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What is Kerika?

Kerika is a task management tool that offers a user-friendly interface that works with Google Apps.

Company Kerika
Year founded 2002
Company size Myself Only employees
Headquarters United States
Social Media
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Small Business
Mid Market
Deployment Cloud / SaaS / Web-Based, Desktop Chromebook, Mobile Android, Mobile iPad, Mobile iPhone
Training Documentation
Languages English
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Last updated: April 19, 2024
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3 Kerika Reviews
5.0 out of 5
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Aug 30, 2023
Overall Rating:
Rysha M.
"Kerika for G suite"
What do you like best about Kerika?
Everything your remote team needs to work lie task project management it's all in one place. you will get the all productive taks overview from the single dashbaor and UI is very good compair to any other task and progect management plataform.
What do you dislike about Kerika?
There is not downside while using the kerika as all the future are very easy to use and understand to work with it. just more third party intigration support is needed.
What problems is Kerika solving and how is that benefiting you?
After using the Kerika there is no need of any other platfor required as it has all under one place to use and incress your productivity and you can get the all the required updated of the work and prgress from the main dashbard.
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Dec 18, 2017
Overall Rating:
Paul S.
Usability, Strategy, Implementation And Operations
"Simple Kanban or List Project Management with Great Collaboration Features"
What do you like best about Kerika?
Easy to use, integrates with Google Drive (also available in a Box version). Communicate onto each card. Whiteboard feature is fantastic. Outside users can join without paying for licensing. Granular permissions available. Great customer support.
What do you dislike about Kerika?
Limited mobile compatibility, no mobile app, but we find this isn't really necessary.
What problems is Kerika solving and how is that benefiting you?
Team collaboration of projects with very little learning threshold. Able to loop in senior management easily. Integration with gSuite means we can create documents within Kerika environment and collaborate on the document and integrate into our PM.
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Jan 31, 2018
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Kerika - Help make Presentations more Creative"
What do you like best about Kerika?
What I love about Kerika is how it enables you to turn boring presentations into creative masterpieces! There are templates available, but there are many ways you can change and personalize them.
What do you dislike about Kerika?
At first, it's a little overwhelming and confusing to figure out how to use it.
What problems is Kerika solving and how is that benefiting you?
Multiple people can collaborate on planning at one time, each from their own spaces.