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What is Email Verification Software?

Email verification software is a tool designed to ensure that email addresses entered into a database or used in marketing campaigns are valid, active, and free from errors. It works by checking email addresses against various validation criteria, including syntax correctness, domain existence, and whether the email inbox is reachable. By using email verification software, businesses can improve their email deliverability rates, reduce bounce rates, and enhance the overall effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.
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ZoomInfo Chat
ZoomInfo chat is a live chat software that creates the perfect balance between human-first experiences... Learn more about ZoomInfo Chat
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Starting at $19.00/month
Campayn is an email marketing platform for small businesses that helps design and send messages, email... Learn more about Campayn
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Starting at $28.00/month
Clearout is an email verification and validation software for businesses that help maintain a sanitize... Learn more about Clearout
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Starting at $75.00/month
LeadIQ is a software for lead generation and prospecting that is used by sales teams to find prospects... Learn more about LeadIQ logo
Starting at $99.00/month is a powerful sales automation platform built to help companies find and engage with poten... Learn more about
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Free plan available
ReachMail is a cloud-based marketing solution that lets users create, deliver and track multiple email... Learn more about ReachMail
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