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Top 9 GIMP Alternatives & Competitors

Adobe Photoshop Elements Logo
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Starting at $99.99/month
Adobe Photoshop Elements is a cloud-based graphic design software designed to help businesses create and edit images via a centralized platform. It offers built-in editing tools with... Learn more about Adobe Photoshop E...
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Visme Logo
Visme is a comprehensive online graphic design software that’s perfect for creating visuals for presentations. It lets users create charts and infographics, social media content, and... Learn more about Visme
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Visme
  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of features and templates
  • Great for creating visual presentations that stand out
Skylum Luminar Neo Logo
Skylum Luminar Neo
Skylum Liminar combines traditional photo editing tools with AI enhancements. The Skylum Luminar photo editing software lets users access AI enhancements to help them with things lik... Learn more about Skylum Luminar Neo
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Skylum Luminar Neo
  • Endless AI enhancements for easier editing
  • Excellent ease of use for beginners
  • No subscription cost to worry about
  • Range of background and filter settings
  • Exclusive filters and image layer enhancements
Adobe Photoshop Logo
Adobe Photoshop
Starting at $19.99/month
Arguably one of the best-known graphic design software tools used today, Adobe Photoshop is currently the go-to tool of many creative professionals. The software offers feature-rich ... Learn more about Adobe Photoshop
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Adobe Photoshop
  • Comprehensive set of tools for touch-up and retouching
  • Extensive filters, brushes, and pre-sets
  • Advanced color and background manipulation
  • Extensive organization and image management tools
  • Highly customizable
Corel PaintShop Pro Logo
Corel PaintShop Pro
Starting at $92.00/one_time
Corel PaintShop Pro is among the most straightforward photo editing solutions available in its category that now offers a free trial so users can check if the tool is perfect for the... Learn more about Corel PaintShop Pro
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Corel PaintShop Pro
  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface
  • Fantastic range of color and adjustment features
  • Texture, background, and brush editing
  • Lots of file options, including RAW files
  • Constantly updating set of features
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Logo
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
Starting at $439.00/one_time
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a full-featured design toolkit that lets users create vector illustrations and layouts as well as tools that support photo editing, and typography project... Learn more about CorelDRAW Graphic...
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • Great for productivity: The collaborative and productivity features on Corel Draw aren’t just there for show. This software really does make it easier to get connected and make progress on a shared project.
  • Versatility: You can use Corel Draw on virtually device, including smooth drawing surfaces, laptops, and desktops.
  • Tons of exporting options: You can export up to 48 different file types with Corel Draw, including PNG, JPG, and even CAD for 3D content.
  • Huge community collection of assets: The collection of assets available is incredible. You can access fonts, templates, frames, photos, vectors, and brushes. Plus, there’s a full organized library system for keeping everything in the right place.
Adobe Lightroom Logo
Adobe Lightroom
Starting at $9.99/month
Designed specifically for photo editing, Adobe Lighting is one of the most popular tools in the market used by professional photographers. Similar to photoshop, it’s considered a gol... Learn more about Adobe Lightroom
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Adobe Lightroom
  • Convenient, customizable, and easy to use environment
  • Blurring and fixing tools
  • Pre-sets and filters available
  • Camera and lens-based corrections
  • Brush and gradient adjustments
Appy Pie Logo
Appy Pie
Starting at $16.00/month
Appy Pie is a drag-and-drop builder software that allows users with no programming skills or coding know-how to create an app. The platform can be used for Windows 8 Phone, Android &... Learn more about Appy Pie
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Appy Pie

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Canva Logo
Free plan available
Canva is an easy to use graphic design and video editing platform that lets users create, design, and publish original artwork using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The platform comes... Learn more about Canva
Categories in common with GIMP:
Frequently Mentioned Pros of Canva
  • Simplicity: Canva is delightful to use. You can search for stock images and videos in seconds, drag and drop elements into place, and experiment with a huge range of filters and effects.
  • Free plan: If you’re not sure how many visual assets you need yet, you can start with the free plan and work your way up.
  • Versatile: You can create a lot of different kinds of graphics easily with Canva, including logos, Facebook posts, email marketing templates, and landing pages.
  • Convenient easy-to-use environment for beginners
  • Thousands of templates, icons, photos, fonts and other assets