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Jasper AI Reviews & Product Details

Jasper AI Overview

What is Jasper AI?

Previously known as Jarvis and Conversion.AI, Jasper is an AI writing tool that was created to produce content quickly. With Jasper, users can automatically generate long-form, search-engine-optimized content in seconds. The platform lets you create content in over 25 languages, making it easy to customize the content, it also lets users identify important elements in their text for easy replacement, while fonts and styles can be customized based on thousands of fonts and styles.

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Jasper AI Pros and Cons


  • It is inexpensive given all the included features.
  • It can write content in different languages.
  • It can handle short- and long-form content.
  • Plagiarism-free content with built-in Copyscape integration
  • Integration with content optimization tools like SurferSEO to boost rankings
  • AI recipes and templates are included to make access easier for beginners
  • 26 languages and built-in grammar checking with Grammarly
  • It can generate taglines in 25+ languages. 
  • You can easily use it with other AI writing (from Jasper) features. 
  • You can add it to Chrome.
  • You can use it with SurferSEO
  • It creates plagiarism-free taglines
  • Reduced risk of plagiarism with Copyscape integration
  • Integration with SurferSEO to boost your position in the SERPs
  • Sentence expander, content improver, and explain it to a child features for different styles of content.


  • It may produce factual errors.
  • It needs someone to check its work, especially when producing longer articles.
  • Coherence and flow could be better in some cases.
  • Jasper regularly repeats words and phrases, which could lead to increased editing time.
  • It requires a keen eye for detail (because it can generate errors)
    • Flow and coherence can suffer when creating longer sentences.
  • The tool sometimes repeats certain words and phrases.

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Findstack’s Review

Editors’ Review by the AI Writing Assistants Review Team

In this Jasper AI review, we’re exploring the features, functionality, and benefits of a popular artificial intelligence writing tool. In recent years, companies have rapidly begun to leverage the benefits of AI for multiple processes and operations.

Around 91.5% of leading businesses say they invest in AI on an ongoing basis. However, studies show the majority of these companies are focused on harnessing AI for cybersecurity, compliance, customer service, and support.

AI writing tools are still a relatively underutilized form of AI service, designed to empower marketing professionals and accelerate the production of high-quality content. Although the AI writing landscape is still quite new, experts say it will grow to a value of $1,363.99 million by 2030.

Jasper AI, previously known as “Jarvis”, is widely regarded as one of the best AI writing tools around. This simple solution aims to help businesses improve their writing, brainstorm ideas, and come up with new content for marketing purposes.

But is Jasper AI really as valuable as it seems? Let’s find out.

What is Jasper AI?

jasper ai homepage

Previously known as “Jarvis”, Jasper AI is an online writing tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help users create new content, and improve their existing writing. Jasper can create content automatically, using natural language processing combined with specific inputs.

Using Jasper, business leaders and marketers can create blog posts, ads, social media posts, landing page copy, stories, and news reports within a matter of seconds.

Jasper is widely regarded as one of the best AI writing tools around, with more than 1000 5-star reviews on trusted sites, and endless positive feedback from customers. The solution produces some of the highest quality AI-driven content because it has already been trained by expert marketers and copywriters. The key advantages of Jasper AI include:

  • SEO support: Jasper AI content is automatically optimized for the search engines
  • Time savings: You can produce five times as much content with Jasper in a shorter space of time, giving your marketing team more time to focus on other tasks.
  • Smooth workflows: Jasper AI makes it quick and simple to create your ideal content from scratch, with a straightforward interface, and access to 25+ languages.
  • Improved content: Jasper can help to improve the quality of content produced by a business with suggestions, grammatical guidance and writing support.
  • More content ideas: Jasper can help you to brainstorm ideas to capture audience attention and improve marketing ROI.

The History and Background of Jasper AI

Jasper AI was released in 2021 by CEO Dave Rogenmoser, and is backed by the same team responsible for the “Proof” software.

Previously, Jasper AI was known as both Jarvis AI and Conversion.ai. However, it’s managed to maintain an excellent brand reputation, despite a few refreshes over the years. The company has also achieved some phenomenal success in the AI market within a short period.

In November 2022, Jasper AI successfully raised $125 million in Series A funding, giving it a valuation of approximately $1.5 billion today.

Jasper promises to rapidly increase the content output of marketing companies, help them to brainstorm new ideas, and ensure they can write better in every environment. The AI solution is trained to produce high-converting copy, and all of the content produced is plagiarism-free.

How to use Jasper AI

One of things we noticed during our Jasper AI review, is that this technology is extremely straightforward to use. Although you will need to deliver specific information to the AI algorithm to ensure you’re producing the right content, there’s plenty of guidance throughout the interface to help you. Once you sign up for a plan with Jasper AI, you can create content in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Picking the right content template in Jasper AI

how to generate reviews and testimonials at scale wi

Jasper AI comes with a range of templates for users to choose from, so they can focus on building the right kind of content for each platform. Each template is optimized for a different environment, use-case, or content marketing goal.

You can search through the available templates with a keyword or simply browse through the various options offered by Jasper on the dashboard. Options range from long-form content to AIDA frameworks, Facebook ad posts, and more.

Step 2: Feeding relevant information to the template

jasper ai review features demo and in depth wal

Once you’ve picked an appropriate template for your content in Jasper, the next step is narrowing down the specific information you want the content to cover. This is probably the most complicated part of using Jasper AI. You’ll need to be precise on the subjects and topics you want Jasper to cover, to ensure you’re developing the right information.

You can enter information like specific headlines or sub-headings for a blog post. It’s also worth entering information about the kind of voice you want to portray in your writing, such as “witty” or “persuasive”. Users can also include a content brief, keywords, and any other relevant information they would usually give to a blog or content writer.

Step 3: Running Jasper AI to generate content

jasper sample page is jarvis now jasper worth

Finally, once you’ve entered all of the correct information into the Jasper ecosystem, you can click the “Generate AI content” button. You can also choose how many versions of your content you want Jasper to produce, so you can explore different options to find the right one.

The system will start producing content at an exceptional speed, on the right-hand side of the page. You can then click into this section and start editing your content, using suggestions for grammar and spelling from Jasper to guide you.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

jasper ai boss mode

Jasper AI has various levels of writing support to offer, depending on the package you choose for your service. “Boss Mode”, is the switch you can use on premium plans to enhance your writing experience, and write up to 5 times faster.

Boss mode speeds up your content pipeline by allowing you to create content 80% produced by AI and 20% edited by you. The solution also integrates with SurferSEO.com, to ensure you can use the right keywords for your content. Plus, it works with Copyscape to check your content for plagiarism.

As an added bonus, Grammarly is also included to help improve your grammar and fix spelling mistakes rapidly. Boss mode includes:

  • Enhanced commands: Jasper commands allow you to deliver commands to Jasper correctly to guide the content creation process. You can tell the AI exactly what you want.
  • Improved context: Jasper will consistently read your previous 3,000 characters every time before producing new content, to ensure consistency.
  • Quick translation: You’ll also be able to translate your content instantly into a range of 26 different languages, without worrying about spelling errors.

What are Jasper AI Recipes?

jasper ai recipes

One of the things that made our lives easier during our Jasper AI review, was using AI “recipes”. These are pre-built workflows which already include a series of specific commands designed to help you create content quickly and conveniently. You can create your own recipes, and also access new recipes shared by the Jasper community.

All of the recipes you use will be saved in your “recipes” tab in the Jasper sidebar. You can get started with recipes using the featured list available on Jasper or the suggested options created by the community. Simple click the recipe you want to use, and select “run” to create a new document using the recipe of your choice.

You can also alter your recipes however you like, making changes to keywords, tone of voice, and other valuable points.

The Quality of Jasper’s Output

One of the biggest concerns companies have about using AI for content generation, is that they won’t get the same excellence from a robot as they would from a human. First, it’s worth noting that Jasper still needs some input from a writer or marketer in order to produce the right content. In this way, it’s not a complete replacement for your marketing team.

jasper ai review framework

However, if you can get the input and framework right, then Jasper can produce relatively high-quality content. The key to success is making sure you read through what’s produced carefully. Let’s look at Jasper’s performance in a few key areas:

  • Flow/Coherence: Jasper Boss mode will read through up to 3000 previous characters before producing the next piece of content to ensure ongoing contextual coherence. However, some questions and inputs you introduce to the AI system may not be fully comprehended by the technology. The flow can get a little garbled in places if you’re not careful.
  • Grammar/Spelling: Jasper is very good at maintaining good grammar and spelling throughout your content pieces. There’s also an integration with Grammarly available for Boss Mode users, so you can double-check any issues yourself during the editing process. This can keep your chances of mistakes to a minimum.
  • Plagiarism: Jasper promises 100% original content, with absolutely no plagiarism, thanks in part to integration with Copyscape. However, you may find a little of the content sounds quite similar to what has already been produced online. Some of Jasper’s functionality does work around “rephrasing” information from other blog posts.

Who uses Jasper AI?

As mentioned above, Jasper AI isn’t an alternative for a copywriter or a comprehensive marketing team, but it can be a powerful tool for a range of use cases. Some of the people most likely to benefit from this tool based on our Jasper AI tool include:

  • Bloggers and content writers who struggle to come up with new ideas for content and produce large volumes of content on a regular basis.
  • Small business owners who need help creating original content reviews, scripts, and other pieces of content for marketing campaigns.
  • Writers and authors looking for help creating their own novels from scratch, without having to hire a ghostwriter.
  • Social media managers who need help rapidly create excellent social media posts at record speed.
  • SEO experts who want assistance making sure their content appeals to the search engines and ranks correctly, thanks to integrated tools.
  • Paid ad creators who need help creating ad headlines and other body content designed to capture audience attention.

Simply put, if you’re looking to automatically create better content at speed, Jasper might be a worthwhile investment. Just don’t expect the tool to do all of the work of content creation for you.

Jasper AI Integrations

jasper ai integrations chrome extension

Part of what makes Jasper AI such a compelling choice for today’s business owners is how effective the technology is at integrating with other critical marketing tools. The solution has its own Chrome extension, as well as various integrations for tools like:

  • Surfer SEO: Jasper announced its integration with the popular on-page SEO solution, Surfer SEO in 2021. This tool helps users to create more SEO-optimized content quickly and easily. You can search for keyword opportunities, check keyword density, and ensure you’re adding the right number of links and images to your content too.
  • Grammarly: Included as part of the Boss Mode package for Jasper AI, the Grammarly integration allows you to rapidly check the spelling and grammar of your content. You can look for things like tone of voice, passive language, and similar grammatical issues.
  • Copyscape: To ensure your content is completely original, Jasper integrates with Copyscape, so you can look for other similar content on the web. You can check all of your output content automatically, and make sure it’s not too close to anything that already exists.

What makes Jasper AI stand out from other AI writing assistants?

Jasper AI is an excellent AI writing assistant, but it’s far from the only solution on the market. There are plenty of other leading tools out there designed to deliver similar functionality. However, Jasper does have an edge in the current market. It offers benefits most other solutions don’t, such as:

  • SEO-enhanced content: Built-in SEO optimizing tools, and support for Surfer SEO makes it easier for content creators to produce pieces which are automatically optimized for the search engines. You can rapidly improve your chances of ranking higher for any keyword.
  • Speed: While most AI writing tools make it quicker and easier to produce your content, Jasper is the only tool offering its own “Boss Mode” option, which allows you to accelerate your content production to the next level.
  • Plagiarism: Although it’s difficult to say whether Jasper fully delivers on its promise to provide completely plagiarism-free content, it does help to cut down on the risk of “copied work”. Some content may be rephrased, but it will be mostly original.
  • Content help: Jasper doesn’t just create content for you, it can also help you to improve the quality of your writing. There are built-in tools like the “content improver” which allow you to rephrase and rewrite specific pieces of content easily to improve their impact.
  • Versatility: Jasper can write in 26 different languages, which makes it easy to reach a wider audience. At the same time, the tool comes with templates for virtually every kind of content you can think of, so you can produce writing for any purpose.
  • Bootcamp: Jasper also has its own bootcamp solution which can teach you how to improve your SEO, enhance your writing, and make the most of your content solutions. This is excellent if you need extra help upgrading your content strategy.

Jasper AI Review: Pricing

All of the amazing functionality you get from Jasper comes with a specific price tag. There are a few different options to choose from. To begin, you’ll be able to create up to 10,000 words of content for free, to see whether you’re really comfortable with the service. Notably, however, you will need to enter your credit card details to do this.

jasper ai pricing

Outside of the free plan, there are three paid packages to choose from. You can swap between monthly or annual payments, depending on your needs. However, annual plans do come with a 17% discount if you’re looking to save some extra cash.

Options include:

  • Starter: Starting at $49 per month for up to 35,000 words, 50+ AI templates, 20+ languages, up to 5 users, and chat support. You’ll also get access to AI templates and content improvement tools to help enhance your writing.
  • Boss Mode: Starting at $99 per month for up to 100,000 words per month, all the features of Starter, and a Google Docs style editor. You also get maximum content lookback for context, increased limits on templates, compose and command features, and priority support.
  • Business: This custom pricing plan allows you to choose the exact number of users and words you need. You’ll also be able to manage limits per user, access flexible billing options, and leverage an onboarding and training system. There’s a dedicated account manager for each customer and premium technical support.

Every plan can be customized with an increase in word counts and the number of team members. This means the more content you produce, the more you’re likely to pay.

Summary of Jasper’s Pros and Cons

Ultimately, Jasper is an excellent tool for AI content writing and editing. However, like any online tool, it has a range of pros and cons to consider.


  • Excellent for speeding up your content production
  • Plagiarism-free content with Copyscape
  • Exceptional grammar-checking functionality
  • AI recipes to help get you started
  • 26 languages to choose from
  • SEO-friendly content
  • Lots of templates for different types of writing


  • Some content will be simply “rephrased”
  • The coherence and flow of some content could be better
  • Jasper does regularly repeat a lot of words

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, our Jasper AI review revealed that this tool could be a valuable solution for many companies struggling with content creating. It can help you to come up with unique ideas for content, and accelerate the writing process. However, it’s not the perfect way to eliminate the need for any content writers in your marketing strategy.

Jasper can improve the content produced by your team, and give you more assistance with your overall content writing plan. However, we’re not sure if it will completely eliminate the need for amazing writers in the digital marketing landscape.

Review updated on October 1, 2023

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