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Landing page builders enable non-technical users to deploy web pages designed to drive visitors to a specific conversion goal. Landing pages are usually designed to convert visitors to one specific action like signing up for a newsletter or a free trial, or registering for a subscription service. Landing page builders make it easy for non-developers to test prototypes of pages to discover the impact and reaction of the buyers, customers, and website visitors. Landing page builders are a key part of an organization’s marketing strategies, and marketers can use landing page builders to create, modify, and publish web experiences without the help of IT or developers.

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Leadpages is a website and landing page builder that is focused on helping small businesses engage their intended audience, capture leads, and acquire customers. Established in 2013, it’s one of the most recognizable names in the drag-and-drop landing page builder marketplace. It has a full suite of…  Learn more
Carrd is a one-page site builder for professional, personal, and marketing purposes. Carrd users can choose from dozens of simple yet eye-catching templates or they can opt to start with a blank canvas for a personalized design. One-pager sites built on the platform are fully responsive to give visi…  Learn more


Starting at $4.50
/ per month
Whether it’s starting a blog, opening an online store, showcasing a portfolio, or promoting a business, Wix provides a versatile platform to build websites and create content. A unique feature of Wix is its ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence which allows users to launch customized pages just by a…  Learn more


Starting at $17
/ per month
Wix Ecommerce is a reliable eCommerce platform that allows users to easily create and manage an online store. It offers a variety of customizable templates and a drag-and-drop editor for designing a professional-looking store. It offers features like inventory management, payment integrations, and s…  Learn more
Unbounce is a flexible and powerful landing page builder for all screen sizes. It offers two solution categories. While it offers code-free drag-and-drop functionality for solopreneurs and lean teams with limited development resources, it also allows for custom JavaScript and CSS programming for mor…  Learn more
GetResponse is a reliable email marketing software with marketing automation capabilities that can deliver tailored marketing experiences, engage customers, and boost sales through its extensive selection of features. A recent addition to the platform includes web push notifications and an email cha…  Learn more
Instapage is one of the leading landing page builders among marketers with its promise of a 400% increase in return on ad spend. Highly conversions-focused, it features a comprehensive list of optimization functionalities such as A/B and multivariate testing, detailed analytics, and heat mapping. It…  Learn more
Weblfow allows business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators to build websites and publish content using the full power of HTML, Javascript, and CSS in a fully visual canvas without the need for coding. Combining e-commerce, marketing, content management, animation, and design func…  Learn more


Starting at $39
/ per month
Swipe Pages is a cloud-based drag-and-drop landing page builder that focuses on the easy creation of fast Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to increase conversion rates. The platform promises lower bounce rates, higher ranking among mobile searches, and lower cost per click. While it offers 40+ templat…  Learn more
Framer is a design tool for web designers and developers that lets users create production-ready code. Armed with basic coding knowledge, Framers has tools that can create animated effects, build UI components and tap into code libraries, UI kits, or packages. Framers also support typescripts. With…  Learn more
“Turn more traffic into revenue” – this is what’s at the heart of Landingi’s unique proposition as a landing page builder. A number of leading brands and businesses, marketers, and agencies rely on Landingi’s drag-and-drop solution to quickly create, launch, test, and optimize marketing landing page…  Learn more
Shortstack has a drag-and-drop builder that lets users design pages without the need for code. It comes with analytics and marketing features that lets users review their efforts for further improvement. The platform’s drag-and-drop features let users design pages easily, including mobile-responsive…  Learn more
Duda’s host of incredible features is perfectly suited to facilitate collaboration. Whether you intend to work with clients or want a platform designed for seamless team coordination, Duda makes it really easy for users to develop different pages at the same time. It also includes support for a mult…  Learn more
Formerly known as InfusionSoft, Keap is an all-in-one, cloud-based sales, and marketing software option offering customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation tools, and eCommerce features. Keap is the preferred platform for small businesses that rely on the platform to streamline sal…  Learn more
EngageBay is a CRM platform that helps companies streamline their customer relationship management using a single integrated platform. As an all-in-one solution, the software provides great automation capabilities and a generous free-forever plan that already include essential features and tools tha…  Learn more
ActiveCampaign is an integrated marketing tool that easily automates email marketing strategies and creates targeted campaigns. While automated marketing is a core component of the system, ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool that can do so much more. The software is known for being able to deliver a p…  Learn more
Agile CRM is a popular customer relationship platform that was built for small to medium sized organization. The software is best known for its ability to seamlessly integrate sales, service, marketing, social media and other engagement channels to offer a centralized, cloud-based hub that delivers…  Learn more
Benchmark Email is a growth-focused email marketing platform that gives users extensive tools that can help businesses engage better with their contacts and hopefully turn them into clients or customers. Benchmark is a great native split testing platform and provides automated list cleaning. This me…  Learn more
Sendinblue’s popularity among small businesses is rooted in its extensive features that include email, SMS, and live chat functionalities and segmentation features that can personalize communication with customers. The platform also supports landing page creation, A/B testing, heat mapping, and a ho…  Learn more
Co-founded by online marketing guru Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is one of the most widely used sales and marketing funnel builders with more than 100,000 users and close to 10 million funnels created on the platform. Made for entrepreneurs and marketers who don’t have a programming background and…  Learn more
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Learn More About Landing Page Builders

Landing Page Builders Buyer’s Guide

What Are Landing Page Builders?

Landing page builders are tools that help you create effective landing pages for your website. They typically include features like templates, drag-and-drop editors, and integrations with popular marketing and ecommerce platforms.

Some landing page builders are part of larger website builders or eCommerce platforms, while others are standalone tools. There are even some that are designed specifically for niche sites.

Why Use Landing Page Builders: Key Benefits to Consider

There are several reasons users might want to use a landing page builder for their website. Here are some key benefits to consider:


Landing page builders help create professional-looking landing pages without needing to hire a designer or developer. 


Most landing page builders offer a wide range of features and customization options that allow users to create pages that are truly unique to their brand and company identity.

Code-Free Website Creation

Landing page builders are designed to be easy to use. Even if users don’t have any coding experience, they can create and edit pages, without needing to rely on IT or web development to help.

Lower Costs

Using a landing page builder can help users save money, since they won’t need to pay for separate tools or services to create their pages. Additionally, many builders offer free plans or trials, so users have the option to try them out before making a commitment.

Improved Conversions

By creating targeted, effective landing pages, users can improve their website’s conversion rate, generating more leads and sales for their business.

Lead Generation

Many landing page builders include features like forms and pop-ups that make it easy to capture leads from pages. This can be a valuable way to grow email lists or generate sales leads.

Who Uses Landing Page Builders?

Landing Page builders are used across various industries and fields. Below are some key examples that help illustrate how this particular software can benefit specific departments. 

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are responsible for creating and executing online marketing campaigns, which include developing and managing landing pages. A lot of marketing teams have limited time and resources, as such, a tool like landing page builders offer an easy way for the team to execute their lead generation and communication campaigns. 

Online Course Creators

Online course creators need a straightforward, user-friendly online portal that will allow their audience to discover their offerings. With landing page builders, they can easily build a gateway that lets them convert prospects into customers or subscribers. 

App Developers

App developers, with the help of landing page builders, can introduce their innovative apps online easier, complete with comprehensive information on what their apps do and how it can help users. 

Small Business Owners

Small business owners can save time and resources by using landing page builders to build their own landing pages for lead generation campaigns, regardless of what industry they are operating in. From creative services to eCommerce, landing page builders offer an easy, no-code solution that lets users introduce brands and capture prospects so they can move further along the customer journey. 

Landing page builders are an important part of any industry field because it allows users to track their efforts with comprehensive metrics and analytics that allow teams to improve their efforts. 

Features of Landing Page Builders

Here are some key features of landing page builders that users should take note of: 

Standard Features

Drag and Drop Functionality

Many Landing Page Builders offer drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easy to create a landing page without any coding experience.This can be a great way to create a landing page quickly and easily, without having to worry about the technical aspects of coding.

One of the great things about drag-and-drop functionality is that it allows user to easily move elements around on your page, without having to worry about breaking the code–and do so visually. This can be a great time-saver, especially for users who are not familiar with coding.

Lead Capture Forms

Most landing pages will include a lead capture form, which is used to collect information from visitors. This can be used to gather contact information, such as an email address or phone number so the brand can continue keeping in touch with their prospects and move them further along the customer journey. 

The information collected in a lead capture form can be used to follow up with potential customers, and can also be used to create targeted marketing campaigns.  Lead capture forms can be created using a drag-and-drop builder, or they can be added to a landing page using code.

Lead capture forms work as follows: a visitor enters their information into the form, and then they are redirected to a thank-you page or a confirmation page.

Some lead capture forms also offer the option to redirect the visitor to a specific URL after they submit their information. This can be used to send them to a product page, or to a landing page for a contest or giveaway.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is essential for any landing page, as more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Landing page builders offer mobile responsive templates so that a company’s landing page will look great on any device and ensure a seamless user experience.

Some landing page builders also offer the option to create a separate mobile version of a business’ landing page. This can be a good option if the user wants to make sure that their landing page is tailored specifically to their brand and fully optimized for mobile devices.

However, it’s important to note that creating a separate mobile version of their landing page can be more time-consuming and can require more technical knowledge.

Templates and Designs

Most builders offer a wide range of templates and designs that users can use. This makes it easy to create a landing page that matches unique company brand and style. Some templates are more general, while others are designed for specific types of landing pages, such as lead capture pages or product pages. Many landing page builders also offer the option to upload images and videos, so you can further customize landing page details and features. 

Many of the templates provided by builders are also responsive by default and cater around a primary theme or subject matter. This means users never have to reinvent the wheel, and instead, have the option to select a template that suits their specific industry instead.

Digital Analytics

Landing Page Builders offer tracking and analytics tools that helps users track the performance of their landing page. This helps users optimize landing pages for maximum conversions.

Some of the things that users can track with analytics tools include:

  • The number of visitors to the landing page
  • The number of people who submit their information through the lead capture form
  • The number of people who click on the call-to-action button
  • The average time spent on the landing page
  • The bounce rate of the landing page

Data gathered from these features can help improve metrics and boost overall performance. 

Key Features to Look For

When you are looking for a landing page builder, there are a few additional key features to look for that go beyond what’s considered standard but are still must-haves:

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a technique used to test different versions of a landing page to see which one performs better. This helps users optimize the landing page for maximum conversions.

Most landing page builders offer A/B testing as a standard feature. However, some builders may charge an additional fee for it. If the user is serious about optimizing their landing page, then A/B testing is a must-have feature.

A/B testing in landing page builders generally works the same way across all software. To use A/B testing, you first need to create two versions of your landing page. Then, the user will need to select a metric that you want to track, such as the number of people who submit their information through their lead capture form.

After that, the user needs to decide how long they want to run the test for. Once the test is complete, they can then see which version of the landing page performed better.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization helps landing pages rank higher in search engines, which leads to more traffic and conversions. If the user wants to ensure that their landing page is optimized for search engines, then SEO optimization is necessary.

To optimize landing pages for search engines, users need to add relevant keywords and phrases to the page. The landing page also needs to make sure that the page is easy to navigate and that it loads quickly.

In addition, backlinks need to be added as high-quality backlinks can help boost page wrank search engines.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration allows user to share landing pages on social media and track overall campaign performance. With social media integration, users can easily share landing pages with just a few clicks. Users can also track the number of people who click on the links and the number of people who convert.

In addition, social media integration allows you to create targeted campaigns. For example, users can target Facebook users who live in a certain city or who are interested in a certain topic for a more tailored approach to communication and marketing.

Testimonials Support

Testimonials are a great way to build trust with potential customers and show them that your product is worth their time and money. And social proof has long been regarded as a top way to increase conversions. In fact, 37% of top-performing landing pages include some form of testimonial.

Important Considerations When Choosing Landing Page Builders

On top of the essential features users should look for in landing page builders, here are some key considerations to keep in mind when you choose the right tool for your business. 

Ease of Use

Users should try to find a landing page builder that is easy to use. The beauty of landing page software is that it is a no-code tool that simplifies the creation and execution of landing pages. Without coding knowledge, users will have to rely on a drag-and-drop feature as they will be designing everything themselves. 

Landing page builders should also offer a multitude of templates and designs to choose from. This allows users to create a landing page that matches a unique brand and style. Features should be simple to navigate and features should be intuitive and self-explanatory. 

Pricing in the Context of Features

Landing page builders can range in price from $0 to $500+/month depending on what they can do.

The most important thing is to consider the features a business needs in relation to the price. A company may opt for a cheaper-priced builder, only to realize that it lacks all the features they need to ensure campaign success. Remember, some builders offer more features than others, so companies should make sure that they’re getting the features they need at a price that fits the budget. 

Customer Support

Be sure to consider customer support when choosing a landing page builder. Users need a builder that doesn’t offer adequate customer support.

A good landing page builder should offer 24/7 customer support. Ticketed support is ideal as is live chat. At the very least, the tool should provide ample tutorials, walkthroughs – and preferably – videos to guide your through setup. This way, you can rest assured that someone will be there to help you if you need it.

Software Integrations

Landing page builders often work best with other software designed to maximize efficacy. Choosing a platform with comprehensive software integration lets users customize and ensure better results. 

Software Related To Landing Page Builders

Landing page builders are usually used in relation to or together with the following software: 

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software allows users to send mass emails to your list of subscribers. This is a great way to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated regarding the latest products and offers.

Some email marketing software even allows users to automate email marketing campaigns, so that they can set up a campaign with ease. This can save users a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

CRM Software

CRM software is a great way to keep track of customers and their contact information, often used by businesses that intend to sell products or services to them.

It can also help users to track sales and leads so that users can see what’s working and what’s not–information that can be very valuable as users try to improve your sales process.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is a great way to automate marketing tasks. This can include tasks such as email marketing, social media marketing, and even lead generation.

Users save a lot of time and money in the long run with marketing automation software, as it can help them automate many of the tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually.

Website Builders

Website builders are a great way to create a professional-looking website without having to hire a web designer. Website builders typically come with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create a website despite not having any technical experience.

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