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Top 10 StrongVPN Alternatives & Competitors

StrongVPN Alternatives


Starting at $14.29
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NordVPN is a fast, feature-rich, top-tier VPN that is easy to use. It is arguably one of the fastest VPNs in the market today with extensive security and privacy features. The platforms offer DNS leak protection, a kill switch, double-hop VPN connections, obfuscated servers, and even Dark Web Monito…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Excellent non-logging service with third-party auditing
  • Access to a huge range of different streaming services
  • More than 5000 servers to choose from
  • Powerful encryption for peace of mind.

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Starting at $12.95
/ per month

ExpressVPN is a full-featured VPN packed with reliable security essentials. The platform is well known for being easy to use, backed by 3,000 VPN servers across 160 locations across 94 countries, and military-grade encryption. One of the more advanced features included with ExpressVPN’s service is s…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Fantastic data retention transparency
  • Great ratings for excellent high-speed service
  • Unique technology for reliability
  • Ideal for accessing servers around the world

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Starting at $12.95
/ per month

A top-rated VPN by major tech publications like TechRadar and CNET, Surfshark is an award-winning solution that is known for being a secure and affordable VPN service. It offers unlimited connections that can be used on any device, including smartphones, smart TVs, desktops, and other mobile devices…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Excellent for avoiding surveillance alliances
  • Unlimited access to device connections with each subscription
  • Very affordable pricing
  • 30-day trial period
  • Quick connect and simple interface

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Starting at $10.99
/ per month

IPVanish is the preferred VPN service for Android users, with more than 1,600 servers, across 75 server locations. It offers users the option to manage unlimited connections from various devices. It has a convenient, customizable interface, multi-platform flexibility, and an impressive range of feat…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Not a member of any alliances for data logging
  • Excellent and fast customer support
  • Great affordable prices with lots of discounts
  • Thousands of server options
  • Pretty fast download speeds
  • Great for Netflix and torrenting purposes
  • Useful for Android users
  • Fantastic customer support

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Starting at $9.99
/ per month

ProtonVPN stands out from the competition primarily because of its focus on security. The company behind it is well known for its privacy-first stance and maintains an easy-to-use interface with extensive server availability and quick connectivity. It also offers a genuinely free plan, with paid tie…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Excellent privacy and protection
  • Multiple server locations
  • Extra fast speeds for your meetings
  • Free option with an excellent Android connection
  • Great transparency and logging rules
  • Extremely fast upload speeds

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Starting at $11.95
/ per month

Private Internet Access is a VPN service that comes with ultra-fast speeds for Windows and Android devices. It guarantees a super stringent privacy policy for the company to ensure customer privacy. Private Internet Access promises it won’t log your information, no matter where you go, and there are…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Excellent strict logging policy and transparency
  • High-quality apps for on-the-go protection
  • Extra fast on Windows
  • Fantastic security components built-in

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Starting at $10.95
/ per month

PureVPN has the best security and privacy options, which makes it a preferred VPN solution for those who travel frequently. The platform has 6,500 servers available to access in over 180 countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, and many others. With PureVP…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Great encryption for global VPN use
  • OpenVPN protocol with 6,500 servers over 180 countries
  • Not a member of Five Eyes
  • Excellent logging policies

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Starting at Free
/ Per Month

HotSpot Shield is one of the best tools for streaming through geographical walls. With HosSpot Shield, users get to access some of the fastest speeds on both Windows and Mac computers, which is great if you’re primarily using it to stream media. The platform offers military-grade encryption so no cr…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Generous daily data allowance
  • Ease of use baked into the interface
  • Helpful chrome extension
  • Extensive AES-256 encryption
  • Free option for Android devices
  • Netflix access all around the world
  • Great transparency with logging reports

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Starting at $0
/ per month

PrivadoVPN is a high-speed VPN with ultra-secure servers located across 45 countries worldwide. The platform uses 256-bit encryption that ensures users’ privacy, prevents security breaches, unlocks censored content, and protects remote teams with the click of a button using any of their easy-to-use…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Decent data allowance for beginners
  • Useful kill switch feature
  • Great for everyday use

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Starting at $10.99
/ Per Month

AtlasVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that helps you to securely and anonymously browse the internet. It protects your online privacy by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. AtlasVPN offers fast and reliable servers located in different countries, allowing you t…  Learn more

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • High speed performance
  • 700-server network, strong for a newbie
  • Trimmed-down protocol list

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