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What is Reply?

Reply is an AI-powered Sales Engagement Platform that helps businesses find new prospects, engage them through multiple channels, and create more opportunities at scale. From building targeted prospect lists with our own free database of 140+ million contacts to booking calls right through the platform – Reply allows you to streamline your entire sales process, saving up to 40% of your sales team’s time.

Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, Reply handles some of the most time-consuming tasks on your behalf:

- Generate unique email templates based on a prompt or from scratch
- Assess and optimize your existing email template to improve performance
- Craft complex outreach sequences for any occasion or business goal
- Categorize emails in your inbox based on intent to pinpoint the hottest leads
- Respond to incoming emails on your behalf – from booking calls to handling objections

Its robust reporting system tracks all activities for every team member and automatically logs them to your CRM via native integrations, rich API with 40+ methods, or Zapier. Reply offers in-depth analytics dashboards helping you stay on top of your team’s performance.

One of the Top 50 Sales Products for 2023 on G2, Reply is recognized for its market-leading customer success/support services and trusted by over 2,500 companies – SMBs, mid-market, and sales agencies – in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Reply has everything you need to crush your sales quota and book more meetings:
1. Reply Data – free B2B database with 140+ mln contacts to build laser-focused prospect lists.
2. Multichannel Sequences with the record number of communication channels and automated touchpoints available.
3. Jason AI – our B2B conversational assistant that generates sales emails, sequences, and responds to prospects on your behalf.
4. Appointment Booking & Calendar to schedule meetings with prospects in a click.
5. Reporting dashboards with in-depth reports for each channel and team activity to track and improve your performance.
6. Native CRM integrations, rich API, and the power of Zapier to keep your data in sync across the tool stack.

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Year founded 2016
Company size Myself Only employees
Headquarters San Jose, California
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Last updated: May 19, 2024
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1,202 Reply Reviews
4.6 out of 5
Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Feb 01, 2019
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Absolute Nightmare!"
What do you like best about Reply?

Nothing- this program has created a compliance mess we are perpetually cleaning up and it just won't stop.

What do you dislike about Reply?

We tried out the trial version and had a few bumps with that, but no bid deal. Decided not to use Reply and moved on. Then one day, weeks later, totally out of the blue, hundreds of contacts received the exact same email from reply they had previously gotten. No one in my company had set it off, I am the only account manager for this tool and I hadn't logged in since I ended our trial. The email was responded to by angry prospects who told me they had already unsubscribed. The Reply team told me they needed my help in troubleshooting the issue- not something I have time to figure out for them. This has created a real compliance nightmare for us and it sent off an additional 90 emails today, after I contacted them about the problem. No one is even paying for this service, it's just firing off on its own.

What problems is Reply solving and how is that benefiting you?

None- it's creating problems, not solving them.

Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
Mar 31, 2017
Overall Rating:
Verified Reviewer
"Good fundamentals but very, very limited, especially for power users/teams"
What do you like best about Reply?

- Sending via Gmail API ensures deliverability/emails that appear legitimate - Integrations with Zapier are pretty good - Good for indvividual salespeople

What do you dislike about Reply?

- Poor management of multiple acocunts/users - General lack of features for poiwer users - Unreliable sending - General inconsistent sending and features - Many features don't work as you'd expect, others don't work at all - Customer service generally don't attempt to solve problems

What problems is Reply solving and how is that benefiting you?

Managing outbound email campaigns