Best Bug Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Products within the broader category of Bug Tracking have a lot in common and are aimed at solving business challenges for companies of various sizes. Yet, there are notable differences in the setup, features, pricing, customer support for small businesses compared to larger enterprises. Therefore, it's crucial to guide SMEs towards the suitable Small Business Bug Tracking Software options that cater to their specific requirements.
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BugHerd logo
Starting at $39.00/month
BugHerd is a visual feedback tool for websites. Pin stakeholder feedback & track bugs directly on web ... Learn more about BugHerd logo
Free plan available packages itself as a Work OS built for a new way of working. Providing businesses with a si... Learn more about
Wrike logo
Free plan available
Harping on its versatility, Wrike is a project management software that features highly customizable d... Learn more about Wrike
ClickUp logo
Free plan available
More than just a task management tool, ClickUp is a 360-degree productivity suite that offers function... Learn more about ClickUp
Sentry logo
Free plan available
Sentry is an open-source error tracking tool that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real tim... Learn more about Sentry
Jira logo
Starting at $7.00/month
Jira is a project management software for team planning, tracking, and project management. The platfor... Learn more about Jira
Linear logo
Free plan available
Linear is an agile project management tool built to help teams stay organized and focused. Linear empo... Learn more about Linear
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