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Top 10 Buzzsprout Alternatives & Competitors

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Podbean is a podcast hosting and management platform built to empower businesses to create and publish online podcasts, live stream audio shows, and promote marketing campaigns. It provide customization options. The platform allows easy integration with social media channels and easily engage with Podbean audience comments.


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Libsyn is a world-leading podcast-hosting platform that has equipped creators with hosting, distribution, and monetization services since 2004. This legacy syncs with our founding vision to provide the most advanced podcast hosting platform and ecosystem for podcasters to create, distribute and monetize content worldwide. In 2021 Libsyn hosted millions of media files from 75,000+ podcasts, delivering billions of downloads. Libsyn’s family of brands includes Libsyn, Libsyn Glow, Libsyn Studio, Pair Networks, and Libsyn’s Advertisecast Marketplace, the industry’s leader in connecting advertisers to podcasters. These brands work together to give podcasters a comprehensive toolkit for sharing their passion, telling their stories, and changing the world.


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Blubrry is a reliable and versatile podcasting software that offers everything you need to create and share your content with the world. It’s a powerful podcast hosting and distribution platform that allows users to easily upload and manage their podcasts and provides access to a wide range of features including advanced analytics, customizable player options, and integration with popular podcast directories. Additionally, its affordable pricing plans make it accessible to all.


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Castos offers unlimited storage and bandwidth and helps users manage all their episodes on a WordPress site using the SeriouslySimple Podcasting plugin. Additionally, the platform lets users republish podcasts on YouTube to help generate more listeners. It also automatically transcribes your podcast to improve accessibility and SEO performance. Data can also be analyzed in a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard.


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Fusebox was co-founded by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and was built to make it simple for listeners to choose which podcast episode to listen to while on the user’s website. Since it was introduced, it has since introduced more ways for podcasters to develop creative ways to present their episodes to audiences. The player features a great, single-track player with a site-wide sticky player. Users can generate transcripts automatically to help improve engagement and SEO. Listeners can access podcasts at different speeds and it has features that allow the hearing impaired to access and enjoy podcasts through accessible design and downloadable scripts.


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For advanced podcast analytics, use Transistor to track and monitor your performance. On top typical metrics, the site offers more granular information such as number of visitors per episode. It also gives insight into what apps listeners use to listen to your content and where your listeners are from as well. You can create as many podcasts as you want on this platform, using the same account with no extra charge. And you can also set up your podcast player so visitors can play it without having to leave your page.


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For a full-service podcast hosting option, Resonate also lets you upload, edit and pre-produce podcast files and publish them. With Resonate, you can distribute your podcast across different directories with a single click to expand reach, track the growth of your podcast, and embed the latest podcast episode on your site so you can easily access and listen to it. The platform offers a 14-day trial and provides two plans– a basic one with pretty comprehensive features; and a Premium plan that provides access to a microsite creator.


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Operating since 2005, offers unlimited podcasting storage and episode length, which is ideal if you want to release multiple episodes with heavy file sizes. focuses on monetizing your podcast by leveraging existing partnerships, helping you find perfect sponsors, or offering the ability to insert advertisements in high-traffic podcasts. It also includes features such as episode statistics, cross-platform analytics, an embeddable podcast player, and auto submission to major podcast directories, including Spotify and Apple Music.


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