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What is Vocal Voip?

Vocal Voip is a versatile VoIP solution designed to meet the communication needs of businesses of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including voice calls, video conferencing, messaging, and more. The platform is accessible via multiple devices ensuring seamless communication across teams. With robust security measures and user-friendly interfaces, Vocal Voip aims to enhance productivity and collaboration.

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Small Business
Deployment Cloud / SaaS / Web-Based, Desktop Mac, Desktop Windows, Mobile Android, Mobile iPhone
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Languages English
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Auto Attendant
Call Barging
Call Forwarding
Call Logs
Call Monitoring
Call Queues
Call Recording
Call Reporting and Analytics
Call Routing
Call Screening
Call Transfer
Call Whispering
Caller ID
Conference Calling
Contact Management
Do Not Disturb
Fax to Email
HD Voice
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Integration with CRM
International Calling
Mobile App
Number Porting
Presence Indicator
SIP Trunking
Text Messaging
Video Conferencing
Voicemail to Email
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Last updated: July 21, 2024
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2 Vocal Voip Reviews
4.8 out of 5
Mid Market (51-1000 emp.)
Feb 27, 2019
Overall Rating:
Ank P.
What do you like best about Vocal Voip?

VOCAL VOIP provides a best Voice over IP solution with wide range of Voice, Video, Radio and Mobile VoIP applications.VOCAL VOIP provide enhanced voice quality,VoIP interoperability, provide Secure communications. This software used webrtc for VoIP feature. VOCAL VOIP is very scalable,simple to use ,provide high performance.It provide low jitter, multi-channel audio support,multiple audio /video codec support,echo cancellation.

What do you dislike about Vocal Voip?

There is nothing to dislike about VOCAL VOIP but i just want to give few suggestion to the team: 1) Screen share feature need improvement, it doesn't work properly when network quality is poor. 2) I faced problem in file sharing.Some times large file doesn't send. 3) VOCAL VOIP should improve there customer support.

What problems is Vocal Voip solving and how is that benefiting you?

VOCAL VOIP is a cost effective solution for the company.It provide high quality audio,video feature which you will not get by other VOIP service provider.

Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Apr 04, 2019
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
What do you like best about Vocal Voip?

No phone lines needed. Easy to transfer to with just and extension.

What do you dislike about Vocal Voip?

There are no dislike about the system. Convenient to use.

What problems is Vocal Voip solving and how is that benefiting you?

Business problems solving is about customers being upset and want to speak to management quickly. It very convenient for the boss and us to dial a few digits instead of looking up a 10 digit number.