Best Minecraft Hosting Providers

What is Minecraft Hosting Providers?

Minecraft Hosting Providers specialize in offering servers for both casual and professional Minecraft players. These providers typically provide a variety of services, which include server management, mod installation, and data backups. They also ensure a seamless gaming experience for players via their reliable servers with high-speed connectivity and minimize lag.
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Apex Hosting logo
Starting at $2.99/month
Apex Hosting is one of the trusted Minecraft server hosting platforms available today. It has 200,000 ... Learn more about Apex Hosting
Bisect Hosting logo
Starting at $7.99/month
Bisect Hosting is a reliable and affordable web hosting provider that offers a variety of hosting opti... Learn more about Bisect Hosting
GameTeam logo
Starting at $8.00/month
GameTeam offers 12 server locations to choose from to minimize lags during gameplay. While they’re a r... Learn more about GameTeam
GGServer logo
Starting at $3.00/month
GGServer is a powerful and reliable game server hosting platform that offers a wide range of features ... Learn more about GGServer
HostHavoc logo
Starting at $1.00/month
HostHavoc comes highly recommended in the Minecraft community, with over 730 users rating the company ... Learn more about HostHavoc
Hostinger Minecraft logo
Starting at $1.99/month
Hostinger Minecraft is a high-performance game hosting service that allows players to experience Minec... Learn more about Hostinger Minecraft
ScalaCube logo
ScalaCube is a Minecraft server hosting platform that also offers hosting for Rust, Ark, and several o... Learn more about ScalaCube logo
Free plan available is a Swedish game hosting company that offers easy-to-use, low-risk game hosting. Its data ... Learn more about
Shockbyte logo
Starting at $2.50/month
Recognized as one of the most trustworthy and affordable Minecraft server hosting providers. It offers... Learn more about Shockbyte
Iceline Hosting logo
Start your Minecraft Server today from £3.10* and get online within 2 minutes! Learn more about Iceline Hosting
XeroHosts logo
Starting at $1.80/month
XeroHosts is a leading Minecraft server provider that prides itself on offering premium hardware and t... Learn more about XeroHosts
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