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Updated March 24, 2023

Best Overall Jasper Logo

Jasper is a comprehensive content tool with easy-to-use outline generation features.

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Best for Blogging Outlines

Users with a strong focus on SEO can definitely benefit from Surfer’s features.

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Best for Advanced SEO

SemRush’s all-in-one set of digital marketing tools is perfect for advanced SEO efforts and analytics.

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Best for Optimization

The go-to platform for search-optimized outlines designed for content optimization.

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Best for Ease of Use

A simple-to-use solution with high functionality and great features.

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Rank Software Product Best For
1 Jasper Best Overall
2 Surfer Best for Blogging Outlines
3 SemRush Best for Advanced SEO
4 Clearscope Best for Optimization
5 Best for Ease of Use

There are a lot of moving elements involved in crafting a good post. 

Usually, it starts with a blog post outline that is meant to help writers and content marketers craft great content. It allows them to ensure that all relevant keywords, internal links, graphics, and accompanying data necessary to make a post-effective are all in it.  Basically, an outline gives writers a comprehensive overview of all the key elements required to create a good post.

Automating this stage of the writing process using an outline generator improves workflows and can save you a lot of time. An outline generator has proven to be an essential tool that can help you flesh out entire blogs or articles while making sure no details fall through the cracks. 

Here are the best outline generators available that can help you transform your content:

What Are the Best Outline Generators?

Advancements in this space have been game-changing for the content creation industry and it has led to the introduction of so many content creation platforms, including outline generation tools. The software below has been handpicked by our team based on various use cases.

1. Jasper

Best Overall
Jasper Homepage

Jasper is a versatile content outline tool. With Jasper, you can create outlines from scratch while adding relevant keywords and adjusting the tone of your writing to perfectly suit your needs. Among Jasper’s key features is Boss Mode, which has Grammarly built into it as well to ensure seamless accuracy while writing and proactively improves your copy.

Jasper’s focus on quality output and accuracy is evident in its extensive range of features. The platform is available in 25 languages that come with DeepL and a very useful and handy Surfer SEO integration. Altogether, it helps users focus on output quality while still getting the job done–whether it’s a long-form blog post or short-form ad copy.

Key Features

  • Power Mode and SEO Mode: Use templates alongside documents and optimize content with Surfer without leaving Jasper.
  • The Long-form Assistant: Create content intros and compelling headlines in minutes.
  • Documents: Write directly on Jasper with no need to copy and paste from other documents.
  • Jasper Commands: Tell Jasper what you want it to write.

Jasper Pricing

  • Beginner: $29 for 20,000 words per month
  • Boss mode: $99 for 100,000 words per month


  • It is inexpensive given all the included features.
  • It can write content in different languages.
  • It can handle short- and long-form content.
  • Plagiarism-free content with built-in Copyscape integration
  • Integration with content optimization tools like SurferSEO to boost rankings
  • AI recipes and templates are included to make access easier for beginners
  • 26 languages and built-in grammar checking with Grammarly
  • It can generate taglines in 25+ languages. 
  • You can easily use it with other AI writing (from Jasper) features. 
  • You can add it to Chrome.
  • You can use it with SurferSEO
  • It creates plagiarism-free taglines
  • Reduced risk of plagiarism with Copyscape integration
  • Integration with SurferSEO to boost your position in the SERPs
  • Sentence expander, content improver, and explain it to a child features for different styles of content.


  • It may produce factual errors.
  • It needs someone to check its work, especially when producing longer articles.
  • Coherence and flow could be better in some cases.
  • Jasper regularly repeats words and phrases, which could lead to increased editing time.
  • It requires a keen eye for detail (because it can generate errors)
    • Flow and coherence can suffer when creating longer sentences.
  • The tool sometimes repeats certain words and phrases.

jasper logo
Jasper AI

Starting at


per month

2. Surfer

Best for Blogging Outlines

Surfer SEO homepage

Surfer SEO is a great content outline generator tool for anyone who wants to put a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization in their content. One of its best features is that it gives users a content score in real time as you create and work on your outline, ensuring that you are covering all the critical elements needed for your post.

With Surfer, all you need to do is provide the general idea, keywords, location, and some other relevant information regarding what you want to write about and it can readily generate a full outline.

Surfer also helps you collect data about your competitors. Information such as the links they use, their targeted keywords, and their content, to help you create better content. Surfer takes 500 ranking factors into account during the content creation process. and has a built-in content editor, making it ideal for marketers, writers, bloggers, and developers.

Key Features

  • Content Planner: Finds relevant content clusters, including ones that support pillar pages.
  • Keyword Research: Finding search terms that need to be targeted.
  • SERP Analyzer: Looks at what content currently ranks for certain keywords and compares and contrasts this data to see why Google ranks them in the SERPs.
  • Audit: Lets users understand how published digital content can be improved to perform and rank better.

Surfer Pricing

  • Starts at $49 per month
  • Get as high as $200 per month, depending on what you want from the tool.


  • Provides suggestions on how to improve your post in real-time
  • Gives you a content outline making it easier to start a post
  • Shows you all the keywords that competing articles use to rank in Google’s search results
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Pricing is affordable compared to other content optimization software
  • Available 7-day trial for just $1
  • You’re notified if content suffers from keyword stuffing
  • Provides assistance with content structure
  • On the higher plans, you can register multiple team members


  • Some of the suggestions are hit-or-miss when it comes to readability
  • Hitting the recommended Surfer SEO content score can be difficult
  • Keyword research tool isn’t the most accurate
  • Limited number of search queries each month, depending on your chosen plan

36MXHXVFOETT 180x180 1
Surfer SEO

Starting at


Per Month

3. SemRush

Best for Advanced SEO Features
SemRush homepage

SemRush is an amazing digital marketing platform made up of more than 50 different SEO tools. All of these tools can be used to measure, create, and manage all of your content marketing, SEO, PPC, keyword research, and social media campaigns.

Given everything it can do, SemRush is great for advanced SEO. From finding targeted keywords and optimizing content to scheduling social media posts and gathering insights, SemRush delivers great insight and analytics. SemRush’s metrics, site audit, link-building tools, and on-page SEO Checker all work together to deliver a reliable content outline generator.

Key Features

  • Competitor PR Monitoring: Track competitor’s mentions and social media presence
  • Content Marketing Analytics: Assesses performance
  • Local SEO: Optimize for all local searches
  • Competitive Positioning Map: To show who all your competitors are

SemRush Pricing

  • Pro: $119.95 monthly
  • Guru: $229.95 monthly
  • Business: $449.95 monthly


  • Intensive keyword analysis
  • Reasonably priced platform
  • Offers demographic insight
  • Identifies spammy backlinks
  • It’s an all-in-one solution for keyword research and content optimization software.
  • Comes bundled with an add-on for Google Docs and WordPress.
  • Highlights keyword stuffing.
  • Gives users access to readability, SEO, and plagiarism grading.
  • It’s packed with all the features one will need to launch an SEO and SEM campaign
  • Its keyword research tool is regarded as one of the best
  • Provides recommendations on how to fix on-page errors


  • Reports of inaccurate data on ad spend
  • Requires a steep learning curve
  • Only one user login
  • Only available via SEMrush plans
  • Asks you to pay $45/month per additional user
  • Does not have a friendly user interface
  • It is quite expensive compared to other tools in the market

GUA8RMDFWSO1 180x180 1

Starting at


per month

4. Clearscope

Best for Content Optimization

clearscope homepage

Despite being primarily an SEO tool, Clearscope recently upped its game with the addition of the Outline tab. It gathers content data from the top rivals for your topic and provides their greatest headers in an outline format.

This is a great tool to consider if your primary goal is to create search-optimized outlines for an article or a blog post.

It has multiple benefits, like high-signal recommendations for content generated by AI using Google real-time data. Finding the best keyword to target with insights into the monthly search volume and search intent and a simple scale for rating content that can be used to gauge its quality.

Key Features

  • Optimize: It tells you which keywords you need to use and where.
  • Keyword Search: Provides users with a whole range of suggestions.
  • Relevant Terms: Delivers relevant information and terms from the top 30 results and how many times they have been used.

Clearscope Pricing

  • Essential: $170 for 20 content reports per month
  • Professional: $350 for 50+ content reports each month
  • Enterprise: has custom pricing


Best for Ease of Use

Storylab homepage

While doesn’t require a high learning curve to operate, it also lacks the other functionality that other outline generators provide.

Nevertheless, this makes it an excellent tool for coming up with outline ideas. is a good resource to use if you’re stuck and want to come up with some outline ideas to spark your imagination.

Anybody who needs material written should use StoryLab as a wonderful resource for blog outlines and articles. Whether you work in SEO or marketing or just want some inspiration for your blog page, you have a lot to gain from this blog post outline generator.

Key Features

  • Google AD headlines: Lets users create ad titles for Google.
  • Blog Intro: Helps with a blog post outline and intro.
  • Google Ad Description: Crafts great ad descriptions for your target audience. Pricing

  • Free: 15 AI Runs/month
  • Starter: $7/month 100 AI Runs/month
  • Pro: $20/month 300 AI Runs/month
  • Unlimited: $27/month unlimited AI Runs/month

6. Writecream

Best for Multiple Language Needs
Writecream homepage

Writecream isn’t your standard outline maker. In addition to producing blog outlines, it’s also able to produce blog conclusions and strong bullet points, making your writing process easier.

Its use of AI to generate text in more than 75 languages is one of its most notable features; this is plenty for an outline generator. Writecream also boosts your product input while minimizing the time and effort required to investigate the subjects featured in a blog.

You may design unique conversation starters with Writecream to boost sales. Based on audience work, education, and experience, you can create a special introduction for each prospect and include it at the start of your email or message to make it more engaging. You have the option to personalize content, especially with the different languages feature.

Key Features

  • Sentence Rephrasing: Applicable for phrases, idioms, and synonyms.
  • Tone Checker: Recognizes the emotional tone of your content or general idea during the writing process.
  • Sentence Formatting: Automatically changes structure to make sure it is correct.

Writecream Pricing

  • Free: you get ten credits and minimal features
  • Standard: $49 per month with decent features
  • Extended: $69 per month with lots of features

7. Thruuu

Best for Competitor Scraping
Thruuu homepage

The h2 and h3 headers used by your competitors to create content that ranks highly in search engine results pages are found using a scraper by the outline generator Thruuu. You can find intent and content gaps, get an average word count, and come up with content ideas in addition to developing content briefs and outlines, making the writing process quick and convenient.

Overall, Thruuu is a useful tool that allows marketers to produce optimized outlines in half the time. Additionally, it can give you information on the top results’ average page performance and information about each page’s performance, as well as provide a list of utilized keywords and their distribution throughout headings, descriptions, titles, standard word count, and amount of images for each page and the top results, information on featured snippets, related searches, and frequently asked questions.

Key Features

  • SERP Analysis Results: Gives you data on a spreadsheet for interactive analysis.
  • Specific: Supports language and country-specific scraping.
  • SEO Features: Find great opportunities to create title tags and great meta descriptions

Thruuu Pricing

  • 10 credits per month: Free
  • 20 credits per month: $10 
  • 100 credits per month: $20
  • 500 credits per month: $50 

Buying Guide – Outline Generator’s Buyer’s Guide

What Is An Outline Generator?

An article outline generator or blog outline generator provides an outline of a blog post or article, which serves as a foundation for creating a polished content piece.

What Are the Benefits of Outline Generators?

An excellent outline maker will save you time, organize the important data logically, and ensure that content creators minimize mistakes made by content creators. By using an outline generator, you can speed up your production by skipping the step of creating an outline from scratch. A content or blog outline generator can also help you categorize points, determine the main topic, and organize ideas. It also helps you pick relevant sources and quotes from the start.

What To Look for In An Outline Generator?

It is important to choose a content outline generator that has all of the features you need to help with the writing process and facilitate seamless content creation. Focus on these core features:

  • Ease-of-Use: Should be easy to navigate and helps you get the job done in an easy and simple manner.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers excellent features and tools that make it worth the price.
  • Extensive Features: Should have a number of features that help boost your writing, from SEO tools to grammar and language options.

Best Outline Generator FAQ

What is a content outline?

A content outline is a comprehensive overview of the information your article will contain. The article’s headers and subheadings are always included in outlines (H2s, H3s, etc.). The template also includes key questions to answer or long-tail keywords to incorporate, essential SEO elements.

When will people use outlines?

Outline generators are useful for anyone who wants to create content and make sure that they are guided effectively toward creating perfectly informative and search-engine-optimized material.

Choosing the best outline generator?

A content or blog outline generator can make your writing process easier, and it is important that you choose to use one that has all the features that are relevant to your work and your goals.

Our Picks: The Best Outline Generator of 2023

Best Overall


Jasper is a comprehensive content tool with easy-to-use outline generation features.

Best for Blogging Outlines


Users with a strong focus on SEO can definitely benefit from Surfer’s features.

Best for Advanced SEO


SemRush’s all-in-one set of digital marketing tools is perfect for advanced SEO efforts and analytics.

Best for Optimization


The go-to platform for search-optimized outlines designed for content optimization.

Best for Ease of Use

A simple-to-use solution with high functionality and great features.

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