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Top 7 Oyster HR Integrations

Gusto Logo
Starting at $40.00/month
One of the most preferred payroll platforms on the web today, Gusto is a great tool for all-around HR management that can handle everything from automatic year-end tax form filing to... Learn more about Gusto
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with Gusto
Greenhouse Logo
Greenhouse is a recruiting platform that businesses use to organize and streamline a company’s hiring process. The software facilitates easier job posting processes, and candidate ma... Learn more about Greenhouse
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with Greenhouse
Personio Logo
Starting at €95.00/month
Personio helps businesses streamline internal HR processes with ease. The all-in-one human resource software can support organizations by helping them manage their top assets, and th... Learn more about Personio
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with Personio
QuickBooks Online Logo
QuickBooks Online
Starting at $30.00/month
As one of the best known accounting and financial software companies today, Quickbooks offers a combination of reliable payroll tools, HR solutions, and automated tracking features. ... Learn more about QuickBooks Online
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with QuickBooks Online
Rippling Logo
Starting at $8.00/seat/month
Rippling is a cloud-based software platform designed to help businesses manage their HR and IT operations from a single interface. It streamlines processes such as payroll, benefits ... Learn more about Rippling
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with Rippling
BambooHR Logo
Starting at $5.25/month
For anyone looking to manage payroll and HR minus the stress, Bamboo HR comes with extensive features that include document storage, benefits tracking, time-off management, and an or... Learn more about BambooHR
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with BambooHR
Lever Logo
Lever is a recruiting platform designed to help streamline the hiring process for many businesses. With key features that include job and candidate management combined with collabora... Learn more about Lever
Oyster HR offers a supported integration with Lever