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Top 10 Wix Ecommerce Alternatives & Competitors

Wix Ecommerce Alternatives


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Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is nearly synonymous with eCommerce businesses. Best known for being a simple and effective tool for retailers, Shopify makes it quick and easy to create a shopping portal that offers dropshipping access and social media sales tools. It’s an accessible solution that simplifies the entire process of getting something up and running, with lots of customization options, and options to customize core functionality as your business grows. The platform also supports an extensive range of payment processing options.

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Best-in-class eCommerce tools for online retailers
  • Integrations with a range of tools and apps via the Shopify app store
  • Comprehensive inventory management via the Shopify POS Pro plan
  • Customer management tools included in all plans for creating client profiles
  • Lots of customization options with the app store
  • Multi-channel sales support for social media
  • Various template options and attractive customization elements
  • Affordable pricing structure for beginners
  • Hosted ecommerce makes it easy to get started
  • Lots of certified partners to offer support

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Starting at $4.50
/ per month

Whether it’s starting a blog, opening an online store, showcasing a portfolio, or promoting a business, Wix provides a versatile platform to build websites and create content. A unique feature of Wix is its ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence which allows users to launch customized pages just by answering a few questions and when ready, go live with one click. Those with coding experience can use the Wix Editor to perform personalizations and add custom-built features. Design tools include a logo maker while marketing capabilities such as a comprehensive e-commerce platform, built-in search optimization tools, and a native appointment scheduling software can be enjoyed out of the box.

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Automated SMS notifications and email reminders to limit no-shows
  • Host public events, sell tickets online and scan them from the Wix Owner app
  • Wix ADI lets you instantly build a website based on simple questions
  • Over 500 templates with extensive editing tools and features
  • Offers modern-looking templates
  • Easily customizable
  • Uses artificial intelligence to design pages
  • Lots of great themes with customization options built-in
  • AI enhanced functionality to help with building your store
  • On-page support to help you make the most of the service
  • Lots of apps and plugins for extra functionality
  • Various secure payment options and SSL certificate

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Shogun Frontend is an all-in-one eCommerce frontend platform that focuses on storefront experience & revenue. It offers richer designs, with animations, video, and custom interactions while maintaining incredible performance.


Starting at $359
/ per month

Vendasta is a marketing software company that offers a fully comprehensive operating platform for local experts who serve small and medium sized businesses across North America.


Starting at $1
/ per month

For small to medium enterprises looking for web hosting options in the UK, IONOS offers great uptime, free SSL, and various hosting options at very affordable prices. It’s a popular managed WordPress hosting platform as well, ensuring that users don’t have to worry about managing the technical aspect of setting up their sites. Their plans and prices are designed for small to medium-sized enterprises and consistently get good reviews for their feature-rich website creation tools and great locally-based online support.


Starting at

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is a hosted and open-source product and is one of the biggest website builders today, with major blue-chip brands like Nike and Cisco among its roster of clients. The Adobe Commerce environment is also scalable, however, it does require some coding knowledge to maximize. The platform has a lot of customization options and offers trigger-based automated marketing features and automatic cross-selling and upselling features.


Starting at $29.95
/ Per Month

BigCommerce is a powerful online platform preferred by those just starting out in the eCommerce industry. The scalability of BigCommerce is especially notable, with businesses easily able to scale small stores into major retail hubs that are perfectly tailored and aligned with your overall retail strategy. BigCommerce also offers an extensive selection of themes, features multichannel integrations, access to a wide selection of tools, and can rely on it to deliver comprehensive reports and business insights.

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Leading eCommerce platform for SMBs and larger businesses
  • Provides to upload unlimited number of products
  • Very customizable themes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Seamless store management tools
  • Excellent marketing integrations and module
  • No transaction fees
  • Sell on multiple platforms, like Amazon, Instagram, eBay and Facebook
  • Flexible and scalable design, perfect for growing businesses
  • Lots of multivariate testing and reporting options
  • Nice templates and customization options
  • Advanced features like abandoned cart recovery are available

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Starting at $0
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Ecwid stands out in this category because of how easy to use the platform is. It’s easily one of the most adaptable, which means users can quickly start selling products online. Ecwid is also not a standalone builder, but it does work with a range of platforms, including WordPress. On this platform, you can customize your checkout experience, integrate key apps to help you scale, and even manage your store on the move.

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Simple enough to plug into your existing websites
  • Lots of customization options
  • Great for adding extra integrations and features
  • Manage your store on the move with a mobile app
  • Various payment processing options

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Starting at $0
/ Per Month

Shift4Shop has grown to be recognized as one of the most intuitive eCommerce solutions that retailers have the option to use today. Store owners can easily get their sites running quickly and use the built-in tools to see their organization grow. Shift4Shop has a slightly higher learning curve than others in its category, however, with it comes unique features exclusive to the platform. For example, Shift4Shop comes with content marketing and SEO tools. You also have access to various payment providers, and well design templates.


Starting at $120
/ Per Month

WooCommerce is the top choice for eCommerce businesses on WordPress. While it’s not a standalone site builder, it works seamlessly with the WordPress environment which makes it easy to use and simple, even for beginners. Anyone familiar with WordPress will find WooCommerce a great tool as they attempt to build out their site. WooCommerce works well with add-ons and integrations, with tools that include email marketing, social media selling, and one-click upsells. It does require basic coding know-how and developer insight as you scale the site, but learning the ins and outs of the platform ultimately makes management of the site so much simpler.

Frequently Mentioned Pros

  • Excellent for SEO and content marketing (like WordPress)
  • Extensible with lots of apps and widgets
  • Tons of customizations and themes available
  • Lots of support available from WordPress experts
  • Highly effective for marketing and promotion

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