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Network Solutions Reviews & Product Details

Network Solutions Overview
What is Network Solutions?

Network Solutions is best known for being an affordable and reliable hosting service with dependable customer support. It’s a well-known shared, WordPress, and eCommerce hosting option, with more than 500 extensions for businesses to choose from. Network Solutions is also ICANN-certified, which means it follows incredibly strict standards to ensure domain protection. The software also lets users bundle their domain registration service with other key services including website and eCommerce hosting, as well as email tools.

Company Group, Inc.
Year founded 1999
Company size 501-1000 employees
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Social Media
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Network Solutions Product Details
Small Business
Mid Market
Deployment Cloud / SaaS / Web-Based
Support 24/7 (Live rep), Chat, Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support
Training Documentation
Languages English
Network Solutions Pros and Cons
  • Dependable customer support
  • Great shared, WordPress, and eCommerce options
  • Comes with a website-builing software
  • Reliable uptime
  • No Windows server options
  • Interface isn’t very intuitive
Network Solutions Features
API Access
Affiliate Program
Bulk Domain Management
Bulk Domain Registration
Custom Nameservers
Customer Support
DNS Management
Domain Auction
Domain Backorder
Domain Expiration Alerts
Domain Forwarding
Domain Locking
Domain Privacy Protection
Domain Reselling
Domain Search
Domain Transfer
Email Forwarding
IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) Support
Multi-Year Registration
Parking Services
Registrar Accreditation
SSL Certificates
Site Builder
Subdomain Management
TLD Variety
Two-Factor Authentication
WHOIS Lookup
Web Hosting Integration
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Last updated: July 23, 2024
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64 Network Solutions Reviews
1.9 out of 5
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Sep 24, 2020
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Initially inexpensive but extremely costly in man hours and stress - run from NS"
What do you like best about Network Solutions?

Their support reps are very kind but also very misguided. In all honesty they are yes men and unless you are technically minded you will be pushed in the wrong direction or easily swayed.

What do you dislike about Network Solutions?

Not sure where to even start this review. Please know that this is not mean spirited, I just never want anyone to go through what we have been through. Our website was down for 2 weeks. We made multiple calls to support, each time being informed that it was a Network Solutions issue and that our issue would be "escalated." This was the final straw after a long string of offenses and left us so wounded we decided to finally switch our provider. We called NS for guidance on the transfer process because we were so badly burned by them we wanted to do our diligence and make sure that things would go well. We were informed that first we needed to update our email credentials so that all notifications would go to the technical person handling the transfer so we did so. After proceeding with the transfer all the emails were sent to the previous email listed. This was confusing but since GoDaddy (our new provider) had the auth codes we assumed nothing was a miss. This was incorrect and after waiting and waiting for the transfer to go through we called NS and were casually informed that actually there was a 60 day lock which had been placed on our account in accordance with ICANN. We were NEVER informed of this policy. We thought we had done our diligence by asking NS directly for guidance but they apparently their representatives are uninformed on their own policies. After being on stressful phone calls where we needed to restate our intent and case each time for 4 hours we were finally directed to a supervisor that after reviewing our account and call info apologized for the complete mismanagement of our business and removed the locks on our account. For anyone looking for a reliable provider of email, domain, or website services, do yourself a favor and DO NOT choose Network Solutions. Even if it is a financial deal, it will cost you in man-hours, funds, and sleepless nights spent on support calls trying to get answers.

What problems is Network Solutions solving and how is that benefiting you?

Network Solutions provided us with domain, email, and website services. At first things were okay but things became so frustrating we slowly removed each component from our account. We were their customer for 13 years. They were reliable for the first 5. Then email became unreliable so we moved to office 365, then they became unreliable with website management so we created our own WordPress site. Then we went through a brutal awakening to their unreliability with domain hosting and switched everything. I would say the benefits were low prices, but it is a full time job to manage them and is not worth the man hours.

Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Sep 23, 2020
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Took money from my account without knowledge when and would not offer refund."
What do you like best about Network Solutions?

Nothing about this I liked, not easy to use and lack or regard for consumer rights.

What do you dislike about Network Solutions?

Poor customer service Scammed customers Phone numbers provided directed me to a dentists office Offered no help or resolution

What problems is Network Solutions solving and how is that benefiting you?

No benefits, when a business accidentally steals money from account the general process is to offer a refund but nope.

Mid Market (51-1000 emp.)
Nov 27, 2017
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Frustrating and Behind the times"
What do you like best about Network Solutions?

There is very little to like about this program. I do like that they keep you informed about products and services they are offering and when your current products expire.

What do you dislike about Network Solutions?

Everything. It is difficult to get a hang of and so far behind the times of other popular email clients and hosting services. The email service is especially horrible. It doesn't connect to my phone email app even though we purchased this ability and even the company couldn't help me get it connected. It is contantly having issues and lagging.

What problems is Network Solutions solving and how is that benefiting you?

I use this for email because it is what my company was already using. It is causing me more problems than solving them and I hope we change soon.

Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Jul 22, 2016
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Decent product, terrible customer service"
What do you like best about Network Solutions?

That NS provides me with a domain for my professional website.

What do you dislike about Network Solutions?

Customer service, high ever-changing costs, incessant emails, always trying to upgrade me

What problems is Network Solutions solving and how is that benefiting you?

Solves my need for a business domain.

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