The Best Online Quiz Maker Software of 2024

Axel Grubba, March 04, 2024
The Best Online Quiz Maker Software of 2024

Grabbing and maintaining the attention of your customer hasn’t been this hard before. Do you know that the average attention span of a human being is way shorter than a goldfish’s now, just eight seconds? This is quite alarming and a matter of concern for marketers, website owners, and both small and big ecommerce businesses.

So, How to Overcome That?

Engaging your audience has become quite a challenging task; however, thankfully, a few marketing strategies and tools help generate excellent customer engagement. One of them is adopting an online quiz maker.

Online quizzes are a great way to keep your customers busy with your brand as they are known to drastically increase user engagement, making users spend longer on the page, and more likely to click through to other content, especially when one suggests content related to their answer/result.

Other than that, quizzes are also quite helpful when it comes to better understanding your customers and potentially driving email sign-ups. To put it simply, online quizzes are both fun and get things done.

Thankfully, creating an online quiz has never been so easy before. With the help of some of the best online quiz makers, this task is relatively hassle-free.

If you want to create an interesting and fun online quiz for your platform, dig in for the list of the best quiz software tools. Additionally, explore a bonus buying guide as well to learn what to look for when making the purchasing decision.

Let’s get started!

Best Online Quiz Maker Software Tools

Regardless of how technologically advanced you are, the good news is that there is an online quiz maker for everyone. Some tools are pretty professional, while there are a few casual ones as well.

Besides, some software creates a certain type or category of quizzes, while most software help design all different forms of questions, including personality and assessment quizzes. It all comes down to the kind of tool you can use with ease and efficiency. Below we have reviewed our top nine best online quiz makers.

1. Interact

Interact logo
Starting at $39.00/month
Interact is a quiz maker software that helps make sites more engaging to users. The platform is design... Learn more about Interact

Best Overall and Best Free Plan

Interact is one of the easiest and most accessible tools to design your own fun lead generation quiz. You can make a choice from some ready-to-use quizzes, use a customizable quiz template or create your own quiz from scratch.

Once you have selected the quiz you want, Interact allows you to choose a color for your quiz and design a layout that can match your brand. This step is followed by launching your quiz on your social media pages and website and then connecting the email list with the quiz results to collect leads.

Interact is a powerful online quiz maker created to increase conversion rates for businesses. It allows you to create different personalities or score quizzes to elevate customer engagement. What’s more, Interact gives its users a variety of templates and customizable options to create a quiz that can help them generate leads and get access to potential consumers through their email addresses.

Key Features

From live examples to integrations and various quiz templates, Interact offers a great deal of exciting features. For instance, it presents 800 plus conversion-focused and customizable templates for you. In addition, you can choose from categories such as art and animals or explore specific templates for blogging and branding.

Besides, the tool offers great opportunities for lead generation. Conversion-focused templates are designed to increase the number of leads for your brand and share your quiz with convenience, generating a lead magnet as a result.

You can also create a customizable quiz that reflects the concept of your brand. For instance, Interact helps you design your quiz that matches the design of your website and offers a seamless experience for both new and existing customers. Moreover, the drop and drag and branching logic features help you create a variety of quizzes with ease and ensures that the relevant people are successfully being targeted with your content.


This software integrates your designed quiz with various marketing email tools and offers great flexibility when it comes to providing excellent features. Moreover, it also allows your quiz to connect with the rest of your marketing strategy. Interact offers partnerships with many apps, such as ActiveCampaign, Act-On, and AWeber.

Interact Pricing

This software has an excellent free plan to offer. It includes the facility of creating unlimited quizzes and customization. However, this plan doesn’t offer features such as lead generation, custom branding, and integrations.

The other plans on offer are Lite, Growth, and Pro. Their pricing is $17/month, $53/month, and $125/month, respectively, and each plan comes with a risk-free 14-day free trial for your business to see whether this tool is suitable for you or not. In addition, all these plans come with unique features, including email leads, integrations, and constant customer support.

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2. Outgrow

Outgrow logo
Starting at $22.00/month
Outgrow is specifically designed for professional marketers and lets users leverage advanced features ... Learn more about Outgrow

Best for Advanced Features

Outgrow offers a set of the most advanced features that will ensure the best results for your online quizzes.

Explicitly designed for professional marketers, Outgrow can use the power of strong content to boost your marketing efforts. It helps increase conversion, engagement, and overall reach. Other than quizzes, the platform also includes tools to create chatbots, assessments, calculators, giveaways and even surveys that can help you boost customer engagement for your brand.

You don’t require any coding or design help when using this platform to generate different styles of quizzes. You can select an optimized template for your particular industry and then match it with your brand and can also create conditional messaging.

Key Features

Outgrow is a drag and drop online quiz maker that can help you design interactive quizzes within a short time. The optimized layouts and templates make it quite convenient for you to create a quiz that matches your branding.

What’s more, the platform allows an easy embedding of your created quiz on your website and helps you track your quiz’s performance through built-in analytics. Finally, branching logic and conditional messaging offer easy access to quiz takers and help create more impact for the brand.


Outgrow also offers powerful integrations. The software focuses on extending its reporting functionalities and linking quizzes you create with your wider marketing stack to fully monitor behavior of your leads. It offers integrations with your favorite email marketing platforms such as GetResponse, automation apps like Zapier or analytics tools like Google Sheets, and many more.

Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow offers many ‘popular’ and custom plans. For instance, there are Freelancer, Essential, and Business plans worth $25/month, $95/month, and $600/month respectively. Custom plans are usually for start-ups and growing small businesses, and their pricing very much depends on the chosen features.


Best for Ease of Use

Is this your first time using an online quiz maker, and do you want to try something less technical? In that case, can be your most suitable option.

While is an easy software, it is also quite effective and powerful at the same time. The software is perfect for creating online quizzes, payment forms, landing pages, and different types of calculators. What’s more, it is also quite helpful in designing lead generation and product finder quizzes.

One of the best things about this tool is that there are many templates available on the platform, but you can also customize the quizzes according to your color and layout preferences. These plus points help the software convert the general public into engagement customers.

Key Features contains all the essential features required to create stunning and fun quizzes. For instance, some popular features include quick embed quizzes on your website, a drag and drop interface, customizations, various layout options, and automatic saving.

In addition, also allows you to score a quiz’s answer and include a feature that helps your customer upload images as answers to any question. Unfortunately, unlike Interact, this online quiz maker doesn’t offer logic branching. However, a feature like a logic jump can help you skip answers as you prefer.


One of the best things about is that you can integrate it with your favorite tools. For example, some native integrations with software such as ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and Drip help integrate your quizzes with the current marketing strategies. Pricing has so many plans to offer. You can avail of the free one that comes with some basic features and 100 submissions every month.

However, if you want to pay for some advanced features, the Starters, Professional, and Business plans are pretty fruitful and worth $19/month, $49/month, and $149/month. All the plans feature unlimited questions, projects, forms, and even pages that can help you build an excellent quiz.

4. Typeform

Best for Forms

Typeform is an online quiz maker that makes fun, easy-to-use, and customizable quizzes. You can use this platform to design quizzes that can engage your audience and help promote your business.

It is safe to say that Typeform has become one of the biggest online quiz makers in a very short period. That’s because the platform helps you make intuitive quizzes and deliver them in a responsive and interactive interface.

What’s more, Typeform has various editing tools that are versatile and customizable. You can also benefit from the available templates and use them for your requirements.

Key Features

While Typeform is quite impressive for creating quizzes, you can also design various forms. For instance, from report forms and order forms to feedback forms and satisfaction surveys, Typeform offers all the different templates to create any of these. Besides, it also comes with quiz templates and poll templates that you can make your own.

Some other features include a no-code chatbot and Videoask to provide interactive video questions. In addition, the platform produces quizzes that deliver one question at a time. While it is a neat feature, many people may feel frustrated with this time-consuming facility.

Typeform also allows logic jumps, branching forks for possible subgrouping and offers a unique calculator function designed to present various questions to people according to their results.


Through apps such as Zapier, it is easy to integrate Typeform into CRM services. Moreover, it also offers integrations with other apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, and Airtable.

Typeform Pricing

Typeform offers various plans. For instance, the Basic plan is worth $25/month, the Plus costs almost $50/month, and the Business plan is nearly $83/month. Additionally, each program has its features, such as the number of forms and questions offered.

5. Thrive Quiz Builder

Best for WordPress

What’s next? The Thrive Quiz Builder is solely designed for sites and helps people convert different engaging quizzes into a method to generate growth for your business.

Thrive Quiz Builder helps create excellent quizzes within seconds. This platform believes in designing quizzes that convince customers to click through them, answer every query, and eventually share their results with family and friends. Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create complicated quizzes using branching logic rather than extreme coding.

Key Features

Apart from being intuitive, Thrive Quiz Builder is also an affordable online quiz maker. Moreover, it contains all types of advanced features, including A/B testing, reporting, progress bars, opt-in pages, and branching logic.

What’s more, each quiz has a beautiful layout and comes with many customization options with decent animation. For example, you can opt for different types of answers, such as percentage, score, and category.


Thrive Quiz Builder easily integrates with different apps, allowing you to merge your current marketing strategy with your newly-created quizzes.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing

There are two brilliant plans that this quiz software offers. First, the Thrive Suite allows you to have complete control over the integrated plugins and costs around $299/year.

On the other hand, the Thrive Quiz Builder plan is perfect for websites that want to include an online tool feature in their toolkit. This plan is worth $97/year.

6. LeadQuizzes

Another excellent quiz maker, LeadQuizzes, is a perfect tool for small businesses and marketers. It not only helps you design an interactive quiz but also scales your brand and helps promote its services and products.

As mentioned on the quiz maker’s website, the platform helps attract leads through its content and allows small ventures to understand the habits and tastes of their audience. Currently, this fantastic software has 10,135 users and has generated 9.5M leads.

Key Features

LeadQuizzes has some very prominent features. For instance, this drag and drop builder helps you create a quiz without hiring a professional. Additionally, the feature of content promotion allows your quiz to be embedded on your website and be shareable through social media pages and email.

What’s more, the quiz maker also has real-time analytics that helps you understand your quiz respondents in a better way and simultaneously guides you to make intelligent marketing decisions. Finally, the platform offers the facility of a hosted URL that you can feature on your server, saving you from spending extra on the development of your landing pages.

You can find a variety of templates on this online quiz maker’s website. From assessment quizzes to diagnostic quizzes, the categories for creating a specific quiz-style are unlimited.


LeadQuizzes integrates with some common apps that you use on a daily basis. This integration allows you to align our quizzes with your ongoing marketing plans.

LeadQuizzes Pricing

LeadQuizzes offers a plan for all kinds of businesses. The Advanced plan is worth $186/month and works best for ventures that experience high traffic and contain more than one website.

Then there are Growth and Lite plans that are perfect for big and small businesses, respectively. The costs of these plans are $74/month and $37/month.

7. Riddle

Riddle is an excellent online quiz maker that can help you create interactive quizzes within a few minutes. With 15 poll formats, personality tests, and quizzes, the platform enables you to collect responses and then chase leads through frequent follow-ups.

Further, the quiz maker offers excellent integration with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and MailChimp tools.

Key Features

One of the best things about Riddle is that it contains many different tools. For instance, it has Reaction Polls, Ranked Polls, and Opinion Polls. Moreover, the exciting Journey quiz traces the journey of the user and allows you to work with logic jumps.

Riddle permits you to publish your Riddle quiz on every site. So, for instance, you can conveniently publish it on Shopify or WordPress. The online quiz software is relatively easy to use; however, the pre-built templates may not attract a lot of attention from some people.


As stated above, Riddle integrates with all common applications, making it easy for you to access your quizzes from any other platform.

Riddle Pricing

Riddle offers three plans. The Basic plan is worth $29/month and features Riddle branding. The Pro and Team plans are $49/month and $249/month, respectively, and offer many advanced features.

8. WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is a top-quality WordPress plugin that helps add modern and responsive quizzes to your website or social media pages. In addition, it offers you content that can engage your customers and persuade them to share the results with their family and friends.

This quiz maker preferably focuses on creating mobile quizzes. Moreover, it also ensures that every quiz created has a BuzzFeed-esque element.

Key Features

There are different types of quizzes that you can create through this platform. From trivia quizzes to personality quizzes and swiper quizzes, there is a bundle of options that you can experiment with.

What’s more, the online quiz maker allows you to integrate an ad between questions, which is quite a unique feature. You can also get advanced statistics on various quizzes taken on your website for good analysis. Moreover, the variety of themes available allows you to customize your quiz templates according to your preferences.


WP Quiz Pro offers a variety of integrations. From AWeber to MailChimp, this quiz maker helps you effectively connect with your audience.

WP Quiz Pro Pricing

This online quiz maker is available in both free and paid versions. The paid plans are worth $67 for one site and $77 for three sites. Since the interface is quite user-friendly, you can easily choose a plan that best suits your needs.

9. Qzzr

Do you want to drive sales and revenue? In that case, Qzzr is a perfect online quiz maker for you.

This platform helps you design customized quizzes that easily capture the interest of your audience. Further, you can add images and gifts to your quiz’s layout, allowing it to be similar to your website’s features. One of the best qualities of Qzzr is that it supports many different languages, so you can design a quiz in a language that your clients understand.

Key Features

Qzzr comes with many unique features, such as attractive templates with varying layouts. Further, it also helps you review your content and obtain analysis on the response of your customers.

It can also assist you in exporting your leads and making informed recommendations on products. Additionally, you can also leverage data for your personalization requirements.


The quiz maker integrates with many platforms to align your marketing policies with the content of your quizzes.

Qzzr Pricing

You have the option to start using this platform by taking a free trial. Then, if you like it, you can opt for any of the three plans.

The basic plan costs $24.99/month and is perfect to drive engagement. Then there are two other plans, Pro and Enterprise.

The Enterprise plan has a base price of $10,000 and offers services to unlimited users. On the other hand, the Pro plan is available for a single user only and has a customized pricing policy for every buyer.

Online Quiz Maker Software Buyers Guide

If you are looking for the best quiz maker software, the above options may feel a little overwhelming since each of these looks great. That is why we have created this buying guide to help you analyze these quiz makers in a better way.

What is Online Quiz Maker Software?

This software works as a test maker available online. Quiz maker software provides a wide range of quiz types that you can choose, customize and create according to your preferences.

Further, the best quiz makers have intuitive interfaces, which make them relatively easy to use by anyone. Suppose you aren’t a tech-savvy individual but want to create quizzes for your website and drive engagement. In that case, online software can help you perform these tasks without the assistance of any professional.

Most online quiz maker software have different templates that you can choose from. Moreover, they also offer various integrations which help integrate your marketing strategy with the content of your quizzes.

What to Look for in Online Quiz Maker Software?

Since there are several quiz makers available online, you should choose the one that proves suitable for your requirements. Here are some crucial factors that you should consider:

Learning Curve

When selecting software, it is crucial to understand its learning curve. For example, is the online maker easy to comprehend, or does it take long for a layperson to run through and understand its features?

Fortunately, the best software offers an intuitive interface and comes with easy-to-use features. However, you may also come across software that takes time to learn, and it is better to take professional help than use them instead.

User Interface

Some quiz makers are pretty easy to explore, taking the above point forward. Regardless of your experience with similar software, you can efficiently run through different features and easily customize templates according to your website’s layout.

Working with such software is quite convenient for anyone. Plus, many software have a mobile-friendly interface, making them relatively easy to access through their smartphones.

Quiz Design Customization

One of the best features of a top-quality quiz maker is offering various customization options for your quiz design. For instance, from layout to color and formats, a well-created online quiz maker should have the features to integrate all your design preferences within your quiz. Moreover, your chosen quiz maker should allow you to match your website’s layout with your quiz’s design, so there is a certain kind of consistency in all the features.


Quiz makers that allow a smooth integration between your content and other applications are worth trying. For instance, many software integrates your quizzes with applications such as Google Sheets, AWeber, and MailChimp, so you can access your email lists and connect closely with your audience.


Most software and online quiz makers are available for different types of users. For instance, they offer plans that work well for individuals and small and big businesses. Choose an online quiz maker that doesn’t prove costly for you and provides you with all the essential features.

How to Design A Successful Online Quiz?

Designing a successful online quiz isn’t that complicated, especially if you have access to the right tool. However, to help you in this regard, here are a few tips that can help you design an online quiz with ease.

  • Choose topics that will generate traffic: If you want more and more people to take your quiz, do market research and select topics that people will prefer answering questions for.
  • Make sure your quiz is relevant: Suppose you run a website on car insurance. In that case, a quiz on Avengers won’t be appropriate, and the audience may not find it helpful. To avoid that, ensure that your quiz’s content matches the rest of the website.
  • Use images and texts: Instead of creating a quiz with text only, mix pictures and Gifs to make it more appealing.
  • Simple content: People often take quizzes to kill boredom. So, they won’t be attracted to complicated questions. Make sure that your quiz is fun and straightforward.
  • Only write clear questions: There is no point in portraying yourself as an intellectual person through your quiz. Create straightforward questions so everyone can quickly answer.
  • Free of foul language: To maintain the quality of your quizzes and each question, make sure that the language used is proper, and that there are no unnecessary queries that might discourage the user from taking your quiz any further.
  • Test your quizzes regularly: The only way to see whether a quiz has generated successful results or not is by conducting regular analysis and testing each question with its answer. Sometimes, some questions don’t make sense and discourage people from taking that quiz.

Online Quiz Maker Software FAQ

Here are some common questions on online quiz maker software tools.

Q: What Is The Best Online Quiz Maker?

The best online quiz maker is the one that offers various templates and features that can help you create attractive and fun-filled quizzes for your audience. In addition, the best quiz maker has a user-friendly interface and helps you integrate your content with other practical applications.

Q: What Is The Best Free Online Quiz Maker?

Interact and Typeform are some of the best free online quiz makers, although their free plans are somewhat limited in comparison to even basic paid plans . There are a few others too that offer both free and affordable plans, however their functionalities are even weaker in the free version.

Choosing the Best Online Quiz Maker

With this, we have finally come to the end of the buying guide and recommendations on the best online quiz maker. We have reviewed nine different software, and each one of them serves a diverse audience. However, all of them are designed to help you increase engagement through quizzes and build your business and brand’s presence with ease.

While we support all our options above, Interact is one software that excels in many ways. First, it helps increase conversion rates for both big and small businesses. Further, it comes with a wide range of conveniently customizable templates.

Interact also offers very affordable pricing plans, and there is a free program option as well. Moreover, it offers a great customer support service, which is essential for anyone creating a quiz for the first time. So, if you want to use an online quiz maker for the first time, we recommend you start your experience with Interact.

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