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Craftly.AI Reviews & Product Details

Craftly.AI Overview
What is Craftly.AI?

Craftly.AI is a virtual copywriting assistant software is meant to help boost the creativity of users, aid with writer's block, and generate valuable content for writers when they need it. This AI-powered platform offers a variety of tools to write copy for blogs, email marketing, and so much more. The platform is popular among users for its ability to generate original content in seconds. Crafting search-engine-optimized content in just seconds and ensuring that it’s high-quality and plagiarism-free copy.

Company Craftly.AI
Year founded 2020
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters United States
Social Media
Craftly.AI Categories on Findstack
Craftly.AI Product Details
Small Business
Mid Market
Deployment Cloud / SaaS / Web-Based, Mobile Android, Mobile iPhone
Support 24/7 (Live rep), Chat, Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support
Training Documentation
Languages English
Craftly.AI Features
API Integration
Automated Citations
Browser Extension
Content Idea Generation
Content Structuring
Content Summarization
Contextual Thesaurus
Customizable Writing Styles
Data Privacy and Security
Document Formatting
Grammar and Spelling Check
Language Translation
Markdown Support
Mobile App
Multilingual Support
Personalized Writing Insights
Plagiarism Detection
Punctuation Correction
Readability Analysis
Real-time Collaboration
SEO Optimization
Sentence Rephraser
Style and Tone Suggestions
Synonym Suggestions
Templates Library
Tone Detection
Vocabulary Enhancement
Craftly.AI Media
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Last updated: June 16, 2024
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2 Craftly.AI Reviews
4.3 out of 5
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Oct 09, 2021
Overall Rating:
Aleeza K. avatar
Aleeza K.
Customer Service Associate
"Game changer! Favourite AI tool on the market"
What do you like best about Craftly.AI?

I have never thought to use AI to write copy but after using craftly I am convinced the marketing game has changed. My favorite feature are the frameworks, I was able to write two 1,000 word articles in 45 minutes! I could not keep off my computer when I could see the endless possibilities AI provides.

What do you dislike about Craftly.AI?

Nothing. Cant wait to see them grow! They seem to be growing fast

What problems is Craftly.AI solving and how is that benefiting you?

Writing at scale and being able to compete with bigger businesses.

Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Dec 06, 2022
Overall Rating:
Adam S.
Marketing Consultant
"Turn Your Creative Ideas Into Reality with Craftly.AI!"
What do you like best about Craftly.AI?

I like that Craftly.AI provides an easy and efficient way to create high-quality content quickly. It helps to streamline the writing process and make it more efficient, which I appreciate. Also, the AI-assisted editor provides helpful suggestions for improving the content, so I can be sure my writing is of the highest quality. It has a great selection of templates, AI-powered grammar and spell checking, and an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you with your writing. It also has a built-in thesaurus and dictionary, which is great for expanding your vocabulary.

What do you dislike about Craftly.AI?

One of the things I dislike about Craftly.AI Writing Assistant is that it can be difficult to use at times. The interface is quite complex and not particularly user-friendly, so it can be difficult to find the right functions and tools quickly. Additionally, the writing assistant lacks some of the advanced features found in other writing software such as automated grammar and spell checking. This is especially noticeable when compared to more established writing software like Grammarly. Another issue I have with Craftly.AI Writing Assistant is its limited scope. It only offers basic features such as word count and sentence structure, but lacks the more in-depth features such as advanced text analysis, research assistance, and citation tools. This makes it difficult to use for more complex writing tasks, and it is not as comprehensive as other writing software. Additionally, the writing assistant is only available online, so it is not suitable for those who wish to write offline.

What problems is Craftly.AI solving and how is that benefiting you?

Craftly.AI is helping to streamline and automate the creative process, allowing designers to be more efficient and productive while still creating high-quality work. This benefits designers by freeing up their time to spend on more creative endeavors and by allowing them to produce more content in less time. By automating the creative process, designers can focus on the more meaningful aspects of their work and can better tailor their designs to their client's needs. Additionally, Craftly.AI is helping to eliminate the need for manual processes, which can be time consuming and can lead to errors.