17 Webinar Invitation Examples (Plus Best Practices)

Axel Grubba, May 11, 2023
17 Webinar Invitation Examples (Plus Best Practices)

Crafting a compelling webinar invitation is key to attracting potential attendees to your online event. To give you a better idea of how to create en engaging invitation, we examine the top invitation examples that have caught our eye and share proven best practices.

Let’s dive in.

What are Webinar Invitations?

A webinar invitation is a targeted communication, typically sent via email, chatbots, or social media platforms, designed to inform potential attendees about an upcoming online event. The main objective of a webinar invitation is to entice as many people as possible to register for the event.

The following points highlight some advantages of hosting a webinar:

  • Expands audience reach: With just a reliable internet connection, webinars enable participants from around the globe to attend, significantly broadening your audience.
  • Builds authority: By presenting insightful and valuable content, your business can establish itself as an expert in your industry, enhancing credibility and trust.
  • Generates leads: As participants often provide personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses during registration, webinars offer an effective way to gather sales leads for future marketing efforts

Users often tap webinar apps to meet these webinar goals so be sure to check out our review of the top webinar software options.

Webinar Invitations Best Practices

Define the target group you want to reach out

Before distributing your webinar invitation, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the audience you aim to attract. Knowing your target demographic will inform the tone, style, and content of your invitation, allowing you to craft a message that resonates with your intended recipients. This clarity ensures that your invitations are tailored to the interests and preferences of your target audience, whether that requires a formal or informal approach. By defining your target group, you can create a more personalized and engaging experience, increasing the likelihood of higher registration and attendance rates.

Make the subject line meaningful

A meaningful subject line is crucial to capturing the attention of potential attendees as it is often their first interaction with your webinar invitation. To increase the likelihood of your invitation being opened, which stood at an average open rate of 21.5% in 2021, your subject line should be relevant to the webinar’s theme, engaging, and succinct.

To achieve this, focus on highlighting the primary value or unique selling point of the webinar while keeping the subject line length within 50-60 characters to ensure optimal visibility across various devices and email clients. By crafting a captivating and informative subject line, you increase the chances of potential attendees opening the invitation and ultimately registering for your event.

Offer plenty of details about the webinar’s contents

To effectively persuade potential attendees to register for your online event, be thorough in outlining the topics you plan to cover during the webinar. Clearly communicate the benefits and takeaways that participants can expect to gain from attending the event, and highlight any valuable insights or skills they will acquire.

By offering a comprehensive overview of the webinar’s content, you showcase the event’s value proposition and relevance to your target audience. This transparency helps potential attendees make an informed decision about whether the event aligns with their interests, needs, or professional goals, ultimately increasing the likelihood of attracting a genuinely engaged audience.

Make the email readable by using short paragraphs and bullets

To enhance the readability of your webinar invitation, consider using short paragraphs and bullet points to break up longer sections of text. This formatting approach allows readers to quickly scan the information and grasp the key details of the event, without feeling overwhelmed by large blocks of text.

By organizing your content into concise, digestible segments, you make it easier for potential attendees to understand the value and relevance of your webinar, increasing the likelihood that they will register and participate in the event.

CTA with a clickable button

CTA Page

Your webinar invitation must have a crystal-clear CTA in a bright color to make it stand out. It’s also a great idea to repeat the CTA at strategic places in your content to reinforce the message.

Countdown to the webinar registration deadline

Include a countdown in the webinar invitation to indicate that there’s limited time to enroll for the online meeting. It makes your potential participants aware that there won’t be a chance to register for the webinar once the deadline passes.

Offer options to attend the webinar live or watch the recording later

Webinar Invitation

Not everyone will make it to the online event, so assure your audience that they can watch the recording if they sign up.

Include an engaging banner image

You want to capture your reader’s attention. The best way to do that is to create a colorful banner image. It may include details such as the webinar’s title, the event date and time, and a CTA. 

Have a look at the example below. 

Elementor uses a bright green and black graphic style with a punchy tagline to draw readers in.

Elementor Homepage

Include clear instructions

Make sure the webinar invitation has a link to the registration page and other vital information, like cost.

Personalize the Invitation

Personalize your webinar invitation email by addressing the recipient by name and pinpointing their needs or interests.

Send Reminders

Remind potential participants by sending emails with login instructions, time, and date.

21 Webinar Invitation Examples

How do you write a webinar invitation? That’s a good question. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of webinar invitation examples to spark your imagination.

1. Litmus Webinar Invitation Email Example

Litmus Webinar Invitation

Note the following features to create an enticing webinar invitation:

  • Background email is white, ensuring the text is more visible 
  • The word “Webinar” is in bold uppercase and the language of the entire email is easy to understand
  • Webinar’s topic “What it takes to scale your email program” is bold and at the top of the email
  • Webinar ad shows the faces of speakers or presenters to make it more personal
  • The event date lets readers know when the webinar is happening and the audience can watch the recorded event if they can’t attend
  • CTA “ Save My Seat” is unique and uses the brand’s color. It’s much better than the overused “Register Now” phrase.

2. Typecast

Typecast Webinar Invitation
  • Typecast also got its webinar invitation right. And here’s why!
  • Webinar invitation image color and text contrast well
  • There’s a sense of urgency in the message “Quick! Your Spot on Thursday’s Webinar.”
  • Clear CTA “Register Your Free Place”
  • A key opinion leader or influencer has been roped in to improve the webinar’s credibility
  • Shows the content of the webinar, so the audience knows what to expect

3. Splash Webinar Invitation Email Example

Splash Webinar Invitation

This webinar invitation email from Splash checks all the boxes. Here are a few things to note:

  • The webinar invitation image color is bright to catch the reader’s attention
  • Email is personalized “Hi Bianca”
  • Crystal clear CTA “Save Your Post”
  • The topic is in a bold sentence lower case, concise, eye-catching, and packed with benefits and contrasts perfectly with the image color
  • Requests the reader to share the invitation with a colleague who may be interested via a link in the email

4. Asana Webinar Invitation Example

Asana Webinar Invitation

Asan’s webinar invitation is also an effective ad due to the following vital aspects:

  • Webinar’s value proposition “Ship better products, faster” clearly explains the outcome of the event
  • Asana collaborated with a professional project manager in the shipping business, boosting the event’s trust index
  • Spells out what the attendees can expect to learn in bullet points

5. SUMO Webinar Invitation Example

SUMO Webinar Invitation

SUMO offers to help e-commerce stores double their revenue by 50%. So it’s a bold value proposition that nails it on the head. The webinar host has an accompanying video to buttress his message and convince potential guests to sign up for the meeting. 

6. Advertising Like the Wolf Webinar Invitation Email Example

Advertisinglikethewolf.com created an informal webinar invitation email. Some of the key elements include:

  • The friendly salutation “ Hey Troy” 
  • Invites the reader to watch the ad via a link to the video to decide if it’s worth it to attend the webinar before they register for it
  • Says the critical issues early on in the email, such as the event’s main topic, the dates and time, and the registration link
  • Repeats the CTA twice in the email to reinforce the message

7. Hootsuite Webinar Invitation Example

Hootsuite Webinar Invitation

What makes Houtsuite’s webinar invitation stand out? It’s brief and to the point with all the essential features, like the event topic, date, what the participants can expect, and a CTA. Also, it has photos of Hootsuite’s top leaders with clear job descriptions.

8. Yesware Webinar Invitation Example

Yesware Webinar Invitation

Yesware’s webinar invitation features its client, who is the CEO of a media company. The inclusion of its customers works like a testimonial to persuade potential users to try its software for customized video content. The headline is also succinct, with clear benefits for participating in the event.

9. User Testing Webinar Invitation Email Example

User Testing Webinar Invitation

This webinar invitation email from User Testing uses an empathetic tone by appreciating that the reader could be busy with other things. As a result, the webinar is for people who are pressed for time. Also, the email has a link to allow the audience to sign up for the meeting and encourages them to share it with other interested people. They can also view the presentation slides to get an idea of what the webinar will tackle.

10. Knotel Webinar Invitation Example

Knotel Webinar Invitation

If you want to make a short and sweet webinar invitation, Knotel is a great example to follow. It provides all the crucial features, like the topics, the date and time, and the registration link, in one sentence. It omits details about the speakers to help readers get all the essential webinar facts at a glance. 

11. Kissmetrics Webinar Invitation Email Example

Kissmetrics Webinar Invitation

Kissmetrics states that the webinar is about optimizing conversion rates to ensure the reader understands the event’s goals. The email is also personalized, with more advantages to participating in the webinar. In addition, the CTA is visible with a blue button.

12. Miro Webinar Invitation Example

Miro Webinar Invitation

This is another example of a direct webinar invitation. Miro doesn’t waste time but goes for the jugular early on: “Join us at Distributed 2021 for new features, ideas, and tools.”  It immediately states the time and date and a unique CTA, “Save My Free Spot.

13. Baldwin Hardware Webinar Invitation Example

Baldwin Hardware Webinar Invitation

Baldwin takes advantage of an expert to convince potential webinar attendees to sign up for the event. Also, the invitation clearly explains what people should expect from the session. 

14. Webinar Invitation Example from GetResponse

Webinar Invitation

This webinar invitation template from GetResponse is customizable, so you can include your relevant title, benefits for attending, event time and date, and the CTA. You can also change the colors to reflect your brand’s identity.

15. Similar Web Webinar Invitation Email Example

Similar Web Webinar Invitation

Similar Web uses a bright color that contrasts perfectly with the white text to grab the reader’s attention. To make the image more personal, there’s a photo of the guest speaker. Also, the outcome of the webinar is loud and clear: “How to build an integrated search strategy.”

16. Pinpointe Webinar Invitation Example

Pinpointe Webinar Invitation

Pinpointe’s webinar invitation doesn’t beat around the bush. It says the most crucial issues first, like what the audience should look forward to, the event time and date, and a strong CTA in a bright pink button. It then adds more details about the webinar and the presenter and another CTA to strengthen the message. 

17. The Fresh Relevance Team Webinar Email Example

The Fresh Relevance Team Webinar

Here are a few things we can pick up from this webinar invitation:

Image colors contrast well, including the text and the CTA in a bright orange button

Email is personal, even though it doesn’t mention the recipient’s name

Objectives of the meeting are crystal clear

 How to Ace Your Webinar Invitation

How to Ace Your Webinar Invitation

Ensure your webinar invitation checks all the boxes, understand what your audience wants, and use colors that contrast well. Make your title stand out with bold letters and a concise value proposition. State the vital information first, such as the title, the event date and times, and a clear CTA in a bright color. Be sure to personalize the email and repeat the CTA.

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