Mobile App Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Design

Axel Grubba, May 11, 2023
Mobile App Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Design

With mobile devices being so common, it’s now more important than ever to have a well-designed app landing page. Your mobile app landing page is the first point of contact between an app and its potential customers. A good landing page, therefore, plays a crucial role in converting visitors into clients. 

So if you’re looking for inspiring mobile app landing page designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we analyzed 21 mobile app landing pages to help you build your own engaging web page with high conversions. And you’ll be delighted to know that Findstack also has a comprehensive list of landing page builders with dedicated reviews which can help you choose the perfect tool to meet your needs.

Meanwhile, let’s get more inspiration.

What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

A mobile app landing page is a standalone web page that showcases your mobile app’s features, uses, and benefits. Its goal is to encourage potential users to install or download your application by clicking through. 

How Can Mobile App Landing Pages Benefit Your Business?

Mobile App Benefits

Generates buzz before the launch of an app

An app landing page serves as an effective marketing tool to generate buzz and interest prior to an app’s release. By showcasing key features, benefits, and unique selling points, it can capture the attention of various stakeholders, including industry professionals, developers, potential investors, and avid app users. This pre-launch promotion helps create a sense of anticipation and excitement, paving the way for a successful launch and a strong user base from the outset.

Helps with growing an organic user base

Expanding your app’s organic user base is made easier with a well-designed landing page. By informing potential users about the app’s features and benefits, you can encourage them to download and install it. In addition, a landing page can streamline lead generation when visitors submit their email addresses. This creates an opportunity for targeted marketing campaigns and ongoing communication, ultimately contributing to the growth of your app’s user base.

Enhances your brand’s credibility

A well-crafted mobile app landing page not only showcases the app’s features but also enhances your brand’s credibility. By addressing the pain points of your target audience and demonstrating how your app can provide solutions to their problems, you can establish a connection with potential users and convince them of the app’s value.

Incorporating testimonials and reviews from satisfied users further bolsters your brand’s credibility. These real-life experiences and endorsements act as social proof, instilling confidence in prospective users and making them more likely to download your app. Ultimately, a strong landing page contributes to a positive brand image, setting the stage for long-term success.

Mobile App Landing Page Best Practices 

To effectively engage your audience and boost conversions, a mobile app landing page should incorporate certain key elements. In this section, we will explore the best practices that can elevate your landing page and drive your campaign toward success.

Here are some examples: 

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-Action Screen

Your app landing page’s primary purpose is to nudge the visitor to perform a particular action–specifically by clicking on a CTA. For example, you might ask the reader to download your app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

They might also provide an email address if you want to generate leads. Ensure your CTA button is visible by highlighting it in a bright color.

Including more than one CTA at strategic places is also a great idea to reinforce the message.


The headline is also crucial since it’s the first thing that catches the visitor’s attention. Pack the headline and the sub-header with an irresistible value proposition. Make sure it’s visible and succinct. Try to avoid click-bait headlines. Be simple. 

Pitch Message

Next, unpack the headline by explaining your app’s benefits briefly and in a captivating way. Avoid longer texts. 

Main Body

With the main body, you can add more details to convince potential customers why they should use your app. It must have the following details:

  • Prominent name and logo
  • Social media accounts
  • Visible contact info
  • Engaging media such as images, videos, and GIF animations.

Social Proof

Don’t be afraid to display positive reviews from your raving fans to add more credibility and trust. Or you can indicate the number of users or downloads. It’s your app, so it’s okay to boast a bit about your success.

21 Mobile App Landing Page Examples

Looking for mobile app landing page designs that will ignite your creativity and inspire your imagination? Below you’ll find a carefully curated list of mobile landing page examples.

Findstack Homepage
Findstack Homepage

1. Slack

Slack Homepage

Slack is a messenger tool that helps businesses enhance communication among employees.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • The image has plenty of white space to enable visitors to focus on the vital information
  • Clear value proposition
  • Presents two CTAs–one at the top right-hand corner and the other one below the title

2. Canva

Canva Logo
Free plan available
Canva is an easy to use graphic design and video editing platform that lets users create, design, and ... Learn more about Canva
Canva Homepage

Canva is a mobile-friendly editing app for photos and videos. It’s designed for people with little design skills.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Three call-to-action buttons (CTAs), one for existing users to log in, one for new users to sign up, and the other for new customers to start a free trial
  • A few CTAs ensure that the user has limited choices, improving conversion rates.
  • Provides clear steps on how to use the mobile app.

3. BrightLock

BrightLock Homepage

Brightlock lets smartphone users open smart lock doors at work or at home with their mobile devices. 

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Minimalist mobile app landing page design with lots of grays and whites
  • One effective CTA at the top of “Contact Sales

4. Moto 360

Moto 360 Homepage

Moto 360 is one of the well-known brands that sell unique watches.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Excludes a navigation bar and loads of details explaining the product to avoid distractions
  • Clear price and killer CTA

5. PocketGuard

PocketGuard Homepage

PocketGuard is a mobile app that allows users to track their finances, including savings.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Explains the app’s benefits clearly
  • CTA is highlighted in green to make it stand out

6. Shyp

Shyp Homepage

Shyp is software that enables businesses to ship products worldwide.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Uses two brief sentences to explain what the mobile app does 
  • One clear CTA in bold white

7. Doo 

Doo Homepage

Doo is a to-do mobile app that lets users plan and remember daily activities effortlessly.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Makes it clear why the app is better by pointing out its competitors’ weaknesses
  • Positions the software as a simple app with all the relevant features

8. TapCart

TapCart Homepage

TopCart is an app that helps e-commerce stores improve the user experience through plugin integrations, push alerts, and optimizing the checkout experience.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Uses several web pages to show product benefits and customer testimonials
  • Harness the power of GIF animations, videos, and images to reinforce its strengths
  • Contains several CTAs throughout a landing page

9. SquareSpace

SquareSpace Homepage

SquareSpace is a platform that allows users to design and build websites.  

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Good contrast between the gray background, text, and images
  • Great alliteration in the title, “Build it Beautiful”
  • Three strategically placed CTAs

10. Houseparty

Houseparty Homepage

Houseparty is a mobile app that lets users network via group video chatting. 

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • One concise sentence that describes the mobile app’s function
  • One straightforward CTA, “Download”
  • Bright colors that make the title stand out
  • FAQ for users who want to learn more about the software

11. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel Homepage

Asana Rebel is an application that empowers you to take care of your body and well-being.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Uses negative space to make its value proposition and benefits stand out
  • Contains photos of active people to breathe life into its message
  • CTA with a sense of urgency, “Download the app today”

12. Breathwrk 

Breathwrk Homepage

Breathwrk is an application that allows users to calm their nerves, sleep soundly, and improve their athletic skills by performing breathing exercises.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • The app’s heading and subheading work together to explain what the tool does and how it helps potential users
  • Easy-to-understand language
  • Good imperative combined with a CTA and a limited offer, “Celebrate the new year with a limited time buy one, get one free offer”

13. Spendee App

Spendee App Homepage

SpendeeApp lets you manage your personal finances.

What makes this app landing page work?

  • The white and green layout grabs the reader’s attention
  • KISS (keep it short and sweet) title is lauded with the app’s functions
  • Social proof improves credibility

14. Headspace

Headspace Homepage

Headspace is a mobile app that helps you improve your well-being through meditation.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • The orange color of the logo shows the app’s simplicity
  • Displays clear value proposition in the subheading, “stress less. move more. sleep soundly.”
  • Notice the rhyme and the alliteration in the subhead to make the message memorable

15. Judopay

Judopay Homepage

Judopay is an application that allows users to make mobile payments. 

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • The value proposition is loud and clear, “simplify mobile payments and increase your conversion”
  • Flow chart with illustrations showing how to use the app
  • Repetition technique to emphasize the message and how the tool works

16. Bellish

Bellish Homepage

Bellish lets users generate their own knitting patterns.

What makes this app landing page work?

  • A mobile phone screenshot demonstrates how the app works
  • The styled logo proves that it’s easy to create knitting patterns with the tool
  • Copy clearly positions the app as a free knitting pattern generator

17. Homepage enables you to stay organized by prioritizing your daily tasks.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Video integration simplifies the app’s functions, features, and benefits
  • Crystal-clear CTA immediately after the value proposition

18. Tangerine

Tangerine Homepage

Tangerine is a mobile software that lets users enhance their self-care.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Leverages social proof, such as reviews from the Apple Store, to add more credibility and boost confidence
  • Background color contrasts well with the text 

19. Daylio

Daylio Homepage

Daylio is a mobile app that helps users monitor their moods throughout the day.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Uncluttered mobile app landing page design allows visitors to focus on the key message and the CTA
  • The mobile phone screenshot shows how the app works

20. Uber

Uber Homepage

Uber is a familiar brand, and this app helps users request and pay for rides.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Two distinct CTAs with different goals: one is for customers to book a ride now or later, “Request now” or “Schedule later.” The other one is for interested drivers who want to join Uber, “Sign up to drive
  • The screenshot shows how the app works

21. InVision

InVision Logo
Free plan available
InVision is a collaboration and prototyping software designers use to create interactive design protot... Learn more about InVision
InVision Homepage

inVision helps designers create interactive designs through visual collaboration.

What makes this mobile app landing page work?

  • Two CTAs, one aims to capture leads by collecting a user’s contact email address, and the other offers an unlimited free trial
  • The title explains the app’s benefits in brief words
  • Caters to existing and new customers

Take Your Mobile App Landing Page Design to the Next Level

A landing page for a mobile app helps you create plenty of buzz about your product before you launch it. It also allows you to promote your app by showcasing its benefits and uses to potential customers. 

The app landing page should have a killer CTA, a concise value proposition, a heading, social proof, and an image to be effective.

Need to create an appealing and responsive mobile app landing page with a great user experience and high conversion rates? Have a look at Findstack’s roundup of the best landing page builders

Axel Grubba is the founder of Findstack, a B2B software comparison platform, with his background spanning management consulting and venture capital where he invested in software. Recently, Axel has developed a passion for coding and enjoys traveling when he is not building and improving Findstack.
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