Venture Capital Tech Stack

Explore our extensive directory designed specifically for venture capital and angel investors. It provides a comprehensive list of tools and resources that are essential for managing various aspects of venture capital activities. We cover a wide range of categories, including CRM for tracking interactions with potential portfolio companies and founders, Portfolio Management software for managing and monitoring investment portfolios, and Fund Administration & Reporting tools for efficient fund management and reporting.

Business Scheduling Software

Calendly logo
Free plan available
Calendly is a scheduling software that is used to automate the scheduling of appointments. Typica... Learn more

CRM Software  →

Pipedrive logo
Starting at $14.00/seat/month
Pipedrive is a web-based sales CRM platform that provides users full visibility of all active sal... Learn more
Streak logo
Free plan available
Streak CRM is a customer relationship management software built specifically for Gmail. This adds... Learn more
Copper logo
Starting at $29.00/seat/month
Formerly known as ProsperWorks CRM, Copper CRM is a software that’s best known for its ability to... Learn more

Equity Management Software

Carta logo
Carta is a platform that helps people manage equity, build businesses, and invest in the companie... Learn more
Pulley logo
Pulley is a software platform designed to simplify and manage equity distribution within companie... Learn more

Knowledge Base Software  →

Notion logo
Free plan available
Notion is the all-in-one workspace that combines docs, wikis, and project management. Tens of tho... Learn more

Project Management Software  → logo
Free plan available packages itself as a Work OS built for a new way of working. Providing businesses with... Learn more
Airtable logo
Free plan available
Airtable is a powerful visual project management platform that synergizes data, workflows, and ex... Learn more

Venture Capital Management Software

Affinity logo
Affinity is a software platform designed specifically for venture capital (VC) firms, private equ... Learn more
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