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What is Collaborative Whiteboard Software?

Collaborative whiteboard software is a digital platform that allows multiple users to brainstorm, sketch, and share ideas in real-time on a shared virtual canvas. It facilitates remote teamwork by providing tools for drawing, writing, importing media, and real-time communication, thus replicating the experience of using a physical whiteboard but with added functionalities. This software is widely used in educational, business, and creative settings to enhance collaboration, planning, and visual thinking among team members regardless of their geographical locations.
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Miro logo
Free plan available
Miro is a whiteboarding platform online that facilitates collaboration in real-time. The platform allo... Learn more about Miro
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Free plan available
More than just a task management tool, ClickUp is a 360-degree productivity suite that offers function... Learn more about ClickUp
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Adobe Connect
Starting at $50.00/month
Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that lets companies conduct online meetings, webinars, an... Learn more about Adobe Connect
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Free plan available
Fibery is a no-code development platform and workflow management software that helps users facilitate ... Learn more about Fibery
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Free plan available
LiveWebinar is a cloud based webinar option that allows companies, both big and small, to easily manag... Learn more about LiveWebinar
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