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What is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is an all-in-one inventory management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Integration with other Zoho software such as Zoho CRM ensures seamless communication between sales and inventory teams. The software boasts features such as real-time tracking, barcode scanning, and multi-channel sales management, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their inventory management process. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing making it an attractive option for businesses on a budget.

Company Zoho Corporation
Year founded 2000
Company size 10,001+ employees
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Social Media
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Small Business
Mid Market
Deployment Cloud / SaaS / Web-Based, Mobile Android, Mobile iPad, Mobile iPhone
Training Documentation
Languages English
Zoho Inventory Features
Accounting Integrations
Centralized Inventory Database
Low Stock Notifications
Inventory Level Dashboards
Stock History Reporting
Data Exporting / Importing
Ecommerce Integrations
Inventory Tracking
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Last updated: April 15, 2024
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2 Zoho Inventory Reviews
4.5 out of 5
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Jan 27, 2017
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Zoho Inventory - a turn key solution"
What do you like best about Zoho Inventory?
multiple inventory management was a snap to implement. The workflow is very simple and easy to use for all staff involved, from sales order to packaging. Reporting is fantastic
What do you dislike about Zoho Inventory?
Too complicated to integrate with crm. Support is minimal, zoho was unable to articulate to me how to get invoices to import to crm seamlessly
What problems is Zoho Inventory solving and how is that benefiting you?
Multiple warehouse management! It was turn-key implementing it. And, the reporting metrics are dead simple to use
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Feb 07, 2017
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Zoho Inventory"
What do you like best about Zoho Inventory?
The ease of use and that it was working out of the box with limited need for developer experience.
What do you dislike about Zoho Inventory?
There isn't much to dislike. At the size business we are using this product for, the fit is very good.
What problems is Zoho Inventory solving and how is that benefiting you?
The primary reason for implementation was to keep better track of vendor purchasing and project item delivery. The secondary benefits have been with budget maintenance and tracking inventory through delivery.
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