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We’ve tested and rated the best AI Website Builders. Check out our top picks and selected in-depth reviews to find the right tool for your needs.

Updated September 23, 2023

Best Overall

Wix ADI is an AI-assisted platform transforming website design through user-friendly solutions for individuals short on time or technical skills.

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Best All-In-One Solution
GetResponse AI Builder

GetResponse’s AI Builder offers an all-in-one solution for visually stunning, high-performing websites alongside its renowned marketing platform.

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Best for Creative Agencies

10Web AI is an innovative tool leveraging AI to simplify website creation & provide agencies and freelancers with a time-efficient solution.

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Best for Beginners
Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark’s AiDA is a unique AI-powered website builder for beginners, promising quick, simple, and straightforward and tailored site creation.

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Best for WordPress Users is an AI-powered code generator, simplifying and accelerating high-quality WordPress website creation for developers and beginners alike.

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Rank Software Product Best For
1 Wix ADI Best Overall
2 GetResponse AI Builder Best All-In-One Solution
3 10Web Best for Creative Agencies
4 Bookmark AiDA Best for Beginners
5 Best for WordPress Users

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, over the past few years, edged its way from the realm of science fiction into the heart of everyday operations. Its impact is particularly profound in the creative space, including website design and development. 

Once a field traditionally dependent on human expertise and labor, AI-driven website builders are now transforming the industry by allowing both beginners and professionals to create stunning, functional websites with ease and efficiency.

It’s clear however that the role of AI in website building extends beyond mere convenience. As AI web builders learn and adapt, they’re enabling a level of customization and personalization that was difficult to achieve with traditional pre-built templates. As a result, the draw of tailored designs that meet specific user needs and preferences crafted by AI, capable of delivering a more engaging, intuitive, and user-centric web experience, is gaining more traction. 

Let’s explore how AI is reshaping the future of website building, focusing on the five standout AI web builders we’ve reviewed below.

1. Wix ADI

Best Overall

wix ADI

Key Features

  • Wix ADI is more than an AI web builder; it’s like a personal assistant that utilizes AI to create a website based on responses to a set of simple queries. 
  • Allows for customizable outputs, allowing users to infuse a distinctly human touch into AI-generated designs. 
  • Can be converted into standard Wix sites post-creation.

There’s no shortage of AI-driven website builders available on the market today. However, Wix ADI consistently emerges as a prime choice for its user-friendly interface, expansive customization possibilities, and effortless third-party app integrations. Further distinguishing it from the pack is its longstanding reputation in website building and its robust support system.

Wix ADI is especially notable for its user-centric approach. This platform is more than just a website builder—it’s an AI assistant ready to simplify the often complicated process of designing websites. Its cutting-edge AI technology aims to empower users, particularly those who might not possess advanced technical skills or have a wealth of time to devote to website creation.

Wix ADI’s focus isn’t solely on function—it also places a high premium on aesthetics. The platform facilitates the creation of visually pleasing web pages, dynamic landing pages, and functional online stores. It’s a valuable tool for anyone seeking to merge convenience and efficiency in their web design journey.

However, users should note that Wix ADI isn’t an all-inclusive version of the standard Wix website builder. Some features available in the conventional Wix interface don’t extend to the ADI platform. 

Once a website is constructed via Wix ADI, users have the option to shift to Wix’s standard editing interface to access more advanced features. But this transition comes with a trade-off: the website will no longer support the ADI function. Users looking to maintain access to the AI website building features would be advised to remain within the ADI editor. As with any tool, understanding the constraints is as important as knowing the capabilities when maximizing utility.

Bottom line

This AI web builder is perfect for small business owners and freelancers. The Wix platform already offers an innovative approach to website creation that appeals to many. With ADI, Wix further simplifies the process by crafting unique designs tailored to your specific needs, making the platform even more attractive for those aiming for a professional yet individualized online presence.


  • Automated SMS notifications and email reminders to limit no-shows
  • Host public events, sell tickets online and scan them from the Wix Owner app
  • Wix ADI lets you instantly build a website based on simple questions
  • Over 500 templates with extensive editing tools and features
  • Offers modern-looking templates
  • Easily customizable
  • Uses artificial intelligence to design pages
  • Lots of great themes with customization options built-in
  • AI enhanced functionality to help with building your store
  • On-page support to help you make the most of the service
  • Lots of apps and plugins for extra functionality
  • Various secure payment options and SSL certificate


  • Built-in analytics are only available on the highest tier
  • Product subscriptions aren’t available on the lowest plan
  • It can get expensive
  • You can’t change templates easily
  • Not the best at SEO
  • Lacking some advanced automation and upselling features

wix logo new

Starting at


per month

2. GetResponse AI Builder

Best All-In-One Solution

GetResponse AI Builder

Key Features

  • AI-driven website creation for building new sites from the ground up
  • Seamless integration with the platform’s email marketing and automation tools
  • Access to live chat, web notifications, and webinar tools

If the name rings familiar, it’s because GetResponse is widely known for being a reliable and effective email marketing platform. Now, it gets a massive functionality boost with the addition of an AI-assisted website builder that enables users to construct visually impressive and high-functioning websites. GetResponse’s AI web builder offers a user-friendly design and comprehensive core features, making the platform an end-to-end solution for businesses aiming to establish their online presence and expand their audience reach.

Emphasizing a comprehensive approach, GetResponse extends its offerings beyond website creation. It provides an assortment of features, including landing pages and social media integrations, thereby enabling businesses to manage various aspects of their online presence from a single platform.

This particular AI website builder is powered by a powerful AI system that identifies a website’s requirements, the business’s industry, and brand elements to craft a solid starting point for a website. Owners can then refine this initial design to meet their specific needs. 

Bottom line

GetResponse AI Website Builder is an ideal solution for business owners relying on GetResponse for their email, live chat, automation, and social tools. Consolidating these fundamental marketing tools under a single roof simplifies management and ensures that all components work harmoniously. GetResponse’s expansion of its suite of tools is most evident in its AI website maker, demonstrating its commitment to growing and adapting to the changing needs of businesses.


  • List building and list automation options available
  • GetResponse offers good templates
  • Easy-to-use design and spam testing
  • Supports powerful lead generation features best for eCommerce sites and webinar promotions
  • Lets users monitor Google, Facebook, and Instagram from the GetResponse account
  • Customizable webinar URL
  • Gathers detailed statistics and insight
  • Easy, one-click webinar recording feature


  • Some of the landing pages don’t work great on mobile devices
  • The drag-and-drop feature could use some tweaks
  • The deliverability rate needs improvement
  • Basic plan doesn’t offer webinar features
  • Phone support is available only for the custom paid price plan

EZWSTABSBC6S 180x180 1

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Per Month

3. 10Web

Best for Creative Agencies

AI Website Builder homepage

Key Features

  • AI-driven website creation enriched with content and visuals.
  • A foundation based on WordPress, ensuring maximum customization capabilities for any website.
  • AI functionality to replicate existing websites for a rapid web development process.

10Web AI WordPress Builder is a groundbreaking AI web builder for creative teams. It is specifically crafted for agencies and freelancers aiming to construct high-quality WordPress websites without the usual stress and complexity. The platform leverages the power of AI to let users create captivating websites that meet their needs, all the while conserving valuable time.

This platform provides several subscription plans, each loaded with numerous features. These include AI writer integration for automatic content generation, a drag-and-drop editor for easy design changes, and SSL certificates to ensure your website’s security.

What makes 10Web exceptional is its reliance on WordPress—one of the most robust and customizable platforms for web development. The infusion of AI in this WordPress-based tool makes the platform’s power accessible to an even broader range of users. Users can create visually striking web pages and landing pages in real-time, bringing their vision to life with just a few clicks.

Bottom line

While the AI provides a strong foundation and covers the basics, WordPress’s integration allows for in-depth customization as a business website expands and diversifies its functions. This platform is especially beneficial for agencies, thanks to its page recreation functionality. It can take a URL and replicate its design, streamlining the web development process for time-constrained professionals.

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4. Bookmark AiDA

Best for Beginners

Aida Homepage

Key Features

  • AI design assistant that crafts goal-oriented websites
  • Drag-and-drop website builder for hands-on design control, capable of constructing 

responsive eCommerce stores and blogs

  • Agency tools for creating and managing client websites

Bookmark touts itself as the most straightforward, simplest, and speediest AI website builder available, thanks to AiDA—its bespoke Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant. 

Bookmark guarantees a complete site in under two minutes and it kicks off the process by posing questions to understand the kind of site you want to build. 

While the editing experience might seem overwhelming due to the plethora of options. Thankfully, Bookmark offers tutorials throughout the editor to familiarize users with its functionalities. Modules like text, images, videos, and more can be dragged and dropped directly onto the page, further simplifying the design process. Advanced features, such as event registration forms and third-party tools like PayPal buttons, are also available. You can even add an eCommerce store to your site. For the free plan, SEO settings can be edited at the site level, while the Pro plan offers individual page-level SEO settings.

Unfortunately, the lack of an autosave feature means you are consistently prompted to save changes before moving onto new pages or sections—an aspect that could be improved for a smoother user experience.

Bookmark however is a powerful AI-driven website builder aimed at making sure users build professional websites with minimal effort. In addition to being a rapid-launch AI website creator, Bookmark offers AI Optimization for on-page content. It analyzes a webpage against key metrics and offers suggestions for improving page results. Moreover, it provides AI translations of your entire website, publishing them in up to three target languages to ensure multilingual accessibility.

Bottom line

Bookmark is an excellent platform for beginners, especially small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seeking dependable solutions for their website needs. It is a comprehensive solution, accommodating various website types, and includes tools for bookings, SEO, and contact forms.


Best for WordPress Users

 CodeWP homepage

Key Features

  • AI-powered code generation, specifically tailored for PHP and WordPress
  • AI solutions for swift problem-solving, trained on the WordPress code base
  • Advanced snippet generation for Regex, ACF, select page builders, and WooCommerce positions itself as an AI-powered code generator, exclusively designed and trained for WordPress users. It is proficient in generating accurate code snippets for PHP, JS, WooCommerce, and several popular plugins.

It has been making significant waves among developers and beginners alike. Its draw? It simplifies and accelerates the creation of high-quality websites for the WordPress user base. There’s little need for deep coding expertise – a feature that’s especially beneficial for novices, non-developers, and those under tight time or budget constraints for their website projects.

An important characteristic of is its collection of pre-formed and checked code snippets, primed for immediate use. The AI system generates these snippets, addressing common PHP scenarios for WooCommerce and standard WordPress setups, and includes targeted solutions for the Breakdance and Oxygen builders.

The AI-generated code aids in building responsive and customizable websites that perform exceptionally well, even in search engine rankings. This technology not only speeds up the development process by automating coding tasks, allowing users to concentrate on content, design, and user experience, but it also improves website performance through optimization. This results in faster load times and smoother navigation.

Moreover, CodeWP proves to be a cost-effective solution by significantly reducing the time and financial investment that traditionally comes with website development. It offers an affordable and efficient means to create a professional online presence.

Bottom line

CodeWP is a game-changer for WordPress development. It makes the process more accessible, efficient, and optimal for users, regardless of their skill level.

What to Look For in the Best AI Website Builders

With the technological market burgeoning with numerous options, it’s essential to know what to look for to ensure you’re selecting a tool that will meet your specific needs and goals. Consider the following:

#1. Ease of Use

An essential consideration for AI website builders is its user-friendliness. The best tools provide interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand, even for users with limited technical skills. This ease of use is particularly advantageous for beginners, who might find traditional website building a complex and time-consuming task.

#2. Customization Capabilities

Top-tier AI website builders offer a degree of customization that gives users the flexibility to modify the layout, design, and functionality of the website to suit their unique needs. The ideal builder enables you to tweak and transform your site, making it a true reflection of your brand identity.

#3. Integration Features

An AI website builder’s integration capabilities significantly impact its overall usefulness. The ability to seamlessly integrate with popular third-party apps and tools is a must-have feature. By providing integrations, these builders ensure that users can extend the functionality of their website and keep all their essential tools in one place.

#4. AI-Powered Features

The strength of artificial intelligence in a website builder is crucial. The best AI website builders are not only able to create visually appealing and functional websites with ease but also adapt and learn from user input. This learning capability ensures that the platform can evolve and improve over time, ultimately offering better suggestions and output to the user.

#5. Support and Assistance

Lastly, support and assistance can be a make-or-break factor. Even with the most user-friendly interfaces, users might still encounter challenges or need guidance. An excellent AI website builder will have robust support systems in place, offering comprehensive tutorials, live chat support, or even AI-driven assistance to navigate any obstacles.

AI Website Builder FAQs

Are AI Website Builders Expensive?

The cost of AI website builders can vary widely, depending on the platform and the specific features and services they offer. Some platforms provide free versions with basic features, while others may require a monthly or annual subscription. Generally, they are cost-effective solutions for creating a professional online presence.

Can I Customize the Website Created by an AI Website Builder?

Yes, most AI website builders offer extensive customization options. After the initial website design is created using AI, users are generally free to modify, add, or remove elements to further tailor the website to their specific needs.

Who Can Use AI Website Builders?

Anyone can use AI website builders. These platforms are particularly beneficial for beginners, small business owners, freelancers, and non-technical users who want to create a professional-looking website without requiring extensive knowledge of coding or web design.

How Reliable Are AI Website Builders?

AI website builders are typically very reliable, as they’re built on complex algorithms and large databases of design elements. They’re programmed to create websites that not only look good but also function effectively. However, as with any tool, the final result often depends on how it’s used.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Website with an AI Website Builder?

The speed of website creation using AI website builders can vary, but in many cases, a basic website can be set up in just a few minutes. Of course, additional customizations and content additions will add to this time, but the process is generally faster than traditional web design.

Best AI Web Builders – Conclusion

The advancements of AI in website development and design are proving to be a transformative development that we’re only beginning to tap into. 

These AI platforms are revolutionizing the way we design, create, and optimize our online spaces. And the future of website creation, aided by AI tools such as Wix ADI, 10Web, GetResponse AI Builder, Bookmark AiDA, and, points towards an accessible, efficient, and user-friendly option that individuals and creatives can use to complement and streamline their current processes. 

Our Picks: The Best AI Website Builders

Best Overall


Wix ADI is an AI-assisted platform transforming website design through user-friendly solutions for individuals short on time or technical skills.

Best All-In-One Solution

GetResponse AI Builder

GetResponse’s AI Builder offers an all-in-one solution for visually stunning, high-performing websites alongside its renowned marketing platform.

Best for Creative Agencies


10Web AI is an innovative tool leveraging AI to simplify website creation & provide agencies and freelancers with a time-efficient solution.

Best for Beginners

Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark’s AiDA is a unique AI-powered website builder for beginners, promising quick, simple, and straightforward and tailored site creation.

Best for WordPress Users is an AI-powered code generator, simplifying and accelerating high-quality WordPress website creation for developers and beginners alike.

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