Videos Are Gaining A Lot of Traction

Shoppable videos are another huge video marketing concept that’s getting a lot of momentum. They enable customers to purchase items on the spot. A button in these movies directs viewers to a store where they may simply make a purchase. Shoppable videos are mostly utilized on social media and have grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces. In the year 2021, this sort of video material will be required for all businesses.

After watching your video ad, people won’t have to go out and actively hunt for the goods. They may now just click on the product in the video to be redirected to the landing page right away.

With so many latest technologies and advancements, video marketing can contribute tenfold to a company’s sales and brand awareness.

In fact, many global businesses are targeting their customers using the combination of content localization and shoppable videos, which enables them to boost their sales significantly.

5. Videos Need To Have An Element of Storytelling

People are drawn to stories that appear to be authentic and real. Long narratives in video marketing give videos a sense of “realism” and credibility. Long video commercials are getting increasingly popular and frequently utilized today.

Big businesses like Subaru, Toyota, Adidas, and others create commercials that resemble short films, telling the stories of everyday people and demonstrating how the brand can assist them in their daily lives. Since it generally focuses on consumers rather than things, this form of video advertising is less commercial and more engaging. It’s one of the video industry’s hottest trends, and it may help you establish more credibility with your audience and potential consumers..

6. It’s The Age of The Vloggers

Vlogging is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of communicating with a target audience. We’ve seen the trend of personal vlogging before. People loved to use frequent films to chronicle their lives in order to share their knowledge, communicate with others, or express themselves. Today, however, major influencers and even big businesses are starting to use vlogging to engage with their customers.

Companies build YouTube channels to showcase their daily routines, team member tales, secret recipes, behind-the-scenes scenarios, and, of course, information about their new goods or services. Goop, a beauty business, has a YouTube channel that is a great example. They follow all of the latest video marketing trends and utilize them to advertise their business.

7. Brand Leaders Combine Vlogging & Influencer Marketing

Some businesses are using vlogging and “executive” influencer marketing. It implies that brand leaders serve as influencers and post films with their followers in which they offer their insights and personal experiences while also promoting the company. This appears to be the most genuine and near to the company’s audience of all the video production trends for 2021. It demonstrates that companies and brands are run by ordinary people like us, and that everyone can connect to them.


As video is probably the most engaging and addictive type of internet content, it’s no surprise that video marketing trends shift year to year. As companies recognize the value of films such as product demos and client testimonials, they devote more time, effort, and creativity to them. Originality is essential, so consider how your firm differs from others and demonstrate it in a video.

Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Stephanie Trovato, Content Manager & Editor at OptimistDo you have digital marketing or software expertise? Pitch your blog idea using our contact page.

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