The Best AI Content Generators of 2024

Darwin Batinga, March 01, 2024
The Best AI Content Generators of 2024

Content is still king and based on overwhelming evidence, will be for years to come.

For example, among B2B organizations, the reliance on content to drive key business goals increased from 2021 to 2022 according to Content Marketing Institute’s most recent 13th Annual B2B Content Marketing Report. This includes generating brand awareness, creating and improving credibility and trust, educating audiences, bolstering customer loyalty, and acquiring leads.

This upward trajectory of the demand for content, however, highlights a few questions when it comes to manpower, time, and other resources required for content development, putting the spotlight on potential issues businesses could face moving into 2023. For example, in the same Content Marketing Institute report, they mentioned that 46% of those surveyed said that only one person is in charge of content development while others have lean content teams. One-person content teams are more prevalent among smaller businesses. 

Given this, it’s no surprise that AI Content Generators have become one of the fastest emerging technologies in recent years, projected to reach $267 billion by 2027. The platforms available today can help businesses save a lot of time and money, and when used strategically, can play a significant role in optimizing the content development process.

We created a rundown of the best AI content generators of 2023 – to help you evaluate current solutions available in the market and help you make an informed choice if you decide to invest in AI content software for your business.

1. Jasper

Best Overall

Jasper Home Page

Jasper is a versatile AI content marketing platform that can generate different types of content – blogs, reports, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, etc. It has more than 50 writing templates and can create content in 29 languages.

Jasper’s long list of features – some standard and others unique – is what makes Jasper stand out in this space. For example, it’s one of the few AI content generation apps that support long-form content creation, accessible in its higher-priced Boss Mode Plan. Another capability that makes Jasper distinct is Jasper Art which allows users to create visual content by providing a short description or a set of keywords. There’s also Jasper Recipes, which is a library of user-contributed templates that expands the use-case potential of the platform. Businesses will also find the software’s marketing-related features to be more robust than other alternatives.

Integration with third-party apps such as SurferSEO and Grammarly is available. However, users need to have a separate paid account with these platforms to set this up.

Key Features

  • Boss Mode: Industry-leading support for long-form content creation.
  • Jasper Art: Create images in seconds by providing a short description or a set of keywords.
  • Jasper Recipes: A library of user-contributed content templates that expands the functionality of the app.
  • 29 Languages: Easily create content in multiple languages.
  • Over 50 Templates: Proven writing formats and frameworks for different use cases, teams, and industries.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper offers three plans with word count caps:

  • Starter: Starts at $20/month for 20,000 words
  • Boss Mode: Starts at $49/month for 50,000 words
  • Business: Custom packages available

2. Writesonic

Writesonic logo
Free plan available
Writesonic is a top AI copywriting solution that has gained a lot of traction among marketing professi... Learn more about Writesonic

Best for Blog Writing

Writesonic Homepage

Writesonic started as an AI copywriter for landing pages when it launched in 2020. While it still offers this capability in its current version as of this writing, Writesonic’s blog/article-related functionalities are why businesses should consider this platform when shopping for a new content technology in 2023.

With minimal input, Writesonic can produce long-form posts and articles of up to 1,500 words from start to finish – from idea generation to outline creation to content development. Users can conveniently edit and enhance the AI-generated content where they see fit using an intuitive document editor called Sonic Editor which resembles widely-used cloud-based word editors.

Writesonic also integrates with some of the most popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Medium, and Wix so publishers can go live with a new post without leaving the platform. Additionally, articles written with Writesonic are SEO-optimized, with further optimization possible through integrations with third-party SEO tools. Built-in functionalities such as a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker contribute to Writesonic standing out in this category. Lastly, the app automatically pulls related images using semantic search and includes them in the final output, making the finished product an actual, ready-to-publish blog post. 

Key Features:

  • Article Writer 3.0. Creates long-form content in 30-40 seconds.
  • Sonic Editor. A document editor that is similar to popular word processing apps.
  • Create Content in Bulk. Enter data for multiple projects and generate multiple articles simultaneously.
  • Semantic Image Search. Automatically get accompanying images for every blog post.

Writesonic Pricing

  • Free: $0 (From 2,500 to 25,000 words per month depending on chosen word quality)
  • Long: From $12.67 to $666 per month (From 19,000 to 20,000 words per month depending on chosen word quality)
  • Custom Plan

3. logo
Free plan available
copyAI is an AI writing tool that can help users end writer’s block thanks to its selection of useful ... Learn more about

Best for Social Media Writing focuses on three primary use cases – blogs, emails, and social media. For blogs and emails, businesses may find better features in other platforms such as and Writesonic. That said, churns out high-quality short-form content, making it best suited for creating concise social media posts.

Complementing a simple interface are 16 tools dedicated to social media which include some unique functionalities such as Carousel Post,  Hashtag Generator, and TikTok Brainstorm Topics just to name a few. Users can choose from 9 tones (Friendly, Persuasive, Luxury, etc.) which creates different permutations for the same topic.

Key Features

  • Social Media Tools. Currently, 16 dedicated tools to support social media content creation.
  • Tone Selector. Allows users to give different voices to their posts with 9 pre-loaded tones.
  • Viral Ideas Tool. It helps businesses develop viral social media marketing concepts. Pricing

  • Free: Up to 2,000 words per month with a 7-day Pro Trial
  • Pro: $49/month for unlimited words
  • Custom Plan for more than 20 users

4. Scalenut

Scalenut logo
Starting at $29.00/month
Scalenut is a content-creation platform for marketers and writers that empowers users to scale content... Learn more about Scalenut

Best for Content Optimization

Scalenut Homepage

What differentiates Scalenut in this space is its end-to-end data-driven approach to content generation, aimed at helping businesses rank on SERPs and get more organic traffic. From planning to researching to writing, the platform combines SEO technology with AI content development features.

Supported by a backend of comprehensive search engine data, it automatically groups keywords into pillars and topic clusters and aligns content with actual user behaviors. AI-guided recommendations provide real-time optimization analysis and content grading.

Key Features

  • Cruise Mode. Create SEO-optimized content in minutes using content grade analysis and smart SEO commands.
  • SEO Hub. Provides real-time audit of top-ranking content on SERPs and gives suggestions based on best practices in terms of keyword density, word count, headings, readability, and quality of writing just to name a few.
  • Topic Cluster Tool. Automated keyword and SEO research that surfaces relevant topics with targeted keywords within seconds.

Scalenut Pricing

  • Individual: $17/month
  • Growth: $47/month
  • Pro: $89/month

5. Rytr

Rytr logo
Free plan available
Rytr is a go-to- AI writing tool for anyone looking to embed Ai functionality into their websites or s... Learn more about Rytr

Best Affordable Option

Rytr offers 30 templates with flexible options for tones, variants, and creativity to help businesses create content for multiple use cases. Its AI-content writing capability is supported with native features such as a plagiarism checker, as well as integrations with SERP analysis and Semrush to help with optimization.

Overall, Rytr offers features that are found in other AI content generators. Where Rytr stands out is in pricing. It offers a perpetual free plan that is not limited to a trial period (albeit with some limitations on the volume of content users can generate per month) and its most expensive plan is at a price point that is usually what other providers charge for their most basic or mid-tier plan.

This makes Rytr an ideal option for businesses that are still figuring out where an AI content generator would figure in their content production process and system.

Key Features

  • Use Cases. From business ideas to song lyrics, Rytr offers multiple content writing applications to its users.
  • Image Generation. Allows content marketers to generate royalty-free images based on specific keywords and descriptions.
  • Editing Process. A suite of editing functionalities to amen the initial content generated by the AI.

Rytr Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Saver Plan: $9/month or $90/year
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month or $290/year

6. Frase

Best for Content Briefs 

Frase Homepage

Frase utilizes machine learning (ML) techniques and natural language processing to interpret, understand, and learn content from the web. 

Frase possesses the features found in other AI content platforms such as one-click content generation using different templates for different use cases and native SEO functionalities that integrate with a business’ Google Search Console data.

However, where Frase differentiates itself is in its ability to automate search-engine-optimized content briefs. This makes it easier for content marketers to structure their content guided by real-time SEO data. Sections such as Overview, People Also Ask, SERP, Topic Clusters, Top 20 Topics, Headers, Questions, Statistics, and External Links can be generated instantly. Further users have the flexibility of which modules to include and exclude in the brief.

Key Features

  • Automated Content Briefs. Designed to help writers write content following a structure and SEO elements based on top-performing content.
  • Project Status Settings. A built-in project management tool that allows writers to update team members when assignments are completed.
  • Content Scoring. Grades a piece of content’s ranking potential based on a given set of target keywords.

Frase Pricing

  • Solo: $14.99/month or $12.66/month if paid annually
  • Basic: $44.99/month or $38.25/month if paid annually
  • Team: $114.99/month or $97.75/month if paid annually

7. Copysmith

Copysmith logo
Free plan available
Copysmith is an AI-powered copywriting software designed to help users generate high-quality, creative... Learn more about Copysmith

Best for eCommerce Businesses

Copysmith Homepage

Copysmith offers an AI content solution to online merchants who want to optimize and update their digital store’s product descriptions and other web content. It allows users to create product descriptions in bulk for some of the popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, and Instagram Shop. It also integrates with WooCommerce, the most used eCommerce platform as of the time of this writing.

Aside from product descriptions, Copysmith also supports the other aspects of running an eCommerce business that requires content such as meta tags creation, landing page copy development, and ad copy generation. Since the platform reduces the time it takes to develop content, eCommerce entrepreneurs are able to test content in a shorter span of time which allows them to iterate what works.

Key Features

  • Bulk Product Descriptions. Enables users to generate multiple product descriptions all at once from a single spreadsheet upload.
  • Campaign Builder. Allows businesses to create product descriptions, ads, and social media posts from one interface to expedite the product launch lifecycle.
  • Content Enhancer. Enables users to reuse and improve existing content pieces.

Copysmith Pricing

  • Starter: $19/month or $190/year
  • Professional: $59/month or $590/month
  • Startup: $299/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Buying Guide – AI Content Generator Buyer’s Guide

What is an AI Content Generator?

An AI content generator is software that creates written – and sometimes visual – content with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It uses the input from users (keywords, topics, brief description of the desired output) and the software crawls the web or a database for information. Using AI, the software writes content in a few seconds/minutes.

What are the benefits of AI Content Generators?

  • They save time. The main upside of using AI content generators is their ability to reduce the time spent creating content. This is especially beneficial to solopreneurs who are handling all aspects of their business. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on other areas of their business.
  • They can save money. The cost of buying an AI content generator is typically lower than the cost of hiring a team of writers. A common practice among businesses is to keep a lean writing team and use an AI content generator to increase content production efficiency.
  • They integrate with other sales and marketing solutions. As discussed in the previous sections, a number of AI content generators provide integration with several external platforms such as SEO and eCommerce tools. This allows content marketers to produce content that follows best practices in sales and marketing.

What to look for in an AI Content Generator?

The AI content generator marketplace is consistently growing with new providers and new technologies. The number of choices may be overwhelming for businesses, especially among those who are new to using AI technology.

Here are a few tips to help businesses shortlist the best-fit AI content platforms for them:

  • Use cases. The majority of AI content technology providers offer a blanket solution that caters to most if not all content needs. However, there are companies that specialize in specific use cases (e.g. Copysmith for eCommerce) offering more robust functionalities for those particular needs. 
  • Usage limits. Most AI content technology providers cap the usage of their platforms depending on the subscription plan. The most common implementation of this is limiting the number of words users can generate per month. Businesses should have a close-to-accurate estimate of how much content they need on average. This will allow them to weigh their options better and avoid the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of having to augment their plan with add-ons.
  • Quality of AI technology. As the core of the software, the AI technology a platform is built on influences the quality, accuracy, and usability of the content it produces. While no provider has perfected AI content technology, some solutions offer better a superior back-end over others.
  • Integrations. Content within the bigger digital marketing and sales mix so there’s an advantage to choosing software that integrates with other tools.

Best AI Content Generators FAQ

Who should use AI Content Generators?

All businesses that create content can benefit from AI content generators. Digital marketing agencies, content marketers, and freelance writers can also take advantage of this technology.

Do AI Content Generators produce 100% original content?

Most AI content software generates original content. However, because these platforms typically “learn” from existing content on the web, it’s best to use a plagiarism checker to double-check. Some providers also offer a built-in plagiarism tool.

Do AI Content Generators replace human writers?

AI Content Generators were created to supplement the content production process. While businesses can decide to use automated content right off the bat, it’s best practice for writers to review, proofread, and edit to achieve the best quality output that takes into account specific requirements and nuances.

Can search engines detect AI-generated content?

Right now, search engines treat AI-generated text just like human-generated content. However, Google has recently issued an advisory that automated content could be generated as spam and would be penalized. This underscores the need for human intervention to edit AI-generated content to make sure it fits into current search engine algorithm requirements while giving the best reader/user experience.

Choosing the Best AI Content Generator

Artificial intelligence has permeated content development in the same way it has redefined how many aspects of sales and marketing are done. Used right, AI content generators can augment, scale, and streamline the content production process.

Summarizing this list, here’s a rundown of the best AI content generators based on the most common use cases:

  • Best overall
  • Ideal for writing long-form content


  • Best for eCommerce
  • Generates product descriptions in bulk


  • Best affordable option
  • Straightforward and relatively lower price points, providing an entry-level option for businesses who want to try AI content generators

This guide offers a comprehensive overview that entrepreneurs can use as a starting point when shopping for an AI content generator. Along with due diligence, knowing their needs will be key to maximizing the benefits of this technology for their business.

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