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WebinarJam Reviews & Product Details

WebinarJam Overview

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam helps businesses create and conduct webinar sessions, designed to extend a business’ reach through its comprehensive tools. The platform can host events, teach classes, broadcast to your team, and increase sales as well as event attendance using just a single webinar system. It boasts the most extensive set of features at the most cost-effective price and is trusted by thousands of professionals across different industries.

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WebinarJam Pros and Cons


  • Easy social media integrations
  • Provides automatic recording
  • Lets you add surveys and polls in webinars
  • Compatible with numerous browsers and OS


  • Offers only annual subscription
  • Requires additional purchase of EverWebinar to get automated, on-demand webinars

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Findstack’s Review

Editors’ Review by the Presentation Software Review Team

With average attendance rates ranging from 35-45%, statistics and studies show that webinars offer potential for significant revenue gains and for building relationships that generate leads and conversions. In this WebinarJam review, we want to figure out if the WebinarJam software supports your efforts to increase conversions and make significant returns like those studies mentioned.

Webinarjam Homepage
Source: WebinarJam

Around 36% of marketers state that webinars are effective in creating leads that eventually convert to sales.

Conversion rates by marketing channel
Source: Marketing Charts

Therefore, we’re interested in figuring out if WebinarJam lives up to that potential. Does it make it easy for marketers to capture leads and sell offerings within the webinar? Is it affordable enough so as not to minimize profits?

Keep reading as we explain who should consider WebinarJam and which features stand out the most.

Who Should Consider WebinarJam?

WebinarJam makes sense for those who crave high-resolution online video calls and webinars. It focuses on presenting your content, whether that’s a PowerPoint, images, or video, with perfect resolution, instead of having to worry about whether your viewers can read a statistic or see the expression on your face. It also works on all devices, and supports up to 5,000 attendees and 6 presenters. That makes it an excellent webinar tool for large online events, training seminars, and online courses where you know the users may end up on a mobile device.

Overall, WebinarJam looks like a winner for any organization that wants to expand its content creation outside of blog posts, infographics, and video content.

Webinars are often considered one of the most valuable content offerings by B2B buyers, so we like WebinarJam for those types of situations, especially to create uninterrupted webinars with flexible scheduling, replays, and intuitive communication tools.

Influencer Content by B2B Buyers
Source: Marketing Charts

The main restriction to smaller businesses may be the pricing. But overall, it should provide enough of a return on investment to make it worthwhile for the average business. Not to mention, the competition is often more expensive.

WebinarJam Review: The Features

Packed with communication tools and webinar design essentials, WebinarJam boasts an impressive set of features. Here’s a look into the top features we found during our WebinarJam review.

Not all webinars require monetization, but it’s nice to know that WebinarJam provides the elements needed to collect money and present offers. To begin, you get a paid webinars feature that links to a payment gateway. You can secure all webinar content with a password and only allow people in after they make the payment.

Furthermore, WebinarJam includes a way to display discounts and offers during your webinar with captivating live offerings. This way, it doesn’t distract too much from your presentation, yet you’re still able to make sales.

Webinar Paid Webinars Options
Source: WebinarJam

User Interaction Tools like Live Chat, Attendee Spotlight, and Polls

WebinarJam empowers creators with ways to interact with attendees through several features. The live chat box functions much like any other chat box you would see online, except it allows for both group and private chats. The presenter can see all chats that come in through the module and highlight comments. There’s even an option to make sticky announcements so the attendees always see important messages.

WebinarJam Chat Feature
Source: WebinarJam

The attendee spotlight improves the overall interactivity of the video and chat box modules by choosing someone in the crowd who’s willing to speak. It switches to a person in the audience and zooms in on their screen. This way, it becomes more like a regular classroom or conference setting where the attendees see and hear their peers.

WebinarJam Raise Your Hand Feature
Source: WebinarJam

Finally, WebinarJam provides polls and surveys that you create prior to the webinar and send during the presentation. You can quiz people on what they’ve learned or simply use it as a way to get feedback.

WebinarJam Poll Function
Source: WebinarJam

Automated Recordings and Replays

WebinarJam provides a system that automatically records everything that appears on the screen during your webinar.

It’s not just the video or your PowerPoint presentation that gets recorded, but all chats, announcements, and polls that appear throughout. After that, you can send the recording to the Replica Replay feature to give attendees (and those who didn’t show up) a place to view the webinar.

Webinar Thank You Note
Source: WebinarJam

An Automated Video Injection Tool

Another way to automate your webinar is by taking the “live” aspect out of the equation.

WebinarJam Host View
Source: WebinarJam

WebinarJam has an automated video injection feature that allows you to add a prerecorded video to your webinar. This way, you can plan the video and minimize pauses and technical difficulties.

Handouts and Drawing Boards

The handouts feature enables you to take a PDF, or any file, and share it with the attendees to supplement the information you talk about, or for them to complete homework on the topic.

This all happens during the live webinar. This way, you already have the files uploaded and ready on WebinarJam.

WebinarJam Add File Feature
Source: WebinarJam

In addition, WebinarJam offers drawing boards for the presenters to dive deeper into a subject with drawings and hand-written notes. These notes get overlaid on top of your slides or media items, strengthening your points and helping out users with questions.

WebinarJam Whiteboard Feature
Source: WebinarJam

Email and Text Messaging

The messaging system focuses on private chats between individual attendees and presenters, as well as automated messages for reminders.

WebinarJam Email Integration
Source: WebinarJam

In short, you can send and receive emails and text messages to and from your webinar attendees. This empowers those unwilling to speak out in public, and opens up a line of communication for those who may have thought of a question after the webinar.

A Sleek Page Builder with Flexible Scheduling Tools

The website page builder forms the root of your design interface, meaning you don’t actually have to go out and find a different website host or content management system (CMS). Every design template that comes with WebinarJam is fully responsive for mobile devices. They’re professionally designed and optimized for conversions.

WebinarJam Webinar Builder
Source: WebinarJam

As a bonus, you can incorporate a calendar scheduler on your website, where users come to the site and see webinar times and dates.

WebinarJam Webinar Configuration
Source: WebinarJam

Schedule a recurring series, set the webinar to run in the future, or start an immediate show.

WebinarJam webinar scheduling
Source: WebinarJam

Features Exclusive to the Professional and Enterprise Plans

The above features come with all WebinarJam pricing plans. However, a few advanced features are available when you upgrade to the Professional and Enterprise plans.

For instance, you receive a panic button and an “always-on room” when you sign up for the Professional pricing plan.

WebinarJam Reboot Room Function
Source: WebinarJam

The panic button provides the following capabilities:

  • A button to instantly save the meeting if you have technical difficulties.
  • A way to automatically redirect all attendees to a new page.
  • An instant booting feature to reset the page.

The always-on room includes:

  • A webinar page that’s constantly ready for you to start a webinar, or to run a very long webinar.
  • A never-changing link so your attendees find your page every time.
  • Preset webinar settings.
  • Options to name the room after your brand.
WebinarJam Webinar Customization Options
Source: WebinarJam

Along with an increase in attendees and presenters, the Enterprise plan offers a control center feature.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A separate module for someone else (your staff) to moderate the webinar while you make the presentation.
  • Options to control the chat and Q&A section.
  • Tools to post offers, videos, links, and files.
  • Full control of meeting attendees, with areas to manage payments and speakers.
  • Real-time analytics.
WebinarJam Intro Guide
Source: WebinarJam

What are the Main Benefits of WebinarJam?

During our testing we felt the following benefits stood out the most:

  • WebinarJam’s low price.
  • The interactivity tools.
  • The automation tools.
  • The mobile interface.

WebinarJam’s mobile focus makes sense, considering the average American household has 10 devices, with larger families showing averages of 19 devices per household. In fact, 91% of households have smartphones, while tablets are seen in 71% of households.

Devices in US Houses
Source: Statista

That opens up many options outside of the traditional PC or Mac when people view webinars. As a result, it’s highly beneficial that WebinarJam caters to mobile users with its 100% mobile-friendly interface.

You’ll also find that the WebinarJam pricing beats out many webinar competitors, undercutting the market’s average pricing by close to 50%, and sometimes more.

And of course, the automation brings about potential for speedy webinar creation and flawless presentations, seeing as how you can upload a pre-recorded video. They also include automated recordings and a Replica Replay feature.

WebinarJam Customer Support

We’ve yet to talk about the WebinarJam customer service as one of its benefits. That’s because it’s not quite as powerful as other webinar software options.

Having said that, WebinarJam does provide a Support module for contacting a member of the customer service team. This portal is inside your dashboard for easy access, but it lacks essentials like phone support or reliable live chat. A live chat section is available, but the hours are short, from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 1PM PST.

WebinarJam Support
Source: WebinarJam

Therefore, the main way to get in contact with WebinarJam is through the email ticketing system. As an alternative, WebinarJam offers a decent documentation Wiki with articles on topics like integrations, running a webinar, and using the API.

WebinarJam Training Panel
Source: WebinarJam Documentation

Finally, all WebinarJam customers have the opportunity to join the WebinarJam Facebook Group to discuss strategies and marketing thoughts with other users.

WebinarJam Review: Pricing

At first glance, WebinarJam may appear expensive. However, webinar software usually costs around $150 to $500 per month, putting WebinarJam into the low-cost category (with the likes of Zoom). In fact, its most popular pricing plan lists at roughly $79 per month, beating out the market average by a significant margin.

WebinarJam breaks up its pricing into four plans:


$ 39 /mo

Best for single user needs

  • 100 attendees
  • 1 host
  • 1-hour max duration
Visit site


$ 79 /mo

Added Automated Webinars

  • 500 attendees
  • 2 hosts
  • 2-hour max duration
Visit site


$ 229 /mo

Added “Always-On” Live Room

  • 2000 attendees
  • 4 hosts
  • 3-hour max duration
Visit site


$ 379 /mo

Added Control Panel for staff

  • 5000 attendees
  • 6 hosts
  • 4-hour max duration
Visit site

Please note: All above-presented prices are billed annually.

Each plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test out the system and see if it’s right for your organization. Unfortunately, a free trial isn’t available. They also don’t have a free plan. However, the guarantee should suffice as a way to understand the platform’s offerings without any risk.

Keep in mind that all WebinarJam pricing packages require upfront, yearly payments. That’s definitely a way for them to keep costs low, but it may present a barrier for some companies.

WebinarJam Ease of Use

Webinars require significant planning and knowledge, so we like to see webinar software that minimizes the need for any extra work.

In terms of its user interface, WebinarJam has a fairly speedy process for creating your webinar website, launching webinars, and setting presenters.

The dashboard is clean and easily understandable, with a few buttons in the menu for the main dashboard, your webinars, analytics, and registrants.

WebinarJam Dashboard
Source: WebinarJam

You can add a webinar with ease by adding presenters and other webinar essentials like the name and description.

WebinarJam Webinar Setup Settings
Source: WebinarJam

You build the website with help from premade templates and builder modules, some of which help capture leads, manage your schedule, and explain the webinar.

WebinarJam Templates
Source: WebinarJam

Overall, WebinarJam manages to consolidate its primary features into an intuitive dashboard that even a beginner can understand. And that simplicity extends into the area where you run your webinar, seeing as how you have immediate access to buttons for Offers, Files, and more.

Webinarjam Webinar Recording
Source: WebinarJam

In Conclusion

The fairly low pricing, automation, interactivity tools, and the mobile interface all show that WebinarJam has the power to help out many webinar hosts. Although you can’t pay on a monthly basis, and the customer support lacks some essentials, we recommend WebinarJam to those who crave simplicity and high-powered communication features.

Review updated on March 22, 2023

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